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  1. I’m liking this, the setting and concept are great - but it’s slow going and the controls are unwieldy - with a slew of autumn games coming I think I’m gonna bail. Partly, the astral plane sections just feel repetitive and low budget. The graphics are ok, but I feel like they’re masking a lot of the technical drawbacks by overloading with visual noise fx. Which is the best File? I’ve just started the fourth - is it worth seeing a couple more at least?
  2. I haven't played this season at all and Apex got me with season 3 so I don't expect I'll get the Fortnite battle pass either. Plus Overwatch Switch this week. It definitely feels like the Fortnite fad is on is decline, season 6,7 & 9 were the peak for me.
  3. I did not especially like this film. Phoenix is a great actor, but the film around his performance is slight, the plot clunks in places and I found it kind of dull despite the odd moment of cathartic violence. You can dress these movies in all the po-faced aesthetics you like - they’re still wafer thin. Ledger made a far more compelling Joker with less material.
  4. If MK8D costs £250 with everything unlocked, then MK Tour cost me £1000 with heavy mtx and season pass on top.
  5. Physical is up on Amazon. £35 Standard / £45 Special Edition: 4-Player Co-Op Mode After more than 10 years finally the official sequel of the critically acclaimed cult 80's game series Bubble Bobble Created by TAITO - the company that practically started the video game revolution with their classic hit Space Invaders 100 Stages (50 family friendly / 50 challenging) 5 Bosses Normally I would be tempted to support the series, but the art is so bad, plus Peb & Pab (!?) with the giant bows. Ugh. Guessing digital will be around the £20-25 region.
  6. You... haven’t thought this through.
  7. Got an outcome so poor in one chapter, supposedly 0% of other players had bombed so spectacularly.
  8. This includes the original Bubble Bobble too! Source: cba to find.
  9. BC with PS4 is incredible really. Seals next gen up already for me. Where do I pre-order the rumoured Pro version already?
  10. I think it was just about worth the discount price. If I’d paid £18 I’d be grumpy... though no grumpier than usual tbf.
  11. I couldn't find the filter settings. I'm bright, clearly.
  12. The editing was so confused I didn't even realise (In the Tall Grass spoilers)... This piece of nastiness deserved a much better story and film around it. This is a z-tier King greatest hits - full of cliches like *not much of a spoiler* the father going off his nut and terrorizing the family. I'm very surprised some people seem to have enjoyed it!?!?
  13. Somehow I’d never played a Shinobi before. Good stuff.
  14. Do not watch In the Tall Grass. Worst film I’ve seen this year. Don’t imagine anything will beat it.
  15. Any experienced coders/designers in this thread need any 2D sprite art: pixel art or otherwise? Looking for more work / experience. Drop me a pm.
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