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  1. You can discuss this, is it ok if I challenge it? You’re criticizing the realism of the progression system in these games, but... that's what a lot of fans enjoy about the series. And we haven’t played the full game to see how they’re justified in the game world. It’s a bit silly in Spider-man how every electronic device uses the same Pipe Mania minigame. Or in God of War how chests were hidden behind a series of axe puzzles. Those were odd and immersion-breaking design decisions (if you want them to be).
  2. But not being able to shoot out windows, or having medallion puzzles, isn’t due to this being a remake of an “old design philosophy” - all modern, contemporary games impose arbitrary and inconsistent restrictions on the player - all games do this.
  3. In Resident Evil 7 I can’t jump over the waist-high wooden fence and peg it into the wilderness. Despite 100% being what I would do in that situation.
  4. What’s weird is the people attacking it for being a remake of Resident Evil 2 and complaining about standard features of most games. Why can’t I shoot out the windows and climb over the wall, and use the vending machine, and make a coffee, and use the payphone to call my mum blah blah blah. IT’S RESIDENT MUTHAFUCKING EVIL MUTHAFUCKING 2.
  5. grindmouse

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    I decided to give Soul Master a break and challenge the Mantis Lords. As you can imagine I totally rinsed them, piece of piss.
  6. You can’t slash through all the doors in Bloodborne. Sometimes your attacks clip through enemies and do no damage. Wah wah wah.
  7. It’s a linear game, not a simulation. These restrictions are in place to allow an element of control in constructing first play surprises and set pieces. They are design choices, not faults.
  8. grindmouse

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Sometimes I get to the second part with ease. Other times I try to heal and he does the goddamn slam move on top of me every time. The distance between the bench and fight is annoying even with the shortcut. I’m not enjoying him as much as Dung Defender.
  9. This is fucking incredible news to wake up to.
  10. grindmouse

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Defeated Soul Master and then the game was a cunt about it.
  11. I didn’t notice it, therefore it’s fine.
  12. I am shocked that Marvel didn’t really kill 50% of it’s characters. Who could’ve predicted the cliffhanger was ultimately of no consequence and Thanos will be defeated in Part II. Unthinkable!
  13. Real talk. Resi Rev 2 is legit like a terrible shovel ware rip-off of Resi 4. It has some good ideas and locations, but clearly didn’t have the budget to do them justice. The structure where you play a section with Claire then immediately replay it with Barry kills the momentum.
  14. Why would it be anything less than full price? It’s not a port. And I’m always upset.
  15. Why are people calling the game old and saying it doesn’t hold up when it’s a brand new fucking game in a Resi 2 skin? Unbelievable.

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