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  1. I’m going to spoiler my response to Chapter 4 because it is negative and I know many fans of the game don’t want to read it:
  2. I never finished Left Behind. Seems like the perfect time!
  3. Re: Custom designs, is it correct you can upload 120 designs... but only keep 50 on you for use at any one time?
  4. I’m coming over if that’s ok! edit: Cheers!
  5. Turnip prices has dive-bombed for me this week, so if anyone has a price over 100 and wouldn't mind a random visit...
  6. The game becomes a cake walk once you get unlimited MP and the crazy dash. It's a shame there isn't an expansion or area of the map designed for that degree of movement and power. It's been nearly a year since this dropped an barely any of the DLC has materialised. On the fence about cutting my losses and selling the limited edition copy, but don't want to do that and have them announce a substantial expansion. I'd rather Igarashi get to work on a sequel.
  7. I heard. Gutted tbh. So many iconic 80/90's arcade games / platformers not getting the rep they deserve. Gamers today would think Super Mario Bros invented the platformer.
  8. Somewhat equivalent = no Pac-Land, sadly. While we’re vaguely on the topic... why are there no good Taito collections?!
  9. One of my villagers was crafting a golden toilet recipe.
  10. Aaaand just like that, I was out.
  11. Yeah will buy for Pac-Land.
  12. I'm only on Chapter 3. Early impressions... Pro: I generally like the action gameplay but it is a bit like Bayonetta or something in structure - as in move a few feet, clear a load of enemies... move a few feet...etc. Midgar is spot-on. I enjoy what they did with the environments. The updates to the central characters are decent, with some reservations. Nostalgia. Cons... here goes: The Sephiroth flashes are jarring and out of place. Not working for me at all. The dementor ghosts are terrible. The way Aeris was introduced was also terrible. Some of the updated enemies are too faithful and look goofy nowadays. The NPC characters look like they belong in a different game, especially the coffee shop and weapon vendors in the slums. Is this GTA? Although faithful to the original character design, by fleshing out and making the city more realistic and inhabited, Barrett's size and minigun arm look preposterous. Cloud's Buster sword needed shrinking about 50%. Aeris looks and behaves in a very annoying way now. My overall impression is I like the nostalgia, but the game is tearing itself apart trying to be different things, and a lot of those things miss the mark and fail to capture the tone of the original. And they haven't even got going with the controversial stuff.
  13. Vol.2 includes Pac-Land. Vol.1: Dig Dug Dragon Buster Dragon Spirit: The New Legend Galaxian Mappy Pac-Man Pac-Man Championship Edition (8-bit demastered version) Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti Sky Kid The Tower of Druaga Xevious Vol 2: Battle City Dig Dug II Dragon Buster II Galaga Gaplus (8-bit consolized version) Legacy of the Wizard Mappy-Land Mendel Palace Pac-Land Rolling Thunder Super Xevious
  14. Not that rare I suppose but I imported Resident Evil 4 LE from the US and it's a piece of gaming history I regret selling it. It's not even that expensive to buy second hand now, but it wouldn't be the same.
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