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  1. Filmstruck - UK Launch

    Glad this is finally made its way over here. I will wait for more films to be added before subscribing as I already own a lot of the films currently available. Lots of good stuff on there for those who don't know, though.
  2. Get Out

    Noticed this mentioned more than a few times in the Best of 2017 thread so decided to check it out last night with my girfriend. What a brilliant film - it really paid to not read anything about it going in. It had its problems - as with almost all films of this type, you tend to get to a breaking point in the tension where things go from quietly unsettling to more traditional horror and it never quite hits the same highs afer that. But it's a minor quibble because the film does so much good work and set-up that I was able to buy into every character decision right up until the end. The only bit I really didn't like was: But anyway, I loved it. The 'sunken' scenes captured the feel of being in a nightmare as well as anything I can recall. My girlfriend absolutely hated it, which is to say she loved it, too.
  3. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    I think I feel about DS3 the way people feel about the first Dark Souls. It was my first experience of the series and I thought it was incredible from start to finish. One of the best single player experiences I can think of, actually.
  4. The HD/Blu-ray Thread

    Obscure, random films getting terrific high-definition releases are worth celebrating and acknowledging. It's no surprise they dominate the lists. Rogue One, for instance, receiving a good release is par for the course. The Fabulous Baron Munchausen getting such a great Blu-Ray feels like a miracle. Arrow, Criterion, BFI, MoC, Second Run, Artificial Eye, Indicator plus many others have knocked it out of the park this year.
  5. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I was going to buy this on the Switch but I wouldn't play it that much on the handheld, certainly not enough to justify the cost. So I ended up getting the PS4 version for £17.99 on the store. I played for about ten hours when it came out in 2011 and just never really had time to play it so this has been wonderful - I am totally suckered in. I added most of the most popular/highest rated mods and the game looks stunning. Walking through dense forest as the rain pitter-patters is lovely. It's a shame the PS4 isn't as flexible when it comes to mods, but I am happy with what I've installed. Anything not obvious that I may not have installed that I definitely should? Presumably, I can just add mods without having to start a new game? I'm trying to be strict with fast travelling. Some of the best things have been happening on my way to objectives. I've cheated a few times, like heading back up those 7,000 steps to give a horn back to some guy. Nah.
  6. Stranger Things - Season 2 October 27th

    I’ve enjoyed the season but episode 7 was abysmal. Horribly acted and a script written by a media studies student. Like some sort of shit fan fiction spin-off.
  7. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    New Donk City is platforming nirvana.
  8. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    So this is pretty good.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    My girlfriend, who has been admirably keeping watch for me all afternoon, said this very thing happened to her. And then it got delivered 20 minutes later through the letterbox. Maybe your postman is trolling you, too.
  10. GAF Meltdown - owner accused

    grindmouse should write for The Daily Mail, if he doesn't already.
  11. SNES Mini

    I love tennis games and it annoys me that there isn't a Virtua Tennis or Top Spin on the current gen consoles. I'm even more annoyed that Super Tennis passed me by during my childhood - what a game! It has so much depth and the timing aspect to it is incredibly engaging. I just wish I had people to play with as I imagine it's even better against people. It's genuinely as good as any tennis game I've played. I still don't know how to properly serve and found this: I'll never learn all of that. Edit: I do have a complaint, actually. I don't like that you sometimes can't see the bottom of the court. I'm not sure if that's the ROM or what, but it is unfortunate.
  12. If I ever want someone to learn what good blocking looks like and what it can add to a film, I tell them to go watch High and Low. The blocking in that is literally perfect.
  13. SNES Mini

    I'm floored by how good Super Metroid is - the atmosphere, the isolation and the music, my goodness, the music! I have very little idea where I'm going much of the time, but I keep finding important stuff which I can only put down to some masterful design guiding me along. The only problem I'm having is shooting things moving around quickly feels a little cumbersome and trying to change between missiles while fighting enemies is proving difficult, but that's probably more my problem than the game's.
  14. SNES Mini

    Amazon has been preparing to despatch since yesterday (the money has been taken out of my account). Have a feeling it's not arriving tomorrow as promised.

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