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  1. Cable arrived from retrogamingcables today and it works perfectly so looks like I had a duff cable, have returned it to Amazon. It wasn't even much cheaper - £9 vs £16 for the new one... Thanks for your help though!
  2. Yeah, it's just the scart end that differs - I guess there could be some sort of output fault though. I'll update when the new cable arrives!
  3. That’s what I thought. Have set up amazon return and ordered a decent cable from retrogamingcables. Thanks!
  4. Got a new RGB cable for my Japanese Megadrive - Retrogaming cables only had the made to order ones available and I needed it quickly so got a bog standard one off Amazon fro about £8. Plugged it all in today and the picture looks like this - ignore the massive reflection, it's the red mangled picture... Using the old composite cable I get a normal, albeit poor quality picture. Is the cable crap or is there something else wrong here? Tried 2 TV's and both the same. Inclined to blame cable but possibly some sort of RGB output problem? The Megadrive should output RGB out the box with no mod, shouldn't it? Don't want to drop £30 on another cable if its the machine at fault.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Hmmm, not sure it's worth the hassle if the repair doesn't make much difference. It's not the end of the world and they are only really the extra controllers for multiplayer. I've had no issues at all with the pro controller or the newer Joy-Con.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone manged to get Nintendo to replace a Joy-Con because of the disconnect issue? I had totally forgotten about it as I got the Splatoon Joy-Con and have pretty much only used them or the Pro recently, but today I picked up the neon blue/red to play mario and it disconnected a couple of times in a relatively short period of time. Don't get me wrong, it was like twice - but that's twice more than the Splatoon ones have ever and it's a bit annoying. There's nothing on Nintendo support site about getting replaced - or getting the foam. I've emailed them but wondered if anyones had a repair or done it themselves? Was it easy enough to do?
  7. The Xbox One Division

    I'd be happy to team up for some! Just hit Level 22 in the main game, think I'm about 12 Darkzone. Gamertag: Alshie
  8. Xbox One Console Thread

    http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2489935.htm I got one from Argos last week, slightly cheaper.
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Just checked the transaction history and I got two £10 credits. Yay for Sony incompetence. Took me about a week to get the first one.
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Same here, I just assumed that it hadn't registered the first time though!
  11. Nintendo eShop – 3DS and Wii U

    Ah, cheers - assumed it would be prompt
  12. Nintendo eShop – 3DS and Wii U

    Bought Kirby Triple Deluxe and don't appear to have got a free Kirby Dreamland Emailed support, does it not just show in download list?
  13. Was that "The GameLynx" in Shawlands or do retro shops all have crap typography?
  14. TxK (Llamasoft) Be not Atari; the game is full of noises.

    I'll try that, thanks. Also, I'm Alshie on PSN if anyone wants to add me.
  15. TxK (Llamasoft) Be not Atari; the game is full of noises.

    Is there any way to add to the PSN friends list via the website or are you all adding via the device? Just been all through website and couldn't see any way to add.

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