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  1. Fitzcarraldo

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Keeper must have thought that he was going to get there second and was bracing for the save. And then panicked when it dawned on him that he was there with time to spare.
  2. Fitzcarraldo

    Football Thread 2017/18

    This is wonderful.
  3. Fitzcarraldo

    Football Thread 2017/18

    He has said that he won't move to a team where there is even the chance of running into Barca. And I guess he hates America.
  4. Fitzcarraldo

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Say what you want about Scholes (I'm in the 'Best English Midfielder in My Lifetime' camp, personally) - no one, ever, has hit a cross field ball as well as him. Every week I see players hit 60yd balls from one side of the pitch to the other and they're always so lofty and slow. And then I remember the way Scholes would ping it like he was playing golf and I smile.
  5. I found it nauseating after a promising half-hour. The nudge-nudge, wink-wink, 'did you get it, huh, did you get it?' pop culture references belied a run of the mill treasure hunt narrative in which characters quickly and efficiently solve obtuse clues and move on to the next. 'Backwards....Backwards. Move backwards. What could it mean. Hang on, I got it!' And obviously the girl the main character is infatuated with turns out to be gorgeous. This is pure nerd fantasy. Spielberg gives her an 'imperfection' - a totally nothing birth mark - which our main character nobly ignores because he fell in love with the person. I want to cry, it's so beautiful.
  6. Fitzcarraldo

    The Walking Dead!

    There's always going to be a Negan wherever they go.
  7. Fitzcarraldo

    Are decades as marked and distinguished now ?

    140 minutes (give or take) seems to be the popular run time these days. A lot of my favourite films are actually really long, but I love a good sub-90 minute film.
  8. Fitzcarraldo

    A movie watchers blog

    Spring Breakers feels like Terence Malick's attempt at softcore pornography. Edit: Which is to say I enjoyed it quite a lot.
  9. Fitzcarraldo

    Movies of the 90s

    The most underrated film of the '90s is probably Atom Egoyan's Exotica (which I dont think has been mentioned yet, just to emphasise the pont a little more). The decade boasts some fine ensemble films, but Exotica is the best of them all.
  10. Fitzcarraldo

    Classic cinema - The 70's

    The greatest of all the decades. Foreign cinema continued its excellence from the '60s and Hollywood entered another golden age. For me, though, the decade belongs to Robert Altman whose run of films in that period is so astonishing, I can't think, off the top of my head, of another director who can match it. I mean, just look at this: MASH (1970) Brewster McCloud (1970) McCabe & Mrs Miller (1971) Images (1972) The Long Goodbye (1973) Thieves Like Us (1974) California Split (1974) Nashville (1975) 3 Women (1977) A Wedding (1978)
  11. Fitzcarraldo

    Movies of the 90s

    Blimey, has it really been 7/8 years since those decade polls?
  12. Fitzcarraldo

    Filmstruck - UK Launch

    Glad this is finally made its way over here. I will wait for more films to be added before subscribing as I already own a lot of the films currently available. Lots of good stuff on there for those who don't know, though.
  13. Fitzcarraldo

    Get Out

    Noticed this mentioned more than a few times in the Best of 2017 thread so decided to check it out last night with my girfriend. What a brilliant film - it really paid to not read anything about it going in. It had its problems - as with almost all films of this type, you tend to get to a breaking point in the tension where things go from quietly unsettling to more traditional horror and it never quite hits the same highs afer that. But it's a minor quibble because the film does so much good work and set-up that I was able to buy into every character decision right up until the end. The only bit I really didn't like was: But anyway, I loved it. The 'sunken' scenes captured the feel of being in a nightmare as well as anything I can recall. My girlfriend absolutely hated it, which is to say she loved it, too.
  14. I think I feel about DS3 the way people feel about the first Dark Souls. It was my first experience of the series and I thought it was incredible from start to finish. One of the best single player experiences I can think of, actually.
  15. Fitzcarraldo

    The HD/Blu-ray Thread

    Obscure, random films getting terrific high-definition releases are worth celebrating and acknowledging. It's no surprise they dominate the lists. Rogue One, for instance, receiving a good release is par for the course. The Fabulous Baron Munchausen getting such a great Blu-Ray feels like a miracle. Arrow, Criterion, BFI, MoC, Second Run, Artificial Eye, Indicator plus many others have knocked it out of the park this year.

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