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  1. How much do you reckon a Guilliman painted to my standard would get on ebay?
  2. Guilliman is notorious as the most fiddly of all the GW minis though I think. Kenny Boucher said in a video I tried to watch that the backpack alone took him longer than most miniatures he's ever painted.
  3. Until about a minute ago I thought I'd finished Guilliman, but I've just realised I forgot to add a final highlight to his chapter symbols. This has happened a dozen times today, as I keep noticing bits I missed. The metal wires up his sword. The screen on his backpack. The sword grip. It goes on and on.
  4. That statue head looks very cool. Love the verdigris.
  5. They're the Blackstone Fortress expansion, aren't they?
  6. You can select a squad and move them all at once. There's also a function in the game to make a line with measurements on, and even to set a flag to draw a second line if you're moving around a corner. If you're playing X-Wing they have those little movement pieces in the game, and the same goes for Star Wars Legion, which has these weird movement measuring things with a hinge in. The truth is that everything you do in TTS is a bit awkward and clunky, but it's all doable. I think you'd just have to be slightly forgiving in a game and not play in a full-on tournament mindset. You can't expect the absolute precision of movement you get on a physical tabletop. For example in my solo demo game I couldn't move my minis right up to a scenery piece of a house, as they kept appearing on the roof. Also, movement seems to have a hidden grid behind it, so minis snap onto the nearest "square" or node rather than staying exactly where you put them. So combat in a tight area requires some compromise between players when deciding who can get close enough to attack. But then I find that's often true of the physical tabletop games as well. @therearerules I'd be happy to give you a game of something. I'm not sure I can today as my son has the computer for schoolwork and the virus has me knocked for six today anyway. Are we on each other's friends lists? Add me (I'm feltmonkey on steam as well) and we'll sort something out. Perhaps we should start with something really simple though.
  7. Yeah, that's the right thing to do. My wife ordered a battlebox of goblins for my birthday a couple of days ago, so I won't be receiving that, but I'm fine with that if it keeps their people safe.
  8. Yeah, I could try it. It's something I should learn to do. I have a cheap box of oil paints somewhere. I don't really know the dilution levels. I've spent an hour doing a bit more traditional black lining, and that has improved matters. The chest was the main area of contention for me. I actually think that once the sword is painted and the head in place it will look better overall as those are the focal points.
  9. I think pin-washing would take quite a while on it's own. I've also never used oil washes, so I'd be nervous of using a new technique on a model I've put so much time into. It's a quandary.
  10. While isolating, I've been slowly painting Guilliman, aka the hardest thing to paint ever. I've got a lot to do on him, of course. The armour is just impossible. All the gold is highlighted with silver, although that doesn't really show up in the photo. I keep going back to the armour, tidying up edges where I've gone outside the lines, trying to refine the blends and smooth the rough edges. I keep seeing areas that need tidying up, but it's so fiddly that some of the time when trying to tidy up I just make another mistake. I could be tinkering with this forever. To indicate where I am at the moment, I think the right knee is fine. Both thighs are okay. The rest is still not right. What can I do to improve it? More black lining to define things? Try to smooth the highlights on the chest and powerfist?
  11. I've got Tabletop Simulator and it seems to be one of those tools that is very powerful but rather obtuse to get into. I managed to figure out how to play a game of Age of Sigmar against myself yesterday. Annoyingly, it was the only time my Kurnoth Hunters, who have always been underwhelming on the physical tabletop, actually did anything impressive. That sentence will mean nothing to anyone. @therearerules you don't have to buy each board game within the game as people have recreated them within the marketplace. As a result, there's a massive library of games to choose from. The legality of this from an IP point of view may horrify you, of course. I'm amazed it's still allowed to function, but there you go. There are versions of some games you can buy as legit DLC if you'd rather do that. You can also make jigsaws of any picture on your computer if you want to. I got sort of addicted to this last year.
  12. Is it? How come? Also, sorry to be a noob, but how do I save YouTube videos?
  13. Sorastro's Painting is very good. In my opinion these are the clearest, best-produced and most useful painting videos on youtube. He doesn't paint GW minis, but the lessons are very transferable. https://www.youtube.com/user/Sorastro Vince Venturella has some great tips, and a really good exploration of contrast paints. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgptSaRLvd1QH0SURdQNYgg If you want something to make you think "I will NEVER be able to do that" you need Angel Giraldez's channel. - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQVY6ZD9YjxwPzJqJ6DcHgA A real favorite of mine is Darren Latham's channel, which contains videos with so many more painting steps than you ever thought necessary. - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSz0WzAuhwjezFyEIv3Xksg I really like Squidmar as well. You'd trust that guy to cat-sit for you, wouldn't you?
  14. Actually, 2020 minis are quite a bit bigger than 2000 ones. You'd be surprised. A set of magnifying glasses will help you out, but there's no need to start with the add-ons when you're just starting out. Even if you can see the details better with them, you still need to have trained your hand to be steady enough to hit them. I would continue to use the clippers to remove the minis from the sprues. It's harder with a craft knife. You don't need to remove them perfectly first time - you can remove them with a small amount of sprue still attached, and then go back in to tidy it up. I tend to clip and then use a craft knife to tidy. One thing that helps when wanting to paint minis these days is the absolute plethora of painting channels. Some are better than others, obviously, but there's loads of information out there on basic tips up to advanced techniques and theories. Also, you can always ask us.
  15. There are some really great minis in that box.
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