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  1. My partner won one. Slight catch with the terms means that we have to keep that one, so spent this afternoon transferring everything over and wiping and reboxing the original. Need to speak to her about what we're doing with the original. I'd obviously prefer to let a forumite have it, but the 175 difference in price (versus CEX) is something for her to consider. Not my decision, so we'll see! If it goes for sale here, I'd want a local, physical handover, rather than posting.
  2. So I can, thanks. Guess I could lose the PS5 saves as I had finished those games anyway.
  3. It would seem to be the case from looking online, but I can't back-up either PS4 or PS5 saves to USB, instead being left with the only option of signing up to PS+?! That sucks. Trying to transfer from one PS5 to another and falling at the first hurdle. Is there a free trial month I can use to sign up and do this (doesn't look like it)? EDIT: Guess I could delete all of the game content and then do a back-up and restore on the new console.
  4. Update for GAME crew: got my £10 back for that delivery charge/delay complaint.
  5. Thanks! I was stood looking at this in Tesco on Saturday night when it was £20, should have pulled the trigger!
  6. You sticking it on Trading? I'd be interested (hopefully they sort out the PS5/PSVR issue mentioned above!).
  7. Don't think I got one with mine. EDIT: Obviously didn't look hard enough!
  8. Here comes the second wave. Enjoy your day of driver tracking and curtain twitching! Great day to receive your new console. Single digit weather outside and the start of the weekend.
  9. Copies of Mario Kart and extra controllers, depending on how much you complained. Think it was a reduction of £100 about three months after release, so a lot of pissed off early adopters!
  10. And just after seeing your post I had mine dropped off, by a bloke in a white van. Confirmed PS5, not dog food, either.
  11. Still....waiting....already has gone beyond today's estimated time. Man, I know this might sound entitled/spoilt, but this experience is really dampening my enthusiasm for it. Like finally getting it will just be relief that I'm finally free of the terrible service and that I haven't been scammed.
  12. No reply to my GAME complaint at all, unsurprisingly. Royal Mail have at least reappeared after their weekend off to say I should be getting my delivery today. It's also now showing as being at my local delivery centre, so looking promising. Would've obviously preferred to have got it on my first day off of three, rather than the last, but here we are. Next worry will be if it's a bag of rice or cat food.
  13. Submitted a ticket via their site: https://helps.game.co.uk/support/tickets/new EDIT: My complaint (not posting as I think it great prose or anything, more to give others an angle if they decide to do likewise):
  14. I've complained (via email) and I have requested that they refund me the £10 they charged for delivery. It's the principle - I can understand the shitshow going on out there at the moment, but I'm not paying £10 to wait 4-5 days for a delivery.
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