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  1. Cheyenne

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Hooooo boy! Here are some cliff notes I took of what is featured in the Uncut version that is edited out of the Cut version (for those that haven't seen it, I am not joking with bad it is): That's not an exhaustive list. I am borderline fascinated by how grotty this film was. A proper video nasty.
  2. Cheyenne

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Were they the Uncut versions? The easiest to find on Youtube has the nastiest shit cut from them, comes in a solid 2-3 minutes shorter.
  3. Cheyenne

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Were they the Uncut versions? The easiest to find on Youtube has the nastiest shit cut from them, comes in a solid 2-3 minutes shorter.
  4. Cheyenne

    Sleaziest film ever made

    I've been on a bit of a trek lately to find some of the more shocking and violent anime films. Yeah it turns out that rabbit hole goes super fucking deep. The other night I watched the uncut version of Violence Jack Evil Town. Fuuuuuuuuuuck me, that's got some stuff in it you won't forget anytime soon. The kicker is how much work is put into it; there's some serious sleaze on show when you see rape, cannibalism and even child murder scenes that can *retches* be described as technically decently animated. Sometimes, fuck Japan.
  5. Cheyenne

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    I want the Sandbag as a playable character.
  6. Cheyenne

    Perfect Films

    I'm going to go with The Princess Bride. Makes for perfect group viewings, and is suitable for every age. Hilarious, quotable, thrilling, sweet, the film has everything. 98 minutes too. Wonderful.
  7. Cheyenne

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    The state of Dolph Lundgren in this.
  8. Cheyenne

    Best short games

    VVVVVV. Genuinely think it's the best game I've played in years.
  9. It did have a (very) limited cinema run a few weeks back. I caught it then, thoroughly enjoyable.
  10. Cheyenne

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    I doubt I will ever tire of F Murray Abraham's portrayal of Antonio Salieri in Amadeus. The film is magnificent on just about every level, but Abraham imbued Salieri with such conflict that he holds my attention effortlessly with every viewing. He absolutely nails this man as someone with both undying respect and absolute hatred for Mozart, in awe of his work yet disgusted by the man. The 'present day' scenes of him confiding in the priest truly show off his range; not only as the younger Salieri but as the older, grief-struck man nearing his deathbed having had years to think about his actions. He's pitiful, yet oddly sympathetic, and I can think of no finer performance from any film I've seen.
  11. Cheyenne

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    Breathy acapella cover of Tears Of A Clown for the trailer.
  12. The best Fighting game of the last two decades is Nidhogg. Additionally: It is not lacking in modes. It has everything it needs. The graphical style of Nidhogg 2 is a delightful change.
  13. Cheyenne

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    General consensus is that 0 is the best. I personally prefer quite a few to it, but 0 also feels quite different in terms of its characters and story to the others. There's a serious amount of continuity in the series, and it pays to work through each title if you're really invested in the characters.
  14. Actually my favourite thing shown in the Direct. A must buy when I get around to having a Switch.

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