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  1. kiroquai


    No idea why Sato hasn't been sat down for a race after that. Especially given how big the accident was and given how after last year's race the last thing IndyCar needed was cars going into the fence again. Pocano's a bit of a relic now and I hear that IndyCar isn't going back next year (or possibly ever), which is probably for the best.
  2. kiroquai

    The BTCC Thread

    I only saw the incident on telly, but it looked like (the final contact that sent Sutton spinning, anyway) Plato was probably more bothered about Butcher launching it down the inside and it all ended in a really messy sandwich. But, it's easy to not feel too sorry for him seeing as he loves to play the pantomime villain all the time (and often drive like it too).
  3. I must admit I did enjoy Steve Smith's two innings in this game. Booed as he came out to start the first, applauded (by the majority) as he walked off the field after the last.
  4. Well, we're pretty much screwed aren't we. Jason Roy... just... ugh.
  5. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    I'm pretty excited as a Browns fan. Then again, I am excited every season as a Browns fan and look what happens. All the talk is about the move we made for OBJ (and Vernon) but for me the really important grab was Sheldon Richardson. Of course he's picked up an injury in camp but overall he should sure up our run defence and allow Garrett and Vernon to really go to work elsewhere. Winning the AFC North and get to the playoffs should be achievable. Really keen to see how Baker does in his second year.
  6. Am wondering if it’ll end up with Bottas and Russell seat-swapping and perhaps a preferable rate on power units for Williams too. Russell is I suppose ‘on loan’ to Williams for a bit from Merc so am sure they’ll work a decent deal out.
  7. Think he’s really under pressure now. He might even have lost his seat already. As much as I’d feel for Ocon, I’m firmly in the George Russell camp for that second Merc seat. The kid has got ‘it’ and a few years with Lewis would toughen him up and get him ready to lead the team moving forward.
  8. Shout out to Carlos Sainz, incidentally. Really showing how good a driver he is this year. Also, this season is probably the prime example of why winter testing is dodgy at best as a form predictor. Who’d have thought at the end of the second Barcelona test that we’d be heading into the summer break with Ferrari finishing a minute behind a Mercedes and having not won a race all year.
  9. Lewis is going to finish about a minute ahead of the first Ferrari home... EDIT: beaten to the punch!
  10. Boom, done. Mercedes pitwall redeems itself.
  11. Wonder what odds you’d get right now on Leclerc winning this race...
  12. For a dry Hungary race, this is really not bad at all. Lewis is going to win this unless Max is godly in defence.
  13. Hm - now it’s swinging back towards Lewis. Max running out of grip I think.
  14. Don’t think it’s working at the minute. Max able to pump in some really solid laps.
  15. Hamilton is demolishing Max’s lead now. They’ve got no option other than to leave him out until the end.
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