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  1. grindmouse

    The Evil Within 2 - Welcome to Resident Hill

    Nope. I’m not really interested in the questions it’s posing to care for the answers. Detective whose daughter disappeared in a fire? Inception style simulation machine? Snooze. It certainly isn't better than Resi 7 or TLOU. I can tell that from the first 3 Chapters. It’s incoherent and messy, that maybe becomes more coherent once the narrative is done, but I have no desire to keep going. As I say, it’s Resi Rev 2. A game which also had it’s fans. There's nothing wrong with straight-to-video horror, but it’s an inferior imitation of better games, it doesn't offer a compelling reason to put up with it's jank.
  2. grindmouse

    The Evil Within 2 - Welcome to Resident Hill

    I paid a fiver for this and got as far as the open world. It reminds me a lot of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Which is bad. The opening walking simulator section with the moving curtains, time distortions and subsequent boss tease were suitably surreal and nightmarish - the highlight being the room of hanging bodies. Creepy. That’s what I wanted from the game. Sadly... It steals mechanics from superior games to artificially lengthen and add “depth” to it’s playtime. The environments are last-gen, largely empty and cumbersome to navigate. The shooting of enemies etc is basically Resi 4, but in a package nowhere near as good. I hate the attempt at TLOU stealth (and I loved it in TLOU). The story and mish mash of derivative influences is really confused - I don’t think the game has a clear identity. I like the open world idea, I like the nightmare sequence idea, the memory machine etc but it does not hang together. Who are the people supposedly dying in this machine? Simulated people made from memories? The characters are low effort and outside of set pieces, the production values are low budget. On top of that it’s another Bethesda title giving me motion sickness, so... nope. I gave up on Resi Rev 2 and I give up on this. Don’t wanna waste 20 hours of my time with substandard derivative gameplay for some brief visually creative set pieces. Better off replaying Resi 4.
  3. grindmouse

    Edge #333 | Playdate

    SFV base game got a 7, right? (I understand the problems with MK11, can see why Edge would score it a 5, but squaring that with the SFV score is kinda funny)
  4. grindmouse

    Virtua Racing - Switch. It's really, really good!

    I’d like to see them give this treatment to all of Sega’a arcade 3D titles. Could Virtua Cop work with the joycon aiming? And obv Scud Race, when?
  5. grindmouse

    Koji Igarashi's Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Yeah, I’m super excited about this. The game is shaping up great. Maybe a little less gothic than my favourite Vania’s (DawnofSorrow), but I’ll take it. As a side note there has been some controversy over the handling of the Kickstarter. I think it’s been 99% handled impeccably tbh, but they’ve introduced a steelbook for the retail version and only allocated 800 for backers (out of 65k) and are charging $15 for it. So that’s gone down badly. Also the Iga Pack was supposed to be a backer exclusive and was locked behind a $60 tier. So now it isn’t exclusive and only costs $10 that’s caused some complaints. I think people have a point on both cases, but I’m just excited to be getting another Igavania. It’s been 11 years.
  6. grindmouse

    Lost - The Full Series Thread

    Do we really have to spoiler this shit still? It's a bogus argument to suggest people didn't like it because they didn't understand it. I've never been so fucking angry at a show than I was with Lost, and it enrages me every time someone gives the show oxygen. Lost is like... let's say there's a bakery advertising jam donuts, and you buy a raspberry donut. You bite into it and it's super tasty, but there's no filling, and the baker says "have that on the house, I've got your raspberry donut right here". So you keep eating another donut, and another and there's still no raspberry jam, and you like donuts, but they're a slightly different recipe to the first one and by the fourth or fifth you're thinking... these donuts aren't even that nice anymore. And then the baker says, "Ok, the NEXT donut, is the last donut, and it's a raspberry donut, I promise" - and he hands it to you, and the first bite is ok, so you're excited thinking about that sweet raspberry jam donut you've been anticipating, and you bite into the middle but instead tomato ketchup erupts in your mouth, and it's disgusting, and after all those donuts you sort of vomit on yourself, and the baker says "it was never about the raspberry jam, it was always about the eating", and he wins an Emmy.
  7. Yeah by far the worst line of the episode. Didn’t need to be in there either.
  8. The social media backlash to the GoT ending and towards GoT watchers in general, especially the memes popping up about Breaking Bad or Lost, are internet culture at it's worst. No wonder our politics is fucked when people are stirring up division over the conclusion of a decent TV show.
  9. I think that was solid. I enjoyed it a lot. I thought the scale and spectacle of Dany’s rule was well done and the dialogue justified the decisions they’d made. The Dany-Jon plotline has been far from perfect, which is a shame, but that was a solid ending to the series. About on a par with Breaking Bad. Will be back for the spin-off series.
  10. That is a ridiculous statement. Calm the fuck down.
  11. It would undeniably have been better if
  12. I know the writing is shite compared to the earlier seasons. It’s basically fan-fic. But accepting that, the show is still enjoyable. And it seems like the “geek” community is enjoying a pile-on, when some shit they revere like MCU has never had writing as good as early GoT.
  13. Nobody with a Thanos avatar gets to criticise “lame” writing.
  14. The event people are referring to couldn’t have been more heavily foreshadowed. I mean, I get the writing is pap now compared to book material, but the idea this just happened in 5 minutes is nonsense.
  15. I thought that was rather brilliant. I get the criticisms. But taken on it’s own merits it was well done. The internet is going to spend the next week telling me I’m an idiot. Shrug.

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