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  1. I disabled Synapse as it was causing ridiculous frame dips when playing DOOM. Can't say I miss it. 500 and 1x mult. IIRC.
  2. Don't know where else to drop this... Streaming my majorly distracting working from home environment with prog. music. Maybe some dog walks later and Bayonetta gameplay. https://twitch.tv/fallows Drop in and say hi/keep me sane! plz!!
  3. I will do once I start playing. Actually I'm playing Yakuza 0 at the minute. I think I'm near the end. https://twitch.tv/fallows
  4. V1.0 was released a couple of months back. Works with the Steam version. https://captrobau.blogspot.com/ Ah, beaten to it.
  5. I'll be streaming the re-translation (Beacause) with AI-driven HD remastered backdrops (REMAKO) as soon as I'm done with Yakuza 0. Could be interesting for some here. Will update later the time. Not sure if I can be arsed doing narrations with voices, mind.
  6. It must be shit having to play games with tinted sunglasses on all the time.
  7. It's not as good as the first two games but still thoroughly excellent. It retains some astonishing level design and audio. As a fan of the pointer controls and being the first game that employed them that blew me away at the time, too. You'd be doing yourself a massive disservice by skipping it.
  8. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    I highly doubt there is going to be a mini at all.
  9. Gradius V. My mate, phillai, is streaming it pretty much daily and has been for ages now. He wants to 1cc it but he refuses to use the level select to practice the later levels. As a viewer who previously reached stage 6 loop 3 it's sometimes infuriating to watch. I need to brush up a bit and then we can team stream it. Me = orange las0rz 4lyf. As a side I'm fucking loving Twitch. It's like one huge international arcade with every game ever made on freeplay with huge crowds of people that never closes. I never saw the attraction until browsing the communities.
  10. Does Kojima actually do any work, or does he just spend all day on Twitter?
  11. I'm another that got bored around the 15 hour mark and never went back. I desperately want to give it another chance before Cyberpunk hits. I think it was the inventory management that got the better of me more than anything. BotW just utterly killed everything else, really.
  12. In regards to Classic I'm back on the fence with my class choice. I've been blowing people up with Conflag spec, but with anything less than BWL gear it's suicide. I don't think I can hold in the frustration until I'm up to that point to be honest. On the flip-side there is three-minute Mage, which can perform adequately in any old garb.
  13. Maybe find a cheap second-hand Vive? There should surely be several owners upgrading about now?
  14. It's only a fan render. Hope I'm not disappointed by the real thing now.
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