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  1. Bazjam

    Ad Astra

    Think it looks great. I really liked Lost City Of Z, so I’m in for this one.
  2. It's the emotional heart of the whole show, and the one part that kinda pulls it all together. If they fuck it up, it makes the whole thing pretty pointless. Been going on for a while now though. Whenever its revived on stage the usually bring in some celeb to turn up and belt out that song rather than getting a good actor.
  3. Always been a fan of the musical, and really quite like the look they’re going for here. That performance of Memory has me worried though. That song should be acted, not just belted out. A common problem with musicals these days unfortunately. And yes, James Corden somewhat ruins things, but the rest of the cast are pretty solid. cautiously optimistic.
  4. I definitely found it creepy (not scary), as well as funny. The humour was great, but it was led by an unnerving sense of dread and strangeness throughout. Thought they got the balance just right.
  5. That's a brilliant piece, and sums up perfectly what I love about this film.
  6. That looks very promising. Disagree with you about Peele and Aster though, as for me they both made better films with their sophomore efforts.
  7. I loved it. I liked Hereditary a lot, but this is a very different beast, despite sharing many of the directors visual flourishes. Anyone going in expecting a fright fest horror movie is going to be disappointed. Instead we get a creepy as fuck break up movie. Florence Pugh continues her run of being brilliant in everything she’s in. And I loved this from twitter.
  8. Sky/Now TV. Season 2 has been just as good so far. Meryl Streep is brilliant in it (obvs).
  9. Come on people. The Greg disliking Alex thing is clearly an act. And a funny one too.
  10. In Fabric (2019) In Fabric is a haunting ghost story set against the backdrop of a busy winter sales period in a department store and follows the life of a cursed dress as it passes from person to person, with devastating consequences.. I think Kermode described it as a mix between Susperia and Are You Being Served, and he’s right in the best possible way. I’ve always liked Peter Strickland’s films, but this is the first one I’ve loved. It truly is a bizarre and bonkers film, but somehow Strickland always completely sells his wired alternative realities to me. By the end I was believing that detailing the inner workings of a washing machine can be hypnotically erotic, and that a dress can fly. Like Chungking Express, this was apparently meant to cover more stories revolving around the dress, but they ended up focusing on two. Apparently Strickland would like to make another film telling the other tales. Here’s hoping. 5/5
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed season 2. The text message Villanelle sends Eve was the funniest moment so far in the show.
  12. Akira is set in Japan, so I’d watch the subtitled version. Something like Nausicaä or Mononke though suits English just as well. They often get really good actors doing the dubs.
  13. If it’s set in Japan I watch the original audio track. Set anywhere else I tend to watch the dubs. They’re generally really well done, and all animation is dubbed anyway so don’t see it as that bad a thing.
  14. Finished. Wow, absolutely loved it. It's been a long time since I felt the urge to binge watch a show like I did with this. There's so much great TV around these days that it feels like I always have at least a couple of really good shows on the go at any one time. But this one really stood out. Haven't felt this excited about a show since Twin Peaks The Return. A show to which this shares some similarities, whilst still being very much it's own beast. Really hope we get a sequel. The cast were great too. Particularly Cristina Rodlo. Just couldn't take my eyes off her whenever she was on screen.
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