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  1. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - 1/5 Will happily never watch whatever Tarantino puts out next, and don't even want to revisit his older stuff off the back of it, even the good films. Genuinely creeped out by his overt leering eye behind the camera.
  2. Cheyenne

    Nintendo Switch

    Hard West is £1.79 in the sale. I've had my eye on it for years, always wondering if it would ever get a console port. Then it gets a Switch one! Been playing it a bit today and I'm rather immersed. Nice Xcom-alike with a tasty Weird West theme. At times it can look a bit cheap (some companions menu faces look like early 90's 3D models) but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Map interaction is a little like West of Loathing too. More cowboy games please!
  3. Even as a detractor of 0, I have to say there's a huge amount of the game you've yet to see. In fact there's an entire playable character!
  4. I imagine that's what the fifth DLC character will be (a third party), I believe Sakurai stated that would be the case for this Fighter Pass. I'm okay with it, as I've enjoyed the amount of dedication gone into faithfully recreating those characters (it's ridiculous the amount of SNK admiration put into everything associated with Terry).
  5. It might just be a cut and recast job, but that's something that rankles me as 4 is one of my favourite games and I have a lot of fond memories of it. Maybe I now finally understand what those Star Wars fans have been talking about. I doubt it will be 'worse', but it's going to be weird seeing a different actor representing the character. I'm somewhat curious as to whether it will mesh uncomfortably with the rest of the game.
  6. I would love for them to add Smash Run from the 3DS version to Ultimate. That mode was excellent.
  7. I think it's worth noting as well that the remaster of Yakuza 4 has recast the actor who played Tanimura, I believe because the original actor has retired and was unable to come back and re-record lines. I can be a bit of a purist for original releases and will likely dodge the remasters due to this (as I already have the original copies)... ...unless Kazuma gets confirmed as DLC for Smash Bros and the series comes to Switch.
  8. It takes a while to click, but after a few chapters I really found my groove with the controls and found a bunch of my criticisms melted away. A thing to note about the ranks you attain; getting hit or dying and reviving has zero consequence on your score. If you want an S+ you have to hit over 10,000 points for that scenario, so instead of focusing on pure speed and efficiency, emphasise variety and styling. You'll get a tasty 5,000 points for taking no damage, but you can also rack up massive scores for utilising Legion Skills and performing Sync Attacks. Try to mix up your attacks at every opportunity to maximise your score.
  9. 0 and Kiwami were cross-gen games in Japan, and were the final games to use the old engine.
  10. 4 has four separate playable characters, each with a slightly different fighting style to each other. Arguably the whole style swapping from 0 found its genesis here, though of course you only get one style per character. It's shorter than 0 too by a noticeable amount, and is helped by it being split across four characters instead of two. I would argue it holds up best of all the mainline games, and is still easily playable today.
  11. 4 is the essential one of the series for me, though it undoubtedly is best experienced having played the 3 that come before it.
  12. No clue if it's had an official release date, but earlier in the year I saw Killing (Zan) by Shinya Tsukamoto. I saw other films that I thought were 'better' in the moment, but over the past 8 months it's properly wormed its way into my brain. Have watched very little this year but may put that at the top.
  13. One of my best mates has been saying for years that Resident Evil is due a look-in for Smash, and was wanting Leon Kennedy as the rep. If there is to be another Capcom rep I'd be okay with that (no not really, Asura or Gene, but they'd make more sense in a Marvel vs Capcom game), I find Dante is way overplayed. The character has guested in enough games, plus there then comes the question of ANOTHER sword character in Smash. What about some form of Monster Hunter rep? Rathalos is in the game already, and from checking sales figures that franchise has been a consistent best-seller on past Nintendo systems.
  14. I regret shaving my moustache off. I'll be back in a couple weeks to properly express how lacking in virility I found Yakuza 0.
  15. Is this what it feels like to be Wiper?
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