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  1. Watched the first series of this again and wow I knew it was good but I'd forgotten just how good it is. It's an absolute triumph.
  2. Vinyl on my hi-fi in the front room is the only way I properly focus on music now, and even then it's rarely a completely active listen with no other distractions. I'll manage that maybe once or twice a month at most. I should definitely make the effort more often though. Last thing I did it with was Highway 61 Revisited, which was revelatory - there's really no other way to listen to Bob Dylan. Throughout my teenage years I rarely listened to music any other way. My Discman was a constant companion. It helped that I used to wear those ridiculously baggy jeans so I could fit it in my pocket as well. That limitation of having to pick one album to play when I was going out for the day was actually a positive for giving each album the focus it deserved. Probably for that reason I never quite had the same affinity with the iPod when I moved onto that, and then streaming services have obviously taken that up another notch to the point where choice paralysis is a real problem and listening to an album all the way through is more the exception than the norm.
  3. Planet Coaster has no tutorial. Nothing. If I have to leave your game and watch a 30 minute YouTube video to learn the basic mechanics then you've failed at basic game design.
  4. Great selection. eBay finds?
  5. My RGB modded NTSC N64 arrived. The photo doesn't really do it justice but the colours are so vibrant. It's the N64 as I remembered it. Super Mario 64 still plays brilliantly. Lost 3 solid hours to it and only stopped because the analogue stick started to irritate my thumb.
  6. Not uber rare, but I sold a Famicom 20th anniversary edition Gameboy Micro years ago which I regret. Beautiful piece of kit.
  7. Restored my launch day GameCube back to her former glory today: Used this technique for anyone that's interested: http://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2015/05/whitening-dreamcast-without-retr0brite.html
  8. Monkey Ball's always the first game I return to when I haven't played the Cube in awhile. Pure Sega fun. I've just got a PVM and I can't get over how lush Wind Waker looks on this thing:
  9. I've just started looking at collecting NTSC N64 games (to play, not just to look pretty on a shelf). One thing I've noticed on eBay is that the prices for Japanese games are so much more reasonable than US games, or even PAL games. It's meant I'm definitely going to look at picking up the Japanese versions of anything that isn't text heavy. I don't know if that's unique to the N64 but it's probably something worth looking into.
  10. I'd actually like the look of that if it didn't have the Chevrolet logo. Bring back Sharp.
  11. Yes! Everything I played was 50Hz back then so it was fastest thing ever to me.
  12. Marlowe

    The Jazz Thread

    I'm using the opportunity to listen to everything I've not heard yet from this Reddit user's list of 100 essential jazz albums (see the top post rather than the linked article):
  13. Not played this yet - weighing up whether to get the PC or PS4 version (I have a standard PS4). Does anyone have a rough idea how the PC version is likely to run at 1440p on the following spec? Intel i5-7500 CPU (Quad Core, 3.4GHz - 3.8GHz, 6MB Cache) 8GB DDR4 2133MHz UDIMM ASUS GeForce® GTX 1060 Dual OC 3GB At 150GB I'd need to run it off my HDD rather than SSD as well.
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