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  1. There's plenty of stuff like that too - here's the 1963 Dutch Grand Prix for example:
  2. If anyone wants to go full retro, here's a large portion of the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix!
  3. Aaaand they’ve cancelled it. With two hours to go until FP1. Having thousands of spectators all crammed up together waiting at the gates to go in. During a pandemic. F1 is going to - rightfully - get the beating of its life over this.
  4. Yeah, think he quoted the wrong post and was referring to Marsh's mention of Indy 2005
  5. Oh I reckon we could get an RLLMUK one running again in days. You could then marvel at such things as @Thor not liking his car's wing mirror layout, of @Meerman being literally furious at everything and @mexos disappearing from the lead of races but it's okay because I was behind and definitely quicker and definitely going to overtake him and certainly not having already accepted second place.
  6. *cracks knuckles* reckon we should all come out of retirement and stream a revived RLLMUK F1 Championship to fill the void
  7. The two Haas team members who were tested had negative results, incidentally.
  8. Yeah. I mean, the thing isn't whether this thing will eventually go or not. It will. Pretty much every health expert I've listened to has said that. It's how it goes and what lasting effects it leaves that matters. That is completely up to us, now. It has been proven to a relative degree of certainty by now what measures we need to be taking if we want to flatten the infection spike and give time for much-needed healthcare investment, both monetarily and staff.
  9. Hopefully. I think (well, I hope) that the world as a whole has now realised the best way to deal with this is to bunker down and make some social/sporting/entertainment/etc sacrifices now for the good of peoples' health. The initial prognosis from China and even a few comments from Italy suggest that the tide is being stemmed somewhat by their dramatic measures - it's time for everyone else to follow suit so this thing can properly be slowed and nations' health systems can be given a chance.
  10. This is a pretty ugly black eye for the sport. You get the feeling that the FIA and the event organisers basically ended up in a game of brinksmanship, not wanting to be the ones who cancelled due to financial concerns. Congratulations to McLaren for taking the right action. You'd hope the rest of the sport will now take the same stand.
  11. Ah cheers dude - don’t worry though, someone bit on the GTS and traded their Zacian for one of my Necrozmas! Shiny charm get Still doing some Masuda Method breeding in Ultra Sun to round off my all-shiny team for my play through of Sword. Transferred my shiny Lucario, Kommo-o, Heliolisk and Milotic over to Shield to see them in all their glory; just need my shiny Gardevoir and Chandelure now and I am all set. Took Lucario on a little tour of people’s camps yesterday and he seemed to be getting quite a bit of fuss!
  12. I'm all over this like a hedgehog on some soggy bread. Looks fantastic!
  13. Ah man mine was a multiplayer hotseat championship I had with a friend on Grand Prix 3 on the PC back in... 2001? We were (still are) both massive F1 nerds and really went to town creating our own car texture to import into the game along with our own helmets. Each race was set to 50% and over a period of three months we'd go to each other's house carrying the save file with us. It got super competitive - each of us testing in our spare time to perfect set ups before each race and the like. As two kids who wanted to be F1 drivers when they grew up, we were kind of living our dream in a silly way. Anyhow, the nature of hotseat mode on Grand Prix 3 meant that you drove for a portion of the Grand Prix and then handed control over to the other player, with the AI taking over your car and running at something approximating your pace. We got down to the penultimate round of the championship with him 6 points ahead of me and me really needing to beat him to take the title race to the last round. We'd had some epic races during the season and it was super-close - I can still remember some of those races even to this day. He'd jumped out to a big early championship lead but I had turned the tables with some really great drives in the second half of the season. I'd had no time to perfect a setup in the week prior to the penultimate round but somehow pulled an amazing qualifying lap out of nowhere to take pole. It then rained on race day and I was notoriously crap in the wet, but off I sailed into the soggy distance driving the race of my life. By the end of my first stint I was about 4 seconds ahead. My mate takes over and my AI driver continues at a good clip, whilst he spins. Drama! If things stay the way they are I am about to turn a 6 point deficit into a four point lead heading into the last race. I drive the second of my two human-controlled race stints and hand back to my mate with a lead of about 15 seconds from the second placed car. I'd driven the race of my life and was really proud of myself. My mate was left to drive around the sodden circuit to the chequered flag. He's made his way back up to third, so we will be heading into the final race equal in points which is pretty exciting stuff. He goes to approach the final chicane before the last corner on the final lap. Yellow flags! I squint at the monitor to try and ascertain what was happening. That isn't... it couldn't be... oh NO, it is... ... it was my car, beached in the gravel. On the penultimate corner of the last lap and with a 15-second lead, the AI version of myself had stupidly tried to lap a backmarker, tagged it and spun off into oblivion. It then sat there as every single car sailed past, as the AI on Grand Prix 3 tended to do in such situations. My epic win had been snatched away and not only that, by overtaking me and taking the flag in second, my mate wrapped up the championship then and there. We both kind of sat there staring at the screen in stunned silence. Months of practice, racing, banter, strategic planning all concluded by a foolish AI manoeuvre neither of us could do anything about. At least it was memorable, I suppose!
  14. Don’t suppose any of you kind fellas would be minded to help me complete my Pokédex? All I need to do is swap and then re-swap my Zamazenta for a Zacian and then I’m done
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