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  1. Gaming Magazines

    Same here. What makes it even more sad was that you'd expect a dying magazine to fizzle out until it was a shadow of its former self, but instead the final year was the best it had been in ages.
  2. Apparently Jupiter's Moon had a budget of €4m, which makes it even more impressive that it looks like a cross between Inception and Children of Men. Sadly the overall experience is nowhere near as good as that sounds.
  3. Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    I watched Good Time when it was playing at my local independent cinema and came out of the screening feeling like I'd just seen the new Drive. Can't believe it didn't get a wider release, it's the most solid thriller I've seen in ages.
  4. Unexpected neat touches that surprise you in older games

    On the subject of Perfect Dark: it was one of the first FPS games to have actual reload animations, and even though that's something that every shooter does nowadays I still think Perfect Dark did them best. Sure, games look a lot smoother and crisper now, but how many of them have anything as good as the Maian weapons and their energy balls?
  5. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    If anyone's still wondering why people were afraid of speaking out about Weinstein, it turns out that he hired ex-Mossad agents to spy on victims and journalists who were investigating him.
  6. The problem isn't that JonTron is still a VA in the game. Playtonic didn't need to remove him from Yooka-Laylee either - he was a minor character, the voices are all gibberish anyway, and the game was so close to release when he went off the rails that they had to remove him with a post-release patch. Taking him out in those circumstances sent a pretty strong message, and I don't think many people would have begrudged them if they had just left the game as-is while making a bland statement disassociating themselves from him. The problem is that Playtonic made such a concerted, high-profile effort to show how appalled they were by JonTron, and now it's, what, almost six months later? And the A Hat In Time developers have just spent that time ignoring the issue completely. Even though they've had much more time to do something about it than Playtonic did, they haven't even said "he's in the game, but we didn't know he was a racist at the time", which is the bare minimum they could've done. They're either trying to avoid another controversy - and given that having an actual white supremacist in your game is fairly controversial, well, mission failed - or they're deliberately trying not to upset the troglodytes who complain about free speech every time some shithead gets in trouble for saying something unambiguously awful*. Either way, it's a terrible way for them to act. *Incidentally, since you brought this up: claiming "free speech" whenever someone starts reeling off blatant hate speech is the preserve of the privileged and just provides scumbags with a greater platform with which to demonise groups that are already marginalised.
  7. Star Citizen, a new era of gaming?

    Well, I guess it wouldn't be so bad if they just consented to being beaten to a pulp.
  8. Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Super Mario 3D Land looked as if it was going to subvert the usual "save the princess" plot at one point. At the end of each world, Mario receives a postcard depicting Peach's current situation in Bowser's castle. For the most part it's just a picture of her in some horrible predicament, i.e. being dragged away by Bowser, being harassed by his minions, etc. Then towards the end you get a postcard of whacking a Goomba over the head with her umbrella, and I think the one before the final world showed her attempting to escape, being pursued by a whole bunch of bad guys. I actually thought that the final level would show her finding Mario rather than the other way around, but it just ended up with him rescuing her again. Oh well.
  9. Rick and Morty

    Please tell me that you also simultaneously listen to DMX.
  10. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    I know you seem to be buying vinyls, but I also strongly recommend getting the 2-CD versions of their first six albums (there's probably download options available if you just want to grab a digital copy of the second CDs). They're very comprehensive collections of all the B-sides they did in their respective eras, with a few live tracks thrown in as well. That might sound like something that would be of interest solely to completionists but I guarantee you that they're worth it - Radiohead's back catalogue is of such high quality that even the stuff that didn't make it onto their albums are great. Seriously, there's so much in there that someone can make a list of the best non-album tracks, limit it to 30, and still miss out some downright classics. (What, no Meeting In The Aisle or Down Is The New Up? Madness.)
  11. Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    There's definitely a middle-aged contingent amongst MRA circles, but rather than a 40-year-old virgin thing I think it's probably men who've gone through horrific divorce proceedings that, rightly or wrongly, have gone against them. I remember reading the background of some prominent guy from somewhere like A Voice For Men or Return of Kings and it fit the profile to a tee. There's even a few older guys present during Roosh's seminar in the Reggie Yates documentary, one of whom is heard worrying about how to prevent his daughter from being "poisoned by feminism" or some such nonsense. The ideology clearly isn't limited to frustrated youth who aren't getting any.
  12. Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    I'm somewhat torn on Wings of Honneamise. While I do think it's a great film, the only version of it I've seen is the PG-rated VHS release, and I have a feeling that I would be much less impressed with the uncut version.
  13. GOG.com

    Yeah, just wait and see if you still hold the game in such high regard after a few more chapters. I had pretty much the same opinion as you originally, willing to overlook the more ropey aspects thanks to the depression angle and the unusual main character. By about half-way the game had descended into slasher-flick nonsense, and yet it still managed to go downhill from there, to the point where every 20 minutes or so I was muttering "For fuck's sake!" at my laptop. Just to give you a non-spoiler example of some of the stupidity you'll experience: David Firth (i.e. the guy who did Salad Fingers and Jerry Jackson) is one of the voice actors. He plays two characters, one of whom is a woman. This is not meant to be comedic.
  14. Super Mario Maker

    This looks much better than I expected, to the point that I can't help but feel like Nintendo have potentially created a rod for their own back. Loads of people complained that NSMBU was just a case of rehashed gameplay and asset reuse, even though it had some great level design and was good fun to play. Pretty much any new 2D Mario game from now on is going to get hit with "They just spent five minutes creating this in Super Mario Maker!", regardless of how good it is.
  15. Fargo (Season 1)

    Just to add yet another layer to this post, the "true story" about the Japanese woman is mostly bullshit.

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