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  1. It's easy to forget that this is only his second season and he's not even had a full season with a (sometimes) competitive car, it's easy for someone with his lack of experience, in a team that has binned drivers for not getting podiums (they're treatment of Gladly was pretty bad going by the Netflix show, kept going on about him losing confidence then sticking the knife in at every turn), you can kind of see why he probably went for it rather than be patient. But yes, it's a racing incident.
  2. the very first opportunity Horner says "we've got to understand what the problems are with our partner Honda"
  3. Wow Albon looked very emotional in his interview!
  4. Albon-Hamilton is gonna be the new Massa-Hamilton
  5. That's worth considering. I do love that any and all help isnt outright "do this" by the way. I've had my DSII session for today so I'll maybe consider fighting that dude tomorrow
  6. wev

    Instant Noodles.

    Nissin Demae Ramen are the king, though those Shin Ramyun are awesome too. We have a store in Bedford thats run by a Chinese family that has absolutely loads of instant noodles, can't wait to (safely) go back there! (though in grabbing that link I've just discovered they do delivery, provided you spend £50)
  7. Hmm, maybe you're right. I've had an explore of The Lost Bastille and chipped away at a few things, but still not sure if I should be taking that route (where theres some much easier enemies but its also easier to get overwhelmed in certain areas) or Heides Tower (where the giant knights are dicks)
  8. wev

    Best New Music 2020

    Finding debut albums hard to come by at the moment but "Halfway House" from Phoxjaw's "Royal Swan" is worth a listen https://open.spotify.com/track/2AkW2Tvmni6s24zEU68HJG?si=uzwM2n8YRqy3qxgr6ka0Ww
  9. And if they aren't Horner will be blaming Honda before the race is over
  10. Whats with these guys? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2152073456 Also, this has just taken a step up in difficulty, the giant knights in this area are bloody hard (not in terms of chipping away at their health, I can kill one in four hits but their reach is incredible!). I hope I'm going the right way. The route that opened up after The Pursuer led to a blacksmith and a dead end, there's another route where I used an item on a woman who'd been petrified but I get swarmed by dudes with poisonous sticks with no where to escape to.
  11. Cel Damage, Groove Rider and Gungrave?
  12. That Humble Image Comics Bundle, is it PDF's or does it give out Comixology codes? I'd rather the latter just so everythings in one place and I don't have to have them stored on my tablet until I want to read them.
  13. Not "tutorials" but unlike most games it doesn't throw every single mechanic at you all at once
  14. wev

    Best New Music 2020

    Heard " So We Won't Forget" by Khruangbin today, it's pretty chill https://open.spotify.com/track/6dw8ETrtlFSrkzw6W8cWxN?si=CydMPfgdSCytAoD3JnLOSw
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