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  1. I've got characters all over the shop. My Warlock on Ashbringer is 28, with another on Firemaw at 17 (both Horde). Not really sure what I'm doing with these queues.
  2. In most cases that's how you build a successful business, unfortunately for some.
  3. I got to level 12 on Firemaw but then my friend got booted out and sent into a 600 minute queue. So now we're starting again on Ashbringer.
  4. Looking forward to this massively now. Sticking to lamb Shazzrah & three chapattis unless the queues are obscene. Been on Henhouse a little bit and returned to Succubus/Curse of Elements. It's obscene what you can do when everyone is on a level gear ratio. I managed to nuke down a shielded Priest from 100% to nil with Immolate>Death Coil>Fear>SoulFire>Searing Pain>Conflag (with a Seduction interrupt into Searing Pain>Shadow Burn lined up if that wasn't enough. There's absolutely no need for Spell Lock). A 5k crit from Soul Fire alone is generally most health bars. Been going with 5/5 improved Searing Pain and spamming that something mental seeing as everyone procs shadow resist/reflect when they see a Warlock. Anyway, when you do get someone fancy that triggers the shadow reflect trinket you can bounce Curse of Recklessness off of that to give yourself fear immunity.
  5. Fixed, sorry. I have my new mic working fine (now through Adobe Audition, so sounds great), I just need to clear a ton of work before WoW hits next week. The FFVII run is unfortunately on ice for the time being.
  6. You weren't wrong about the Shazz Discord. Crikey. It makes 4chan look civilised. Then APES are on the Golemagg Discord.
  7. That's right. They are basically a mafia.
  8. Oh yeah, I was definitely a fanboy.
  9. The meta has changed since so many people now know how to escape Seduction abuse and Shadowbolt spam:
  10. APES are rolling Alliance on Golemag. That's my server sorted, but others may want to avoid.
  11. 2 PvP realms. With awful names to boot. Unsure how that's going to play out once the layering is removed, economy and otherwise.
  12. You'll never be able to set foot back into an office/studio ever again.
  13. Yeah, I didn't notice any layering. However the supplies quest around Deathknell had to be skipped as there were hundreds fighting over the spawns.
  14. My Blue Yeti mic died after just two months of use, 18hrs before the WoW Classic stress test. Amazing. Now the support ticket is just sat there not moving at all. FFS. Should have bought it from Amazon. That teaches me to support a local retailer!
  15. One RP-PVP realm for Europe? How are different languages going to fit into RP?
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