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  1. SuperBrother


    Today I blitzed through the entire series of A Place Further Than the Universe on Crunchy. It’s rather lovely and a nice change of pace from my normal go to stuff. Highly recommended.
  2. SuperBrother

    Pump up the Volume - Christian Slater

    I remember seeing this in the cinema, blimey I’m old........
  3. So with Sony finally putting some effort into pushing PSVR it would make sense for them to punt a few quid at Namco to knock up a RIdge Racer VR game. Even a retooled R4 would be amazing. Having played a fair bit of Wipeout I think VR brings the wow factor back into tried and tested game formulas and the comfort window of an hour or so (for me) sits perfectly with arcade racers.
  4. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    Skyrim has broken me. Playing with moves, smooth turn and full locomotion. I made it half way through the intro section and feel properly sick.
  5. SuperBrother


    Got to the end of the Water Seven arc in One Piece so time for a break and chance to check out a couple of shorter series. Goblin Slayer lasted one and a half episodes and got canned off, utter trash. Re:Zero was great for the first few eps but slowed down and lost interest at the mansion part My Hero Academia seems great from the first three eps and probably one I will stick with.
  6. SuperBrother


    Not on the UK Crunchy service. I use my Xbone for media as it’s the only thing it’s any use for nowadays and can’t seem to get hitch free reliable access to the US Crunchy servers. Is there a better workaround than DNS spoofing nowadays that others are using?
  7. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    Now all the family stuff is done for Christmas I have some time to put into VR. With all the deals and stuff floating around I have a fair old backlog to go at. Yesterday I tried: One Piece Grand thingy. More of an experience thing with a pretty ropey arcade style shooting gallery tagged on. Good fun if you like the franchise but worth no more than the £6 I paid. Surgeon Simulator. No idea how to actually succeed in this but had great fun pulling out organs and throwing them as far as I could then smacking the patient in the bonce with a hammer. The mrs thinks I’m a serial killer now after hearing the laughs and checking out what I was up to on the telly. Aerowings. Think Pilotwings but in VR. Brilliant use of the moves to actually flip switches, pull levers and do the joystick. Pretty basic visuals and slow to start with but I imagine the faster planes will be unlockable. Done this with no shuttering or VR assists and had no nausea or adverse reactions so guess I’m getting my VR legs. Eagle Flight. Seems pleasant enough but didn’t grab me, will go back to it. Polybius. Does for Minter Tempest style games what Rez Infinite did. Very immersive, a riot of colour and definitely a “flow” game. Wipeout. FUCK MY OLD BOOTS! This game is utterly amazing, drop everything and grab it now while it’s cheap, the best VR experience I’ve had yet in terms of a complete game which you can invest some time into. Again no shuttering and all VR assists off, made me feel a bit off to start then I got used to it. Still got Resi 7 and Skyrim to try and I must go back to finish Astro Bot. I also picked up Star Wars Battlefront for £3 just to check out the VR mission together with Gran Turismo which was peanuts. What a time to be alive!
  8. SuperBrother

    PS+ January 2019: Steep, Portal Knights

    Does Steep have VR support? It seems the sort of game that should.
  9. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    This was exactly my response a few weeks back. been trying to explain this to people who don’t really get it. Until you pop the headset on there’s no way to articulate the experience.
  10. SuperBrother


    I really don’t see why the first ep. of Goblin Slayer is getting so much attention. These people would shit a brick at some of the 80’s & 90’s stuff I saw when I got into anime. Remember Urotsukidoji, Wicked City and the like?
  11. SuperBrother

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    December .- God of War (PS4 pro) Wow! I went in expecting another angry man smash things game where you go from set piece to set piece with a hokum plot just to push you along. Instead I got thoroughly invested in the story and character relationships. I tracked down all the lore items I could, I explored every nook and cranny of a brilliantly devised game world. Hopefully we get more as there’s enough Norse mythology for at least another game. and that’s it for my year. About to start Spider-Man which I think will carry me through to January. I need to get onto a proper computer and tidy my entries to this thread up, it gets very difficult to edit long posts on the iPad interface.
  12. SuperBrother


    I collect on and off, got maybe 50 or so films and series. TBF with all the streaming services I resent paying big bucks for physical so only pick up in sales and that.
  13. SuperBrother

    Vocaloid games - Hatsune Miku, IA and others

    Gig done, it was surprisingly epic. Hell of a show and would go again.
  14. SuperBrother

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Update for Rez
  15. SuperBrother

    PlayStation VR

    I have Skyrim and move controllers coming today. Third time buying this game now, damn you Todd!

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