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  1. Power Wash Simulator and Hardspace: Shipbreaker please.
  2. It’s certainly one of the nicest looking games I’ve ever played.
  3. Yep, the idea that this remake looks worse is laughable. Can’t wait for it personally.
  4. Cleaning a brick border with a 25 nozzle in one fell swoop. Right up there with Vault of Glass when it comes to memorable gaming moments
  5. It has arrived! Excited to play around with it this evening.
  6. According to Steam I’ve put the order in and it says it’s processing, but according to my bank they declined the payment and said to place the order again, which I obviously can’t do. As you say, I’ll try contacting Steam support, cheers.
  7. Well this is annoying. Just got my email through. Yay. Went through and put in my order, used PayPal which is linked to my bank account. Then I get a text from my bank saying that they declined the payment and to reply YES if it was actually me. Which I did, but then it came back and said ‘if you need to make the payment again please wait ten minutes’. Well if I follow the link I got in the email from Steam I just have to order a deck as if I’m putting in a new order. Not sure what to do. If I check my PayPal account it says it’s gone through, but if I check my bank it hasn’t come out of there, and I can’t imagine that it will if they say they declined it.
  8. Cool, cheers. Fingers crossed I’ll get that email soon then!
  9. Okay, so I know this has been answered a number of times but to save me having to go back through many pages… How long does it usually take between receiving your email and it turning up at your door? I’m literally moving to another country at the end of the month and it would be great to not have to faff about with having it delivered to a different region. There are only 8 minutes of orders left before mine and it was at 2 and a half hours last week so I’m guessing it’s imminent.
  10. I feel as if I should know this but it’s been a while…is this a full blown sequel or a smaller 1.5 kind of thing?
  11. For me it’s the greatest game ever made. It isn’t even the gameplay itself that puts it up there, although it’s undoubtably great. It’s the package as a whole. The atmosphere, the music, the presentation. It was a pretty ballsy move putting out a game like this, and it was a risk that paid off and then some. Now we just need the sequel.
  12. I have to be honest, I’m really surprised you wrote these words down and hit submit.
  13. And let’s not forget West of Loathing. Some Oscar-worthy performance capture in that.
  14. Fair enough. I imagine they’ll be looking to keep it closely aligned with Part 2 or if not then have some solid story reasoning behind a tonal shift. Definitely feels as if the main reason for this existing is to create a more cohesive package.
  15. Just out of interest, where do you think they should’ve gone with the art direction in this new remake? Can we at least agree that it still needs to feel like The Last of Us?
  16. I feel as if I need to ask just to be sure…you are taking the piss, right?
  17. Apologies, it was meant as more of a general comment on those that are moaning about it rather than targeted specifically at you.
  18. Well can you not at least wait and moan about it once the final game is released? Or will that not allow you to fulfill your moaning quota for the month?
  19. You’re absolutely correct, a lot of people criticising it won’t buy it. And they quite rightly shouldn’t. I’m not sure I said anything to the contrary, so I’m glad we’re on the same page. And as for ‘talking about it’, are you implying that I’m saying we shouldn’t? Because I’m not. I’m simply saying it’s a bit much to grab your pitchfork and ‘complain’ about something that you don’t know all the details of.
  20. As much as I’m defending it, I totally get why people are upset by the £70 price tag, it IS a lot for a game that’s already seen a remaster. But it pisses me off a bit when we don’t know the whole story of what’s changed and how much work is really involved, and everyone gets in line with their pitchforks. You might think it’s a dick move regardless, but YOU. DO. NOT. HAVE. TO. BUY. IT. Vote with your wallet! Send them a message! And yet in the end I BET there’ll be a bunch of those same people who’ll get whipped up in the hype and buy it anyway.
  21. Well in that case nobody will buy it and Sony will learn their lesson right? Supposedly this has been rebuilt from the ground up for PS5. Are you implying that this requires a minimal amount of work? Because I don’t remember anyone complaining when Bluepoint remade Demon’s Souls and charged £70 for it. Or is that different somehow? Would it be ok if Bluepoint had developed the remake instead?
  22. It does include the ‘Left Behind’ dlc, which was excellent.
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