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  1. peter taste

    Films that make you cry

    If we're talking theme tunes to make you cry, it's Dungeons and Dragons hands down for me. Check out this extended version: That shit's beautiful.
  2. peter taste

    ITV is rebranding

    The T's the colour of birdshit.
  3. peter taste

    Hitman: Absolution - the craggy thread

  4. Yeah it looks like he's walking with one into the ballroom, and he's leaning on it on the balcony too (at 1:37).
  5. peter taste

    Your Gameboy Advance Memories

    Hmm, ok. I've got a Dingoo with a Micro SD to Mini adapter, and have never had any trouble with that. The Dingoo's card slot is spring loaded though. I guess there's no guarantee of anything when dealing with situations and build quality like this!
  6. peter taste

    Your Gameboy Advance Memories

    Is a Micro SD with Mini SD adapter generally recommended? I'm going away in a couple of days so would like to get my GBMicro all set up before then, and I ordered a Mini SD card off Amazon but it hasn't arrived. I can just nip out to Maplins this afternoon otherwise and pick up a Micro SD card, but want to check if it'll work as well. Any info/advice greatly appreciated!
  7. peter taste

    Songs that have a bit in like a gameshow

    I always thought Let There Be Light by Justice sounded like the Catchphrase theme tune. Check it out around 1:16: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmUyV3eq62E Or is it just me?
  8. peter taste

    TV Shows Only You Remember

    POW! I'm bringing Totty: The Story of a Doll's House all up in this bitch. [yt]8aEF-1qr4CU&feature=related[/yt] That little one in the dungarees ends up burning alive. Way to go, ancient kid's TV.
  9. peter taste

    TV Shows Only You Remember

    What about Silas? [yt]3o1XazhZ_es[/yt] Or Ludwig? [yt]X0bL_Zv0ksA[/yt]
  10. peter taste

    Mortal Kombat 9

    I hope there's a super gritty, brutal final fight scene that ends in a friendship.
  11. peter taste

    Is this the greatest rap line of all time?

    "Before you rhyme like Heinz you gotta ketchup."
  12. peter taste

    Major Lazer!

    I came 5th in the Remix Major Lazer competition last year B) http://remix.majorlazer.com/Entries?page=3
  13. peter taste

    Illustration Club

    Thanks for the comments guys! I've got a couple more bits up now from the new 55DSL Spring/ Summer 2010 collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/peter_bowen/
  14. peter taste

    Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs

    We used to play Escape From Atlantis into Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs. We'd start off playing Atlantis, and when everyone had got safely to land, the story continued over into Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs with however many men you'd managed to save each. It took a day to play through and it was fucking rad.
  15. peter taste

    I Flickr, you Flickr, we all Flickr together

    Mine's illustration and graphic design, but its still Flickr, so here you go: http://www.flickr.com/photos/peter_bowen/ I've also stuck this link in the Illustration Club thread, so apologies if you've already seen it from there.

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