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    Its very easy to not give a shout about Arsenal these days, what with how performances have been and the stuff that's gone on in the wider scheme of things.
  2. wev

    NieR: Automata

    Finished (ABCDE) this morning Came to it because I liked the look of it but didn't continue after ending A, I knew about the multiple endings but took a break, then reached the crossover Yoko Taro has done in FFXIV and wanted more so have gone back to it and yeah, just wow. You just know that if 2B was some dudebro then there'd be alot more people that love this game.
  3. Now I want to re-read From Hell, it's been years since Ive read it but I've made my reading picks for this month. I'll add it to June!
  4. Nooooo. I originally started on epsxe on pc, but was having controller issues, then switched to ReDream (again PC) but now back on the PS1 version on Vita for convenience.
  5. Sequel to the worst book ever written, "Football it's a Funny Old Game" by Kevin Keegan?
  6. I hadn't heard Hamilton say that. So I'll retract my comments on the restart. Still don't think he's done a good job of being a number 2 driver in what has been a dominant car for the majority of his time at Mercedes though
  7. Who could have predicted Bottled-Ass would, well, bottle it? Any fight he ever had has completely gone, and he's barely even functioning as a reliable #2. The C4 commentator made alot of his tyres being new and squirming everywhere but Verstappen was all over the track too and still managed to pass him, he just has no ability to make his car wide (without dithering and putting the overtaking driver into a position where an accident is likely to happen). DC described his restart as being "mighty" and yeah, it was, but he could have cost the team points and after Wolff's dig at Russe
  8. Excellent. Thank you. Restarted Soul Reaver on the Vita rather than through ReDream on my PC as it's just much more convenient. I wasn't that far in anyway
  9. It does have to be noted how the Police seemed able to behave themselves for this protest... Couldnt possibly have anything to do with being on Sky Sports
  10. They've shown they don't give a shit about the match attending fans with their ESL proposals, there's plenty of money to be gotten over seas. Forcing matches to postponed hits harder, short term admittedly, than lack of ticket sales, especially as they're only just starting to let fans back into games.
  11. Better to try than do nothing at all. At least this lot have taken some action when far too many people have already moved on from the ESL fiasco.
  12. Official PlayStation Magazine played a massive part in me becoming obsessed with games as a teenager. http://www.barharukiya.co.uk/opm/06/
  13. He was a thug as a player.
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