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  1. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    Also, yeah. Nintendo second-hand game prices always hold up. It's mainly why I still buy physical. Lots of friends who just got Switches this Christmas were complaining about that as well. People thinking they can go out and get a handful of the best on the system for £30. Usually the types who like to just stockpile stuff and play for 30mins each before moving on. I'm trying to tell them to just play what they have already as these games are bursting with content that keeps you going, even the single player stuff. It worked on one of them. 150 hours so far on MK8 and he's better than me. He's even using the voice chat app to talk to me (and he thinks it's great :/ ).
  2. Fallows

    Nintendo Switch

    Happily trading in resolution for portability seems to be a thing, especially with double-dippers.
  3. Fallows

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    Hmmm... Only partially feeling suckered.
  4. Fallows

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    It's a decent port until things become radically busy during the endgame. I just wish there were more people to play with.
  5. Fallows

    Best implementation of the worst features

    After losing my rag with TLoU I went back to Resi4 a couple of years later and my heart sank the moment I'd remembered just how much escorting there is to do in the game... But then everything was alright again when I then remembered how it's totally not annoying in the slightest and actually very enjoyable. Aimed and fired at a zombie (they're zombies) behind Ashley and she ducked instantly. 10/10.
  6. Fallows

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Does it honestly "really" piss you off, though? Surely you know what you're in for with these kind of games? Also, they are designed to be played repeatedly so after your first ever attempt at tackling a boss things should come as no surprise. I actually welcome the segmentation and visual presentation of multi-form bosses in this manner. You know exactly where you stand with your damage output when you're trying to get your time down or push for that Pure Platinum. I'd actually argue that full fresh health bars are essential for that purpose and would potentially be difficult to gauge if such huge amounts of health were condensed down into one bar. What really is a related (albeit very minor) irk of mine are health bars which have colour stages. Think Final Fight bosses - the bar is purple, then green, then blue, then whatever else before finally becoming yellow and depleting to red. Does anyone ever memorise those colour states? :lol:. Bayonetta does this, but at least the various colours deplete to the next stage along the way.
  7. Not if you don't want irremovable on-screen help text.
  8. Fallows

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    I swear, it's going to be a bastard to 100% this one if indeed the main focus turns out to be exploration rather than platforming. Nintendo are sneaky fuckers when it comes to hiding stuff away. Besides, the general opinion seems to be positive.
  9. Exactly. The utility of the console is still amazing, even after the Switch.
  10. My picks have to be: The Wonderful 101 Super Mario 3D World Yoshi's Woolly World Wind Waker HD Pikmin 3 NES Remixes ZombiU In that order. Easily more than enough reasons to keep hold of it. That said mine is currently boxed up 6,000 miles away. Utterly craving Switch ports for the top three there. I love the other ported games such as Tropical Freeze, Warriors, Toad, etc. but not enough to double-dip.
  11. Fallows

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    I don't want to watch that for fear of spoilers. There's nothing much wrong with the base game is there? Or would it be best to jump in with a modified game from the get go? I've yet to get around to this one.
  12. They will slowly start outsourcing more and more. Before long you won't be able to tell what's been made in either Mumbai or Kuala Lumpur, if you can't already... People don't winge at having to work 100+ hours a week in places like that. They celebrate it.
  13. Fallows

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    No one has ever found the Triforce at the end of a looty dead end. At best it'll be another 1/300 collectable strategically incorporated into the game for padding purposes. Just move on. Diablo III is the absolute worst for that. My current play style is to rush to the elites and shrine pylons to get the bosses to spawn ASAP, because statistically that's where the loot is going to drop and I'll have more success dropping ten bosses in an hour as opposed to spending that hour trying to find all the chests. Bollocks to wasting my precious time trying to locate chests which might contain 70,000 gold when I already have 2.4B in the kitty with absolutely nothing to spend it on. I don't even stop my onslaught to open a chest that I'm cartwheeling right past. Balls to them. It took me five hours last week to farm four full armour sets (ie. all of them) for my new Necromancer as well as Ancient variations of my matching scythe and shield set - my pal is still struggling to attain his first full armour set for his Monk after four weeks because he fucks about with the branched paths worrying about chests too much. At least Korok seeds are fun, inventive and charming. Crackdown also does this correctly. Branched roads and shit rewards are a total waste of time in most cases. Do your best to avoid them and you'll play a better game.
  14. Fallows

    Yoshi's Crafted World - demo out now

    Like I said I highly doubt the gameplay rests on the platforming and the control, but more on the exploration. People looking for a platformer may end up slightly disappointed. At times I feel like it plays like a world map from another Mario game. Maybe that's just the 3D nature of the courses, but there really isn't much to the platforming mechanics at all. I know it's only one level but the platforming seems massively cut back compared to practically any other Yoshi game that's gone before. I'm looking forward to my boy hitting four or five years old. I'm going to wean him onto gaming with stuff like this. I also need a Woolly World port. I didn't finish it and my WiiU is still packed up back in Malaysia.
  15. Fallows

    PlayStation VR

    Room scale on the Vive makes that game for me (with the camera reset turned off). The beetle rail goes through your play area like some kind of room feature as if it were a snooker table or something. You can even crawl underneath it and stand at either side. Of course when I start playing it I forget I'm in VR anyway.

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