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  1. Bazjam

    Watchmen possibly coming to HBO

    I'm glad they're taking it in a different direction. And after The Leftovers I've got a lot of faith in Lindelof. In fact they did a similar thing with The Leftovers, started with an original text and then went their own way with it, and the show really came to life once they had departed (sorry) from the book.
  2. Nicolas Winding Refn is making a 10 part series for Amazon Co written by Ed Brubaker. Can't wait for this as it looks right up my street. I know NWR isn't everyones cup of tea, but I love his films, especially the last two, Only God Forgives and Neon Demon. Unfortunately it's not out till 2019, but the trailer looks great.
  3. Bazjam

    The Leftovers. (HBO show)

    I watched all three seasons before I realised that. And I loved season 3 of Fargo.
  4. Clarkson is brilliant on this. He's got just the right level of piss taking, which really helps to get through the more annoying contestants.
  5. It's aged fine visually, and is indeed stunning. The storytelling, dialogue and acting are another matter though.
  6. For me this is his best film since Leon. I liked, but not loved Fifth Element, however watching it recently it really doesn't stand up well.
  7. I liked Land Of The Dead. The ones that came after were poor though.
  8. Bazjam

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Well that was truly epic. Didn't disappoint at all. Despite loving Fargo season 3, and The Leftovers, I managed to watch this without realising that the excellent Carrie Coon was one of Thanos's cronies.
  9. Bazjam

    Gareth Evans' Apostle - September 28th on Netflix

    Probably my most anticipated film this year, love Gareth Evens. I think Raid 2 is a masterpiece.
  10. Bazjam

    A Quiet Place

    Desperately want to see Ghost Storis, but money wont allow at the moment.
  11. Bazjam

    A Quiet Place

    For me it's the constant highlights of often petty negatives that's the issue. Reviewers these days are just as bad. It's a lot easier to try and poke holes in something to make yourself look clever than it is to express what you liked about a film. 100% be critical, it's the balance I generally have an issue with
  12. Bazjam

    A Quiet Place

    I think it's great to discuss the pros and cons of a film, but feel this often descends into nit picking which can be tiresome, and clogs up threads. Personally I have very little problem with the world building in this film (outside of the printing press). Do we really need every element of a film laboriously explained to avoid accusations of plot holes? To be clear, I'm talking about films in general not just this one. I find nit picking annoying as I honestly think you could apply it to any film if you went looking for it. I found what @kerraig UK said about Day Of The Dead interesting and may re watch it this weekend to see if I'm wrong. I love Romero, but have only watched it once years ago as for some reason it didn't click with me. I've always meant to give it another go.
  13. Bazjam

    A Quiet Place

    Thought it was fantastic. A really tight, tense horror film. No matter how much you adapt to live in a world like this, it can never last forever as at some point complacency/mistakes will happen and the tension comes from waiting for that to happen. The young girl in this is brilliant. I thought the very ending was very satisfying.
  14. Bazjam

    Miloš Forman RIP

    I really love The People Vs Larry Flynt. With that Amadeus and Cuckoo's Nest, I've always been a big fan. Sad news.

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