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  1. Camel

    Megadrive Mini

    This: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07Y5KR44L?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Is there another kind?
  2. Camel

    Megadrive Mini

    These Retro Bit wireless controllers on a Mega Drive are just Only downside I can think of is that the receiver was a worryingly tight fit going into my MD port.
  3. We Need to Talk About Kevin & Knuckles
  4. Street Fighter V. After being completely and utterly obsessed with IV, V just didn't feel right somehow.
  5. Digging for Weldon Irvine - aptly titled and compelling documentary about an under appreciated genius. 4/5.
  6. Imagine being Gord and not immediately replying to this with, "you talking to me?"
  7. Born 72. Binatone Pong machine some time in the late 70s. Primary school mate was a very early Atari 2600 adopter which blew my socks off. Local youth club had an ever-changing array of amazing arcade machines - Star Wars, Pac-Man and the like. Later got our own Atari 2600. Cartridges were few and far between, but a mate on our road had a good selection of more obscure stuff (Miner 2049er for example). Aunt was a pub landlady so would occasionally get to play some of the arcade games there. Specifically remember Mr Do and Galaga. My dad borrowed a ZX81 to see how me and my brother would get on with a computer, then later bought us a Spectrum. It was on like Donkey Kong after that; tape copying was insane at my secondary school. Also amassed a good collection of originals by saving pocket money. Helped massively by budget games. There was a video rental place near my school that had an amazing set of arcade games, that would change fairly regularly. Karate Champ, Kung-Fu Master, Yie Ar Kung-Fu for example. Occasional trips into central London arcades as well as a yearly visit to Margate meant more exposure during the golden age of arcade games. Got my parents to buy my cousin's Commodore 64 for a birthday present for me and later a secondhand disk drive. Me and a few friends at school amassed hundreds of copied games, mostly originating from one friend's older friend who had access to boards from which he would download cracks and demos and so on. We bought our own copying devices - Doubler for tapes, Expert cartridges and so on for disks. Got my first job at 16 and bought a Mega Drive, Game Boy and SNES when they came out. Lost interest for a while not long after that ...
  8. Probably. Will also cover the back stories of Thelma, Frank and Deirdre I reckon.
  9. Loved the Eddie Murphy Dolemite film.
  10. Yeah it's when you have to start typing punctuation marks that the problems start IIRC.
  11. UK keyboard? Only problem with that game is it expects a US keyboard. Wonder if there's a patched version.
  12. Winds of Thunder and Lords of Thunder are the same game; Lords is the US version.
  13. You can see where you've left things from the map. Open it up, click 'x' and it will show you along the bottom where everything is.
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