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  1. The flying abilities you get on level 3 feel more of a hindrance than anything. Just me?
  2. Been playing this tonight. It's better than I remembered and I really like the music. For proper early 90s shonky screen authenticity I've been playing it on my Nomad.
  3. I thought you said it was a Mortal Kombat game?
  4. Take Shelter and One Cut of the Dead have obviously been omitted as the result of some kind of clerical error.
  5. Arrival, Annihilation, The Endless, Silent Running, Gattaca
  6. Well you kind of did actually the last time this topic came up: As for your post above - yes, there are costs involved in plumbing in accessibility. As a developer, I'm well aware of that. I thought this thread was about whether we'd like to see these things though? My answer is yes, I'd very much like games to be more accessible to more people.
  7. The highlighted part is the only bit they really need to change to make their games more accessible really. Has anybody asked for the rest? Difficulty is totally subjective and some people struggle to press two buttons simultaneously. A ridiculously easy mode would allow some people to actually play these games. Everyone else can ignore that option.
  8. Regular reminder that zero challenge for most is still a challenge for some. Also I would totally play a Space Invaders mode where they don't move down the screen if it involved some sort of time challenge.
  9. Camel

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Album of the same name is really good.
  10. Knocking some lesser known P-funk in the mothership.
  11. Camel


    Amazing scenes.
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