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  1. Had a small go yesterday and quite liked what I played, but didn’t have time to finish the tutorial. It has a cover system, which seems different for an RTS. I’m a huge fan of the board game Scythe and both are set in the same universe, so this does really appeal to me. Mortis was correct in the sense that this is not Scythe the RTS, but they absolutely are set in the same universe, with the factions and characters and stuff. I mean you spend the tutorial in Iron Harvest playing as the leader character of the Polania faction in Scythe.
  2. I think it's the fuse that's blown on the SNES. And yeah, I know you can do a 50Hz/60Hz mod on the Super Famicom, but the Super NT just saves me the bother. I stream retro from time to time on Twitch and if I want to use the SFC I have to plug it in to the mains, run the SCART to the OSSC, plug the OSSC into the mains, run HDMI from that into my capture card, set everything up for the picture and away I go. Whereas with the Super NT, it's USB powered anyway, so it's just plug the HDMI into the capture card and it works with minimal fucking about. Of course I could just use an emula
  3. I’ve got a PAL Super Nintendo, a Super Famicom, a SNES Classic Mini and an Analogue Super NT. I do get why someone might think it’s an overly-extravagant waste of money and all that, but I’m not so sure. The Super NES, for a start, died a couple of years ago. Doesn’t work at all anymore. The Super Famicom works fine, but can obviously only play Japanese cartridges. I have an SD2SNES so can just play ROMs on it, but they have to be US or Japanese ideally because of the locked 60Hz output. Unless I get it modified. Also, it cannot output RGB without a SCART cable I had to
  4. Whilst I will admit to thinking any real marshmallow manufacturer would rebrand after a demonic diety attempted to end the world in the guise of their mascot, that teaser made me all kinds of excited for this new movie! Miserable bastards, the lot of you! But you all know that.
  5. I'm glad you brought this up, because no one else seems to. I have both games on PC and Watch Dogs Legion is a broken, buggy mess. Cyberpunk runs like a dream in comparison. WDL is so broken that a crash in the final mission permanently locked out one of my agents - they still show in the roster, you just can't select them. And I lost a lot of time to crashing thanks to it's shitty autosave system. Cyberpunk certainly did crash from time to time, but I don't recall ever losing any real progress ever on reload. Only issue I've ever really had with Cyberpunk is that I streamed it a f
  6. Zio

    PC Engine Mini

    It may be worth pointing out that the PC Engine Mini does do a weird thing where one of it's USB ports is exclusively for player one's pad and the other for player two. If you're playing solo and plug your pad into the wrong port, it sits there and does nothing. I thought mine had blown at one point until I tried plugging the pad into the other USB port and it suddenly sprang to life again. It's a bit of a weird little system really.
  7. I’ve been streaming on Twitch a couple of months now and having a lot of fun with it, even though I’ve picked up a slightly odd teenage stalker via it. I normally stream at 7pm on Sunday nights and 8pm on Mondays, but I’m out of work right now so planning on doing weekday afternoon streams from next week until I can get back into employment (which I’m praying won’t take too long). My Twitch is at twitch.tv/brixtonrifles. I’d like to start trying my hand at YouTube whilst I have the time, and to start promoting my Twitch a little better, but I’ve not got much further tha
  8. It’s a fucking outrage, is what it is! Imagine going around through life with opinions like that! (Just kidding @Dudley! I’m personally loving your YouTube stuff too, so keep up the good work!) Weirdly, the PAL Saturn release of Outun on the Sega Ages disc (with Space Harrier and After Burner) is broken in some odd ways. The Japanese release is the one to have, with the optional 60 FPS mode and remixed soundtrack. Also, if I’m honest, it’s only having the proper arcade Testarossa that makes the Saturn version king for me. The 3DS and Switch releases are real
  9. I'm not having that! Outrun was fantastic when it originally released to arcades - I mean the only thing like it you had at the time was Pole Position and Hang On. I appreciate as time has gone on there have been better driving games released, but I still have a big soft spot for the original Outrun. The best version of all is the Japanese Sega Ages release on the Sega Saturn, but the 3DS & Switch version is pretty good too. The best contemporary release was probably the PC Engine version. The Mega Drive one is not especially great, IMO.
  10. Zio

    Apple TV +

    Finally started watching Ted Lasso this weekend. We’d avoided it since neither myself or the gf are remotely into football... ... but it’s fucking great, isn’t it? Just a really wonderful little show!
  11. Zio

    Apple TV +

    We’re two episodes down and about to watch the third. Quite the concept bringing audio dramas to television sans visuals. I’m really liking it so far - it’s got a very Twilight Zone feel to it.
  12. If it’s not cool me posting something like this in here, let me know and I’ll edit, but if anyone’s ever want to see it without, you know, actually playing it, I’m streaming Panzer Dragoon Saga on Twitch this week. I finished disc one earlier today, but starting disc two from 8pm - 10pm tonight, then will be continuing from 2pm tomorrow and again on Thursday. If you are interested, you can join in at twitch.tv/brixtonrifles
  13. Amazing advice @Billy Brown, thanks for taking the time! I'm pretty new to the entire Twitch thing, not just streaming, but watching too. It's become a replacement to listen to podcasts whilst I work from home now (requires far less engagement whilst also still providing that nice little bit of noise in the background). I've got to admit that so far I've only really been watching the big streamers (I'm watching Limmy basically every morning whilst working now), so I've not really tried engaging with anyone else yet - so you're right about that. I'll take some time to check out some
  14. I didn't know about this thread at the time, but I jumped into streaming for the first time just after Christmas. Streamed for 20 hours straight, broke my brain and eyes in the process and raised £220 for The British Red Cross's Anti-Loneliness campaign. Anyway, it gave me the bug and I've started streaming more regularly. I've got a regular schedule in place where I go live at 7pm-10pm on Sundays and 8-10pm on Mondays... not the greatest since I'm going out at the exact same time as some big retro streamers from the UK, but it's all I can fit in right now. The main aim
  15. The battery can be very easily removed from a New 3DS XL, so I'm guessing it must be user replaceable if you can get another one from somewhere.
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