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  1. Taking a break for a while, and using my time more productively.

  2. Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    There are two, very near each other, as well as a vegan cake shop that is amazing. Steel City Cakes on Abbeydale Road gave us a massive amount of delicious cakey goodness, and a vegan sausage roll and lots of delicious drinks for a very good price. Just look at their "taster plate"! BurgerLolz is next door and run by the daughter of the woman behind Steel City Cakes and was the place we tried. The food was good, if you like true fast food - meat replacements and carbs - and people rave about it. So maybe I was alone in finding the mac and cheez salty. But the toilet was mouldy all down the wall, with a broken chain and a squirt of water that splashed you each time you flushed; the basin had a broken tap; the plates were chipped, and the place is very basic, and there were no vegetables, salad or garnish in sight. However the milkshake replacements on the next table looked amazing, and as I said the seitan ribs were good. My kids seemed to like the hotdogs, which came in a part-baked mini-baguette that had been briefly seared in a sandwich press. My other half said the burger was okay but a bit dry and would have benefited from some relish and salad. The other option we haven't tried yet is Leave Make no Bones which is pretty much parallel to the other two, but on Chesterfield road. Again, it has good reviews, but is mainly a fast food place with vegan meat replacements, although the menu seems to be a bit wider. We'll probably give it a go some time, as we go into Sheffield at least once a month and again it is on the right side to drive past on our way to Waitrose or the cinema. Oh, and if you want a trip out, my recommendation is for the Green Way cafe in Matlock. All vegetarian with amazing soups, salads, deli meals (where you choose from a range of pates, olives and cheeses to go with fresh baked rolls and a massive salad) and savouries, as well as drinks and cakes. It is a family run place, with a really friendly atmosphere. They always have vegan options on the menu, and have been great about working round allergies. Edit: Make No Bones was great, had a really good meal there for a reasonable price.
  3. Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    I had seitan ribs with herby potatoes and pulled jackfruit on vegan mac and cheez at the new vegan fast food place in Sheffield the other day. The seitan ribs were quite nice, but the mac and cheez tasted too salty for my liking, and I couldn't really get past there being no veg or salad on the plate at all (and the prices being so high for such a shoddy venue/presentation). I'd much rather eat at a vegetarian place near me where they do a massive plate of salad and home baked rolls with whatever you order, and have plenty of vegan choices - especially as the meal price ends up less for something much more healthy/substantial. But I guess there is a market for vegan fast food, and as a hippy vegetarian who was never much into fast food or meat replacement products I'm just not it.
  4. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    I thought we had rules on this forum about sexism? So why isn't futureshock banned? I'd assume if he called a black person "it" that would be unacceptable, so why is it acceptable to call a woman or her body parts "it"? Surely the very definition of objectification is to refer to a woman in terms of her body parts, and as an object for sexual use rather than a person? Even sky suspended and then sacked one of the football presenters @beenabadbunny quoted above for sexism. And surely we can uphold higher standards here/now than seven years ago on sky? And doesn't all the casting blame/doubt onto Mia Farrow and Dylan fall under 2.3j?
  5. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    Indeed, but I'm not going to go back round the loop with futureshock about the details. The fact is that any lay person cherry picking from the evidence leaked to the media 25 years ago is not going to form a clearer picture than the judge who made findings on the case (findings, I note, that have never been successfully challenged despite all Allen's wealth and influence).
  6. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    If by "willing it to be true" you mean generally believing victims, and feeling the court judgement is probably a more accurate weighing of the evidence than a lay person can do based upon the selective evidence leaked into the public domain by the various parties, then you've got me bang to rights. But in reality it seems you have some pretty weird ideas of what that phrase might mean, to go with your clear bias to defend perpetrators and discredit those making disclosures about their experience. You haven't yet made any case about how this case is "not like the others" - pretty much all the men deny the allegations against them and try to bring up conflicting actions or potential motivations for making them. He just did so ahead of the curve, and against a single victim, with a narrative that chimed with toxic beliefs about women.
  7. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    I'm curious about why you'd need to push particular sources to discredit someone alleging abuse? Do you go rooting around for evidence to discredit people making allegations their house was burgled? Or that somebody mugged them? Or do you just save that for sex crimes against women and children? How about common or garden child abuse? Do you hang about to defend those poor perpetrators besmirched by the disclosures that 1 in 6 children in the UK are sexually assaulted? After all, most of them are only protected by civil court findings and few of the perpetrators are ever convicted of criminal offences? Or did they not have a good enough PR teams to defend their honour to give you ready made lines of attack? Or perhaps it is only famous men? Did you go digging to see whether there were any inconsistencies in the testimony of Jimmy Savile's victims? Or those who made allegations against Rolf Harris? Or Ian Watkins? Or is it specific to men you admire? Or perhaps you'd like to defend Weinstein, or Toback, Spacey, Lauer, Kriesberg, Ratner, Franken, Moore, Bush, Clinton or Trump, as none of them have been convicted, so they are just allegations, right? No? Your defender of the righteous role doesn't extend to them? So, why stand up for poor maligned millionaire director with a PR and legal team that threaten anyone who speaks against him Woody Allen?
  8. I think my frame of reference has changed over the last four years, and my radar for sexism can now spot things as obvious that would have slipped by me before. I suspect the same is true for a fair few other people. I'd have just found the film implausible, and felt frustrated by it if I'd seen it at the time of release, it is only now that I can identify why it is so horrible. Of course, I'm aware that other people don't feel the same about misogyny, or about suspending belief (which I know I find difficult where the plot is supposedly set in reality) and there are more facets on which to judge a film, so others may well like it. I'm just explaining why I don't.
  9. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    He pretty much accepts that he did ask about sexual activity, put his hand on an intern's leg and generally participate in the culture of the time, whilst being defensive about that being in any way wrong and trying to throw doubt on the allegations by asking why they were so delayed (when it was clear that the culture at the time would not have allowed it to be raised, and the power differential was so marked that the intern had to apologise for being upset at his unwanted advances at the time). Couple that with three women making allegations against him, and I think John Oliver was making a reasonable point, even if his wording about the burden of proof wasn't right. I find it fascinating that someone could watch that exchange, read that article, know the context and still see the millionaire movie star as the victim and want to speak up for him.
  10. True, nobody in the film was sympathetic at all. The only non-hateful character was the twin sister (and it sounds like in the book she was dependent and needy, perpetually single with daddy issues). But that doesn't redeem all the sexist cliches, or the implausible plot in the second half of the film.
  11. Watched this tonight and pretty much hated it. After a reasonable start it went way beyond plausibility and rapidly became a misogynist cliche. What a total disappointment, and with 8.4 on IMDB too!
  12. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    Terry Crews is quite an interesting guy really, because he has always been willing to state an unpopular truth. Raising issues around medical care in the NFL (over-prescribing, and disregarding the seriousness of concussion). Then speaking about his pornography addiction. Then having been sexually assaulted. I find him a bit OTT at times, and a bit religious for my tastes, but I think that is pretty admirable.
  13. Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Most probably a little from column a (being a bit of an unpleasant guy, holding some unpleasant attitudes ) and a bit from column b (being in a bad mental place, due to isolation and lack of challenge). They are both probably intertwined, and formed by the kind of childhood he had combined with the fact that technically skilled people are often less socially skilled/more socially isolated. It is hard to unpick what is nature and what is nurture. In the end, we are all shaped by things that are mostly outside of our control (our genes and early experiences) but we are still accountable for the choices we make.
  14. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    The figures I know are that one in 20 children have been sexually abused according to crime statistics, but one in four girls and one in twelve boys have been sexually assaulted when they are asked on surveys. The incidence of sexual assault or harassment of adult women is also high - about 20% of women have experienced a sexual assault, and the vast majority of women have experienced unwanted approaches or sexual contact, many of which are legally assaults, but the women involved haven't considered serious or unusual enough to report because it is so normalised. Source Or in the USA:
  15. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    Paul Ryan there thinking two Democrats should go after allegations of groping, whilst Trump can stay as president despite many more and much worse. No party loyalty or dual standards on show there. Huff Post article said he was avoidant when challenged about this hypocrisy.

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