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  1. Yeah I get the invisible wall. The map itself is pretty very bad. Worse than Hackney Yard. I would take any MW2 map over it.
  2. The mystery tours are valuable if you’re not socialising on other people’s islands. Most of you have all the fruits now, right? I’ve been on 8 mystery tours and haven’t seen a different fruit yet.
  3. Nintenope. So I have to redo the damn thing...
  4. If I made a design in the basic editor can I import it to pro editor?
  5. Yeah movement could maybe be more responsive particularly using motion controls. Party Crash starts again next week Fri 3rd April! Spring Man vs Ribbon Girl.
  6. OMG it’s actually a Party Crash.
  7. Good point. Maybe they’ll make the existing Spring Man assist the robot version, and they’ll do 4 skin variants with minor moveset changes: Spring Man & Ribbon Girl Ninjara & Min Min All as one character, like Hero. Twintelle as an assist for the fans.
  8. If you don’t enjoy the fun of moving around and throwing/curling punches - which whilst not 1:1 still feels awesome - then learning the depth of the fighting system probably won’t improve things.
  9. For a generation of gamers whose mantra is "git gud" - some Burnout players clearly didn't invest the time required to appreciate the brilliance of Paradise.
  10. Ah, how come I'm only catching the same 5 fish? Anyone know if they fixed the bug where all the mystery tour islands have the same fruit as your native fruit?
  11. Are they really going to make us wait until June to see this thing?
  12. It looked like it was from an app and I wondered if it was a companion app or something. Cheers, I haven't been using bait. I need to get on that.
  13. This mag is a fiver digital now? 37 years ago HL2 made advances in physics and NPC depiction, but introduced flaws which weren't present in the original game - it's strongest sections were when it returned to it's roots. It's less cohesive. It didn't spawn TFC & Counterstrike. It has those annoying drone enemies. I wish they'd release Black Mesa on console, I'd much prefer to revisit it than the sequel.
  14. Yeah, obviously people can play the game however they want to play it - as opposed to how it was intended. I guess the early game is repetitive for veterans. But the drip-feed seems like an important part of the psychology of the game. If your Switch now thinks it's 2023 and you're maxing out your houses already, maaaybe you are sliiiightly ruining it for yourselves / others? No judgement tho!
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