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  1. All things Yakuza!

    Yeah, I am planning on a proper swoop through those in either Premium Adventure or a Legend difficulty run (done a good few of Kazuma's before I started getting voerwhelmed by the amount of time it was taking up. Just a shame that the main story is so lacklustre in my eyes compared to other entries. 4 is still the pinnacle of the series for me (though it conversely had arguably the most disappointing final boss fight).
  2. All things Yakuza!

    I am finally playing Yakuza 0. Been an enormous fan of the series since it first came out, and to date have played every game that has been released in the EU (including Kiwami and Dead Souls) and wanted to get 0 in before 6 came out. I have no other way to say this... I don't really like it. I'm up to Chapter 15 now and for the journey so far I'd rate it below most of the series, and absolutely nowhere near being the best of the bunch. I'm thoroughly disappointed by it, as although it has flourishes of brilliance (combat styles, some of the new characters, specific narrative beats) I just don't think it hangs together particularly well, and it meanders as much if not more than Yakuza 5 did. It's bloated and for the possibly the first time in the series for me, I am noticing the bloat and not enjoying the minute to minute exploration of Kamurocho and Sotenbori. I'll probably do more thorough thoughts once I am finished with it, but with each passing chapter I'm further lowering my overrall score. Right now I'd say I'm sitting on a 4/10. Properly let down.
  3. Black Dynamite: Black is Back in 2018!

    So pleased about this. Can't you tell?
  4. Does anyone actually like random battles?

    I don't necessarily mind random battles. Plenty of games I rate highly feature them, though I would argue that it's due to me finding the act of combat in these games engaging and continuously enjoyable that the random battles don't bother me. If I were to think about it, I prefer most alternatives to random battles when presented with them (probably why Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest IX became personal favourites of those respective franchises for me) and would vastly prefer it if more games moved away from them. I don't see much reasoning for them still being a part in modern videogames. Grinding is a similar issue for myself. I have a number of games that I have grinded in, but overall I don't like it as a practice. When I think on the games I have put extensive time into, the combat has been hugely enjoyable and affords a level of tactical approach that I believe goes against what 'grinding' suggests. The 3x3 grids of Radiant Historia meant that battles could be over within a few moves if you planned out your attack, and The World Ends With You had constant tinkering with your pins to find a good setup for optimum damage and speed. Those games don't constitute grinding for me, as I view grinding as a vacuous system of constantly attacking to gain meagre amounts of experience. It's not a thoughtful process that asks the player to get to know the systems of the game and doesn't highlight the best aspects of a game, then coupled with random battles it makes for a deeply boring mix. At the moment you could argue that I'm grinding through Nioh to unlock all of the Ninjutsu abilities, but in doing so I am experimenting with the combat, attempting no-hit boss runs and mixing up what weapons I use. That doesn't constitute grinding for me. Plus I can run past quite literally every enemy and go straight to the boss if I want.
  5. Great gaming transitions.

    Genuine answer; when I first saw the opening of Lost Odyssey and how it transitioned from cutscene to gameplay, I was properly excited.
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I'm probably alone in thinking this, but Domhnall Gleeson/General Hux is by far my favourite character in these new films. Love the ham, and it became cemented in The Last Jedi when in the opening scenes it struck me that he's effectively an intergalactic Commissioner William Regal.
  7. Best Christmas Levels in Gaming

    The opening of Mafia II is a real delight.
  8. Which is your favourite game in the Burnout series?

    I had such a good time with Paradise. It was one of the few open-world games I strived for 100% completion with, and largely had to do with the map itself. In particular I enjoyed how the two primary form of 'collectibles' (gates and billboards) would aid in memorising the streets and shortcuts, making the later challenges and races easier (in theory) as you slowly built a mindmap of where you could shave a few seconds off your lap times. Thoughtfully designed too; even with the pyrotechnic clutter that bled into the series with each instalment, those bright red billboards and hazard light yellow gates were clearly legible to the eye, and in early races I would often make notes to return to certain roads to check out where those paths led/how to reach those billboards. And they led to some crazy places! Especially in the countryside area and Big Surf Island, where the air you could get off certain jumps was frankly astonishing. The pacing of it all is what kept me hooked, as with each race completed you were gradually unlocking faster and faster cars, meaning that although you were running the risk of becoming overly familiar and bored with the roads of Paradise City, you were tackling them at ever higher speeds, testing your reactions and getting to play around with new vehicles. I really don't think it could be considered a spoiler as it's pretty much been the endgame vehicle for every Burnout (and I would presume for other high speed racers) but once you unlock the Formula 1-style racer, sweet jesus those streets pass by in a blur. Paradise was great, naysayers be damned.
  9. Great Cinematography Suggestions?

    I have greatly enjoyed rewatching Park Chan-Wook's films. Vengeance Trilogy, Thirst and The Handmaiden are gorgeous films. The rest of his work is also beautiful to watch, but those stand out. How about some animatdd suggestions? I've lately been rewatching Isao Takahata's films (Only Yesterday best film ever btw) and the blu rays are spectacular. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is impeccable to watch.
  10. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Avengers: War for Infinity.
  11. GAF Meltdown - owner accused

    It is certainly true that at this stage, there isn't 'definitive' evidence to prove either party as being correct. However, I think taking a step back and looking at how the situation has developed, Malka's actions are unsavoury to say the least. Amongst it all, what I found utterly disgusting was how low he stooped to try and dismantle her credibility. In that Waypoint piece he repeatedly describes her as unhinged and psychotic, consistently making reference to very serious mental illness and using that as an attack. There's no compassion in those words, no acceptance that maybe this woman has severe issues she is trying to deal with, it's used to denigrate, because someone with mental health issues clearly can't be trusted to tell the truth. That really rankles me. As a society we are slowly but surely making advancements towards how we view and respond to people with mental health issues, then this chode comes along and goes full Victorian to defend himself. I am firmly on Leupp's side with this, as Malka's actions since the story went public have shown a shocking lack of basic human compassion.
  12. Naturally, time will tell how this ends, but the rush to chase the Gaas model reminds me greatly of when seemingly every company was trying to beat WoW in the MMO space. There are a few titles out there now that are making a killing from the model (unsurprisingly Blizzard is one of these companies, yet again) and these are likely to be the ones that will remain at the head of the table, leaving others to fight for scraps. As nice as it is to dream, likely nothing will dethrone GTA V until Rockstar's next big release, and it would take a herculean effort to remove Overwatch from the top (make some snarky Lawbreakers crack here). Of course, there's no real risk for EA to pursue it, as any perceived failures along the way will only affect the studios underneath them.
  13. Dying Light

    There's a wealth of hidden content in the game too. I think this is one of my favourite games in a long time for optional content, in that it truly is just that: Little easter eggs and discoverables hidden across the map that aren't tied to any Trophies or Achievements, nor are they needed to obtain some 'true' ending. There are some really cool Blueprints to be found leading to some properly crazy weapons and gadgets, and there are so many unique sights to be seen on both the main game and DLC maps. I still continue to sink hours into it, and am really pleased to see Techland putting more free updates out.
  14. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Out Now for XB1 and PS4

    They've introduced new Trophies and Achievments too, mainly for Bitterblack Isle stuff but there's also completion ones for on Hard Mode and Speedrun Mode. So if you are chasing that completion you're looking at a minimum of 3 playthroughs.

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