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  1. I've used it with Speedball 2 between matches in League mode, simply because the only built-in Save method is a shitty password when you move up from Division 2 to Division 1. It's definitely a useful feature to have. It's a bit to janky on the X7 to use for quick saving though.
  2. Yeah, I have to say that this idea that playing ROMs on a Mega SG is a waste of time seems a really silly thing to say - the whole point of getting an SG for many (certainly for me) is that it's not emulation, it's instead like running enhanced hardware directly on an HD screen. Certainly my experience with my SG so far is that it's much better than running my genuine Megadrive through an OSSC. Whether you're playing a genuine cart or a ROM through an Everdrive makes absolutely no difference beyond the fact you don't have to get up and change cartridges every time you want to play a different game. Plus, as @Lorfarius says, you can run translations, homebrew and mods through it. Some of the colour correction mods on Romhacker are some of my favourite ways of playing many games - the mod I have of Super Street Fighter 2 for instance is fantastic, as it corrects the colour palette to be more in line with the arcade version and massively improves much of the sound thanks to the use of an improved sound driver. I have a genuine copy of SSF2 at home, but I only ever play it via the Everdrive these days.
  3. Zio


    I watched this at long last at the weekend, as it's currently on Amazon Prime. I paused it at one point because the sound was so at odds, I wondered if a neighbour was having a party. The sense I get from it though is that it's meant to be that way, it's meant to have a fairly pounding beat to get your adrenaline up in certain scenes. I found it genuinely uncomfortable in places. As for the film itself... it seems to be a real Marmite movie. I have to say I'm with the critics though, I absolutely loved it and found it genuinely disturbing and unsettling in ways few other films do for me. In fact... and I appreciate I may well get flamed into oblivion for this... but I actually cannot think of a single film I've ever found more harrowing to watch.
  4. Zio

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Streets of Rage 3 has ludicrously inflated difficulty which makes some of the enemies a slog, plus they changed the plot I believe. If you have an Everdrive you can get an English-translated version of Bare Knuckle 3, which is much better.
  5. Zio

    Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    The frustrating with Outrun 2006 is that the frame rate is only an issue on a standard PSP. Mod it with CFW and overclock the CPU to 333MHz and it runs as smooth as silk.
  6. Um, Alien Syndrome also hates the MD controller and is excellent, I’ll have you know! It was a nice surprise to find out I can finally play that game again too. I have an SMS pad but it’s pretty busted.
  7. I ordered mine to be shipped to my retired parents, which I guess was a good idea because I knew they'd be in, but also now means I have to drive 25 miles to their place after work to go and get it and they'll probably want to actually talk to me and all that. Ah well. At least it has apparently been successfully delivered!
  8. I never got stung for customs with my Super NT order either.
  9. Zio

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I've just finished watching 1983. I'd only started it really because I'm trying to learn Polish and thought it might be a good bit of exercise, but I ended up getting into it enough to rope my girlfriend into watching it with me. She's a Pole herself and had no initial desire to watch this as, so she tells me, homegrown TV shows over there are "pure, pure shit", but she ended up really getting into it too. I found it a little hard to follow at times... but I was probably trying too hard to pick out the language and not concentrating enough on the plot, but it's a decent dystopian drama with plenty of twists. It's set in an alternative 2003 where events 20 years previous (hence the title... and the fact it's a clear nod to '1984') have resulted in the Soviet Union still existing and Poland still being run as a totalitarian Communist state, where an investigation into a suspicious suicide starts unravelling a conspiracy. It's definitely worth a watch anyhow and I'd be totally onboard with a second season. Netflix themselves don't seem to be putting much promotion into it over here though. My only complaint, and I can see this bugging other people on this forum, is the technology apparently available to the Polish People's Republic in 2003 seems way too advanced. Who'd have thunk we could've had iPhone/Android-esque smartphones a good 4 years sooner if only that pesky Berlin Wall had stayed up?
  10. Zio

    Sega Master System Essential Games.

    The port of Paperboy is pretty damn good on the Master System, and I've always felt the port of the original Golden Axe was pretty good considering. I also get really nostalgic for Alien 3 (in some respects better than the Megadrive game it's based on - I loved the tension given by how it doesn't let you see around corners in the vent shafts) and Ghostbusters, which is possibly the best version of it (although personally I have just a teeny bit more love for the C64 original). Chase HQ was surprisingly good on the Master System too.
  11. Zio

    London Gaming Market

    I didn't actually manage to get to this till nearly 3pm, so no doubt the good stuff would've long gone by then. I did get myself a PAL/NTSC modded PSone though, JPN copies of Tekken 3 and Rage Racer (to be honest, I just wanted a couple of Japanese NTSC discs to prove it did what it said it did) and a PS1/PS2 HDMI cable, which actually works beautifully! Overall I was pretty happy.
  12. ...plus the Everdrive X7 has (slightly janky, to be fair) save-state support and - my particular favourite feature - FM sound support in Master System games.
  13. When I ordered my Super NT (which, to be fair, was late last year so they'd been out a while and were not in any way constrained), I was expecting the usual two-week minimum wait for it to arrive in the UK. I think it took about 3 days to arrive. Super fast delivery considering.
  14. Zio

    London Gaming Market

    I'm going! I'm trying to knock the game collecting on the head a bit, so not sure what I'll actually buy, although I was very tempted by a Deadpan Robot modded Gameboy last time I went...

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