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  1. Burnout Paradise

    I love the Switch and happy it's doing well. I haven't seen the sales figures, but I would also agree with Kirby because it hasn't had the kind of word-of-mouth must-have fervour that I saw with the Wii. Everyone knew what a Wii was, people were paying £500 for one at Xmas. Coverage on the news and featuring in soaps etc. The Wii was a cultural phenomenon. My impression would therefore be that the Wii sold faster than Switch. But that could very well be wrong.
  2. Burnout Paradise

    I mean, it's had new textures throughout, runs at 4K 60fps. Is that any cheaper than other remasters? I'll be ready to drop £40 digital (hopefully less) day one, because I love this game, never finished it and haven't played it in 7 years. The driving is still more fun than GTAV or anything that followed and once you know the map it just flows beautifully. Meanwhile Nintendo can't be bothered to up-res their VC releases, and everyone swoons after them.
  3. Burnout Paradise

    Take it to the Burnout 3 remaster threa- OH SORRY!
  4. Burnout Paradise

    Switch version is... ehhhhh... who knows. A fake leak? TBC at a future Nintendo Direct for later in the year? Meanwhile here are comparison shots for the remaster:
  5. Burnout Paradise

    March 16th on X1 and PS4. 4K 60fps, increased texture res, all DLC.
  6. PS4 Pro

    I started Blood and Wine by accident so had a glimpse and it looked amazing. Got my arse handed to me rather swiftly. The main game already looks stunning - worth the upgrade to the Pro tbh. It truly looks HD now - no jaggies to speak of. And I’m impressed how much they’ve added to and refined some of the menus and game systems since I last played. CDProjekt have treated the game well.
  7. X Files - Mulder & Scully are back again!

    The second episode was also bad. The way they visualised simulated consciousness as being a floating head was laughable, and then at the end with the not-sinister assassin head. Ugh.
  8. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

    Lots of news today. Hereford is being reworked for S3 in Sept. Yacht has been tweaked and is back in Casual for S1 in March. Clubhouse has been tweaked (doors and walls rearranged) for S2 in June. Moving forward (not sure when from) all buyers of Standard edition will automatically unlock the base 20 operators. And when you unlock an operator all gun attachments will now unlock too. Think that’s the major stuff. Outbreak looks... ok. Trailer below:
  9. PS4 Pro

    Witcher 3 looks amazing super-sampled at 1080. Along with Titanfall 2 it's the most noticeable difference. Luckily I'm only 70% through the main quest and still have the expansions to go!
  10. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak & Year3 details!

  11. Just tried the Shadaloo Gold Soldier fight. I think even though I bought the season pass I’m going to have to uninstall this utter piece of shit game from my console. I’m trying to grind for characters I can’t even pay money to unlock, and after an hour I’ve walked away with fuck all fight money. I’ve paid Capcom £50 overall for this experience - why the fuck am I locked out of so much content/currency? I’m not talking costumes, I’m talking stages and characters. I’ve never known a game so geared towards locking content for high level players and punishing casuals. It’s the most toxic implementation of in-game currency and purchases. Capcom doesn’t get nearly enough shit for it compared to EA and Ubi. I should get some Fight Money for every online game, win or lose. That’s how most other games handle this shit. A high-skilled player gets most of the game content for free. And then buys the Pro Tour stuff I guess. But if you’re new or low skilled the game will dick on you and rip you off and with no respect for your time etc.
  12. The net code is the worst thing in the world. Tried a Ranked battle 4-5 connection and it pit me against a noob Ryu and it was moving at one frame every 2 seconds, he was teleporting and rubber banding all over the place. Made me feel sick. Unplayable. Just gave up even though I should have had an easy win. Why does the whole fucking screen including background animations lag!?! Surely animated backgrounds can be client side. Next match it found me was someone with half my rank. Ridiculous. And now it can’t even find anyone.
  13. More like 10 mins and the last character you fight is a lot harder than the first 9. If you lose you get nothing but wasted time Just got a double-KO on the 10th round. Everything about how this game is put together is frustrating for casual players. edit: and you only get 4000FM in Easy Survival.
  14. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Prior to this patch I'm pretty sure I was getting higher framerates on PS4 Pro in Boost mode. They capped them to 30fps, then uncapped them again in November. After the latest patch it feels like the frame rate is a lower again. If this is the case I assume it's because they added Pro support and the game is now rendering at a higher res and I can't see any options to change this. Or maybe I'm just imagining it.
  15. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    Is this the patch that supposedly enabled PS4 Pro? Is that automatically on? The game already had excellent anti-aliasing, and now the frame rate is worse for me after the current patch. On the game front, I'm doing better but can't for the life of me fathom how some plays combat and build at the same time. My reactions are past it.

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