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  1. Playing stuff like Eleven Table Tennis and Thrill of the Fight on the Quest 2 works because of the freedom you get wirelessly. Presumably if you tried to play any "fitness" style games on PSVR2 it would look great but there'd be a tangible fear of death.
  2. Personally I'd just like further information on this Sugary Marioto.
  3. Utterly astounded by the OP's lack of knowledge on the chip shortages. This is basic math.
  4. Hey @dumpster, eject the disc and try popping it up your arse. It's not really a game as such but could be lot's more fun.
  5. You can't play a PC when you're cutting a rope on the honey bucket!
  6. Estate agents. Jazz clubs.
  7. Dumpter. It is obvious you are simply trying to rationalise game piracy (theft) in your own brain. Either nick it or don't. Is it ok? Probably not. Is it silly? It's like an sausage.
  8. Textface


    Ignore ffs
  9. Wouldn't you expect a load of feathers / bits of twig?
  10. Why aren't you lot playing video games?
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