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  1. Mega Drive. Yeah!

    It was on the NES that they were making their own cartridges to avoid licensing fees. Weird cartridges that piggybacked an official cartridge. The weird cartridge here is just to allow more pads to be used without a multi-tap.
  2. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    amc, was the same in London, or where I grew up at least. Breaking on the shiny floors in school, cardboard/lino on the street, Streetsounds Electro tapes, graffiti, the lot. Anyway...
  3. Mega Drive. Yeah!

    And the cart is one of the best inventions. Codemasters were really innovative back then.
  4. Got through level 1 eventually, but I'm definitely finding it a struggle. There's always easy difficulty I guess ...
  5. This is Hip-Hop.

    The last two OC albums are definitely worth checking out, as is his album with Apathy.
  6. Played some Orta last night on my 360 to check the level 3 fix. Struggled to get past the first level
  7. The C64 Mini

    If you can find it the Blast Collection is a collection of multiple games on single disks from way back when.
  8. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Disaster:DOC is a great game. One of the very best clunk'em-ups.
  9. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Missed the 'Wii U' part
  10. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    I don't think you can buy stuff from the Wii Shop any more, can you? More annoyingly, come the end of next year, you won't be able to re-download anything you have purchased. The future!
  11. When are they going to release it? Just kidding. Mostly. I watched TLJ the other night and really enjoyed it but some bits were just plain silly. Other bits countered those by being amazing though, so overall I think it's great, but flawed.
  12. Hip hop in general has gone this way. Regularly churning out soundcloud tracks barely worthy of a mix tape (and for that matter knocking out a couple of non-albums aka mix tapes in a year) really waters down the value of an artist in my eyes, but I think I'm just old.
  13. Currently playing...

    Tare Panda No Gunpei is one of only a few games I own for my neglected Wonderswan. I've been dipping in and out of Monster Max, getting the hang of Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2 on PSP (terrible music but I can't resist a decent rhythm game) and I've had a couple of bashes at Drelbs, this month's Lemon64 C64 high score competition game.

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