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  1. I caught Weathering With You last night whilst in London for work. Definitely worth a look, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, there’s not any wasted screen time at all with the whole thing bumping along at quite a pace. As per usual amazing visuals and Radwimps knocked out another nice soundtrack. If you can get to a screening it’s worth the effort.
  2. Don’t forget Garden of Words as well, love that one.
  3. Back to working through OG Dragonball now. It’s amazing just how clearly influential this series is.
  4. 13/01 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (Xbone X) This has been done to death in terms of explaing the game so I won't waste time. Suffice to say it was a nice breezy diversion and a hell of a lot more fun than the last movie (not hard TBH) Overall 7/10 - a bit derivative, and didn't do anything particualrly well enough to warrant some of the more sensationalist hyperbole out there about the game.
  5. I missed out on this thread last year but found the 2018 edition a great reference for my year in gaming so definitely in for 20. Indeed I just clocked one I’ve been working on for a while now so without further ado; 19/01 Shenmue 3 (PS4 Pro) I really wanted to love this, really. Unfortunatley the Edge review was about right, nice for sentimental reasons and great to see the story continue but it's painfully outdated in terms of mechanics and gameplay. Some very tedious "I need to scrape together a load of cash for macguffin x" sections which tested my patience to the extent I'm not sure if I even really enjoyed the last third or so. I'm not going for a score here as objectively it's a hard 5/10, with the rose tinted glasses on perhaps a 7.
  6. Looking nice. I haven’t posted in here for ages, not built anything for a couple of years and have about a 12 kit backlog..... New Years resolutions for me are to spend less time stressing about work, slow down a bit in general and get back to building. MG Nu ver. KA I think to get back into the swing of it
  7. Still got a few on my watch list but from those I have seen this year it’s Joker by some considerable distance.
  8. Oh man, that Vinland Saga ending was epic. Need to start reading the manga to find out where it goes from here.
  9. I just came in here to say pretty much the same thing. Great little series. ‘if you go over to My Anime List they are going to livestream a Carole & Tuesday live concert from Tokyo which should be good.
  10. Not quite as shit as AotC but a fucking terrible movie nonetheless. Disney have shit it now, I’m done with the franchise.
  11. Guys, get on Vinland Saga (free on Prime) It’s utterly epic. No fan service, no bullshit anime tropes. Good revenge story with no holds barred action reminiscent of the proper Berserk series. Absolutely love it.
  12. Yep, I saw the Twitter announcement. If they put on a UK show I’m certainly up for another. Would be good to grab a beer with fellow MUKKERs prior to!
  13. Meh, new Blight league is tower defence. Not my cuppa so I’m going to dip out for a couple of months and maybe check the new Diablo 3 season.
  14. I spend too much time on this game.. Just started a contagion / essence drain trickster as well.
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