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  1. Yeah, I don't know what settings you're running, but many of the best 4K films I've got are old films that have been properly handled. Alien is about as good as it gets outside of seeing it projected on film.
  2. They are the first site I've been able to navigate but I won't be buying from them. Not interested in being forced to buy bundles full of stuff I don't want just to get the console I do want.
  3. One-legged ties, easier side of the draw. Atalanta winning the CL would be a ray of sunshine on this shitty year.
  4. Fuuuck. Quite simply the greatest to ever do it.
  5. The Long Goodbye (Not so much the 'best' as it is the most sinister threat I can think of): "And that's someone I love. You, I don't even like." Edit: Put the video in spoilers as the thumbnail is possibly NSFW.
  6. My SimplyGames order hasn't turned up despite being despatched on Thursday. What a downer.
  7. This is almost too much, I don't even know where to start. I may have to write up a will leaving the unwatched Laz Diaz films to my unborn children to pick up when I'm gone.
  8. Just have them all play zorb football until it blows over.
  9. Aurier is one of the worst WBs I've ever seen playing at this level. He never, ever seems to be in the correct place.
  10. I watched some of Couples Retreat on TV several months ago and there's a scene where Jon Favreau's character is getting a massage. He gets a boner and propositions the masseuse to wank him off. She's not having it and he blames her for the whole situation, claiming "You got me all backed up!" Then I realised it was made as recently as 2009 and changed channel.
  11. When does it stop becoming a start to the season? We're over halfway through.
  12. Baffled people still think twice about going alone. Just do it. No one in the cinema cares about how many friends you have.
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