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  1. Depends what you enjoy from the sport. As for this year, we're a few years into the current regulations, it's always taken a shake up of the rules for the field to level out and Ferrari have been a laughing stock since Schumacher, Today and Brawn all left, they're not going to be a genuine contender until they can sort their management issues out.
  2. Tbh I'm surprised it took this long for Paddy to become Billy Butlins
  3. Another week without seeing the power lap, so no Stig? Chris got his own back on Freddie this week too
  4. That midfield battle with Sainz, Norris, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Hulkenberg has the potential for some really exciting racing over the remainder of the season. As for those saying Mercedes running away with it is a bit dull, that's just Formula 1. It's nearly always one team being dominant and every one else taking what they can get to keep up
  5. I've still got my VHS of Akira in the loft that I bought from Travelling Man in Nottingham in 2000, it's got two tapes in it, one of which is making of documentary. Never gonna part with it.
  6. Wasn't Ken Block supposed to be competing in that?
  7. VARsene In (Arsenal start the season poorly with VAR decisions constantly going against them)
  8. Feels like I'm enjoying this more than the first one. I think due to the automatic healing when you return to the theatre it's less daunting actually exploring as a Goho-M means you can leave right away and heal (although I've been perfectly safe just tracking back). I'm about 75% through the second floor of the first movie and still at that stage where I'm wary of using abilities due to the low amount of SP available. I'm running with Joker, Skull (of course), Fox, Ann and Morgana as I don't want (Persona 5 spoiler) in my party. Looking forward to the other guys turning up too
  9. It's definetly going to be fun watching Norris, Verstappen, LeClerc and Emmet over the next few years
  10. Is there any reason I should dislike Norris? Because he's fast becoming my favourite driver on the grid. He does seem to fade a little in the races but that'll improve, he's very evenly matched with Sainz. He's great in interviews too "I should have ducked down!"
  11. I've decided to actually start eating my food I sold all my fish as my retainers were full. Problem is that I love playing this via remote play and just fishing when I'm watching Formula 1
  12. Whereas I want the Kodama from Mononoke as a tattoo
  13. There's a difference? What do Golden Chocobo feathers do? There's so much stuff in this game
  14. That doesn't help! I've got it recorded on the TiVo box, so it's just a matter of actually taking the plunge.
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