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  1. Excellent. But why no verse from Ramson?
  2. Production on all these Czarface albums is ridiculous.
  3. My son really likes Mario Kart 8 but it's a bit difficult for him even on 50cc so he's never come higher than 11th. If someone didn't unlock tracks for him, he'd never see them. He literally can't 'git gud' so it seems a bit unfair that he is not allowed to see those tracks. There's a Scooby Doo game on the Wii that he loves. It's nice and easy (but challenging for him) and he can now finish the whole game. Except there are these switches throughout that require the player to quickly hit a correct sequence of buttons. It's not difficult; everyone on here could do it first time I'm
  4. Yeah I only had the Loco version. Great music, good game. I still have my original copy of Phobia on disk. I haven't played it for years. I wonder how it holds up. I'll give it a go later.
  5. Yeah I was really disappointed by Karateka back in the day because of its sloooooow pace. I hear you re Crowther. Exceptions for me would be Loco and Phobia.
  6. My disabled son has many musical instruments; an upright piano, drums and several guitars. He loves playing them all and has had lessons for years. Objectively he's not very good. Relatively, he's amazing and can play the scales on piano with both hands, play a recently learned tune - albeit slowly. On guitar he's also very slow but after about 17 years of lessons and practice, he's starting to be able to remember some chords. He can knock out some simple beats on the drums. With a lot of effort and occasional prompting he can remember the lyrics for a whole song and sing it, often at a slower
  7. Because everybody has exactly the same skill level and ability. Right, gotcha. EDIT: I think I'm done with this topic. People are just selfish basically.
  8. You said that you didn't know to choose hard because you had no basis on which to choose.
  9. Well, no. That's not what people are saying at all.
  10. So the only issue then is that the developer of that particular game didn't do a good job of communicating to the player what the various difficulty levels meant.
  11. Is it hidden? It was a pretty well received game at the time IIRC and had full-page adverts etc. Yet another game I had no clue how to play. The perils of having too many games.
  12. Camel


    Review of EX+ here. https://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/switch-eshop/dariusburst_another_chronicle_ex_plus I only really enjoyed Saviours mode in EX as I didn't really get one with the wide, narrow view (thanks to the arcade's dual screens) of the other modes. So yeah I'm out too I think.
  13. Isn't their audience anybody who would like to play their game? re the piano analogy; that's why music books exist with simplified versions of songs. re developers, well yes, lots of times they don't want to focus on accessibility and they don't. And nobody is forcing them to. But it's fine to express the opinion that it's a bit rubbish for those who are excluded.
  14. Camel


    Confusing isn't it, seeing as Strictly Limited are doing a release :/ I might order that and sell my Jp version (that I haven't even touched yet ). Is the Darius game yet another version of Darius Burst? I enjoyed the Vita version of that.
  15. ... nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah.
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