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  1. Nah, just use Formulas 1s currently qualifying system (after X amount of time Y number of drivers are eliminated, until you have a top ten shoot out). No gimmicks needed as the more often you drive a circuit you should (in theory) get quicker.
  2. wev

    Norwich Fortnite Fyre Festival

    They should have held it in a lumber yard
  3. wev

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    So very nearly the same as last year's livery then.
  4. Speaking of sabotaging oneself... Last night's manufacturers race was really tough going. My Mercedes just eats up the mediums, especially the fronts, around the Nurburgring GP circuit so I only got one good lap in qualifying which still only put me in 14th for the race! The race itself was just as tough, I couldn't maintain any pace and thought maybe a two stopper would work so I could run medium-soft-soft but fucked up by choosing hard in my pit stop. Finished 13th in the end. Full race report: https://wp.me/pWXKT-36
  5. wev

    Final Fantasy IX

    I think Freya's theme is my favourite though
  6. Have you watched these three before?
  7. wev

    Formula E

    Di Grassi only just missed hitting Wherlein there too
  8. This is me being "good" And I got this weapon skin
  9. Not been on in almost a week, other things have gotten in the way, but have been playing this morning and decided today is a Bloodhound day but I'm worse now than I was even at the start of it all did have a fist fight with a Wraith and won though so there's that.
  10. wev


    Do we know how closely do the translations stick to the Japanese versions? Or is changing the story to suit different markets a thing of the past?
  11. wev

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    I watched it when it first came out and that was exactly what I thought too, I also though that Frank came across as a bit of a dick in regards to his family, seemed like he cared more about his racing team than his kids
  12. wev


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/waypoint.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/wjpnam/atlus-we-havent-forgotten-your-mishandling-of-lgbtq-characters-catherine-full-body And yet Persona/Catherine have always had damaging interpretations of LGBTQ characters that are clearly male centred, I'm a huge fan of the series, but anything that's not straight male is played for laughs every single time. I'd have loved, for example, to date Ryuji in Persona 5, the relationship between the protagonist and Best Boy was clearly the least forced and yet you're never given the option to see if that friendship could ever be anything more. Instead we're given a teacher who in a difficult financial position that you can persuade to be in a relationship with the protagonist, and I always find the treatment of Naoto in P4 to be rather sad.
  13. wev

    Final Fantasy IX

    You've just described the development of every single JRPG ever
  14. wev

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Red and black but no gold wheels So just Alfa to go, don't balls it up guys, there's been no repeated (main) colour so far. It's like an early 90s grid!

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