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  1. One day soon one of the things is going to go through the fence and into the crowd. It's almost happened a couple of times now and it's been pure luck we didn't have another Le Mans disaster on our hands.
  2. Serious but not life-threatening injuries. Utterly relieved as I was convinced I would wake up to find out the worst had happened.
  3. Been watching it tonight. Really horrid accident at the end - judging by the replays that were (somewhat unnecessarily) shown, the driver involved (won’t name in-case anyone is watching on delay) will be very lucky to walk away unhurt. Awful crash.
  4. kiroquai

    Formula One - 2020

    Oh he had an engine at that point; when he came in after his first run they knew they hadn't got a hope in hell of qualifying so they removed the engine completely and then joined the line in a position they knew would mean they failed to get out again just to do the PR stunt Another interesting Jim Hurtubise fact. Earlier in his career he had a horrible crash at Milwaukee that permanently disfigured both of his hands. Sitting in hospital and knowing he'd barely be able to move them in the future, he had doctors shape his hands as if he were holding a steering wheel so he could continue his racing career. Badass.
  5. kiroquai

    Formula One - 2020

    Red Bull RB16 Looks like they've gone for a Mercedes-style nose.
  6. kiroquai

    Formula One - 2020

    Ferrari looks the same on first glance, but they've gone a bit Red Bull with the car in a lot of ways. Kind of an about-swing from last season where the car didn't generate enough downforce. Paint scheme is still a bit of a mess though; kinda wish they'd invert the red/black on the front and rear wings. Whilst we wait for Renault to show their car/testing livery today, here is a random motorsport incident for your amusement. To explain this, remember that in qualifying for the Indy 500 teams have to get in line to leave the pitlane, and once they have done their single-car-on-track 4-lap run they can choose to join the line again if they want to try again. Quite often, the session will expire with cars still in line (as happened with James Hinchcliffe a few years back). Anyway, in 1972 Jim Hurtubise had already had his run and wasn't anywhere near fast enough to qualify, but joined the line again near the end of the final session in his Miller Beer sponsored car. He'd gotten a reputation as someone who often tried to qualify hopelessly outdated machinery which kind of made him a hero to spectators but pissed off other teams who felt he was taking time away from their efforts to qualify genuinely decent equipment. So Jim is in line with everyone and it quickly becomes apparent he's not going to get to the front in time to get out again. People also begin to notice a slightly curious puddle of water dripping from underneath his car. When the traditional final gun fired to signify the end of qualifying, rather than be disappointed, he grinned, popped off the engine cover of his car and people realised the car didn't actually even have an engine in at all. No. In possibly the greatest PR move of all time, he'd filled the engine compartment with an ice trough packed with beers from his title sponsor. He then proceeded to hand these out to any pit crew member or official within nearby range of his car. The spectators and most involved found this very amusing. Unfortunately, certain other people didn't and from the next year cars were required and visually inspected to ensure that they were in running order before being allowed to join the qualifying line again. Now, back to 2020 and waiting for Renault to launch a car that looks exactly the same as their 2019 car, which looked exactly the same as their 2018 car and confounded the team when - surprise surprise - it had almost exactly the same shortcomings.
  7. So I finally got around to playing this properly this weekend having played the Galleon portion on both Xbox and PC. Decided to give the Switch version a go as it's more convenient for me being able to haul it around with me. More on that later. The game itself is great. Full disclosure: I am a rather large Igavania fanboy. Symphony of the Night is one of my favourite games of all-time, and I loved all the GBA/DS Castlevanias. I went into this knowing that it'd have to fuck up pretty seriously to disappoint me and it hasn't... yet. I have just fought the twin dragons on the tower, got my credentials, done the train bit and then got the reflect ray shortly after. Currently going back around the map hoovering up all the little spots on the map I couldn't get to that are now open to me. It's managed to capture that eagerness to explore and complete the map that all the old Castlevania games did, which is great. Being able to use a lot of the familiar monsters from the Castlevania games helps, of course. I like the little cooking and item-finding sidequests as they play into the completionist part of me that wants to find everything, craft everything and try all the equipment whilst beating all the monsters. Grinding for shards should, in all reality, be incredibly tedious and yet there I am, scrubbing left/right between two screens to respawn something in the hope that the shard will pop when I down it. The Switch version isn't as bad as I had feared, although it is a considerable step down from the two other version I played (mostly in framerate). The first tower of the two dragon towers was okay, but the second of them (on the way back down) was really sluggish when it came to framerate. Most indoor areas that I have seen so far, to be fair, seem to perform either perfectly fine or at least reasonably well now. It's perfectly playable and I've been so absorbed by what I've been doing that I've rarely had much pause to be too critical, but yeah - it isn't as good as you'd imagine it possibly should be quite yet. Still, it's a great game and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Looking forward to the getting back tonight and getting stuck in again!
  8. kiroquai

    Formula E

    That's true - problem is, I think it'd be hard for them to move away from them too much as it's part and parcel of the product really; environmentally-friendly racing right in the heart of big cities. I guess at least one thing is that they are starting to get rid of a lot of the silly, pointless chicanes they had last year.
  9. For one moment there I thought that was an episode title listing and I was wondering if the first episode was about Rich Energy.
  10. kiroquai

    Formula E

    Yeah to be honest I am very much the same. It's entertaining enough, but it's a bit too bumper cars at times. There are tracks that are better suited to the new cars (Berlin is pretty wide for example) but they're still struggling to get the cars on circuits that give them quite enough room.
  11. Ah man the DSI/Accolade videos are superb pieces of work. They also reminded me of perhaps the most ill-fitting music in any video game... ever?
  12. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    Whilst pleased in one way that we'll have a champion that isn't the Pats again, you can't deny that most Super Bowls recently that they've been in have been classics. The Seahawks, Falcons and Eagles games were all brilliant, and having those NFC teams desperately trying to take Brady and Co off their throne really added to the drama.
  13. kiroquai

    NFL 2019!

    Titans offence beginning to look like it’s running uphill. Not over by a long shot but kinda get the feeling the Chiefs can put it to bed with one more TD on this upcoming drive. Edit: yeah this one’s in the books.
  14. I'd imagine it might just be a month for them to work on bug fixes. Can't imagine they're trying to jam anything new in there at this stage.
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