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  1. Yeah. They email you the code and you redeem to download. Code is usually really quick and I have used loads with no problems. You will still get the gold points.
  2. Back on this with a vengeance. Request sent
  3. What do I need to do to play Metal Gear with the least issues. Do I need to add an ntsc version of Metal Gear separately or does playing the stock one through retro arch work as well? reading conflicting things online.
  4. I tried all the sticks I had lying around with no success. Ordered the one linked in first post and it worked first time. Set up the OTG thing on the back port and use one of the higher capacity sticks in there.
  5. I’m a bit concerned about the lack of reviews but I ordered it this morning anyway! Mainly cause I just realised the Hyrule Warriors team were involved. Loved the first 2 and if this leans a bit more toward Hyrule Warriors it’s going to be great.
  6. Alshie

    Nintendo Switch

    I never even saw that when I had to upgrade. I just lost the 9 months I had left on my solo
  7. Congratulations to Tim Langdell!
  8. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going past the point of no return. I’d forgotten about Bitterback Isle - ended up their really early and it seemed like I shouldn’t be!
  9. I’m at a quest called And it seems like this might be the end? I’m only level 43. And there is a fair bit of the map still cloudy but I don’t have any side quests left apart from the idol one. Should i wander to find more or can I keep playing after the quest above. Ie is there an endgame post finish?
  10. Yeah I really liked it, just swapped to level something else for a bit, think I'll be going back later on though.
  11. Must just be bad luck, or maybe I got lucky early on and got some good ones!
  12. Yeah I started as a Strider then max vocation levelled Magick Archer and now I've swapped to Assassin. Not nuts on Assassin so far but literally just started it.
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