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  1. Is he STILL concussed? Poor guy.
  2. Smith out for 23! We've finally figured out a way to get him out - leg slip trap. Shame it's a bit late.
  3. Yeah, how the hell are we 4th?
  4. All Chelsea's goals this season have been scored by academy graduates. They're weirdly in danger of becoming a likable team.
  5. That's brilliant. I'm putting that on so many whatsapp groups.
  6. England are doing well here. The Australian bowlers seem intent on making sure Joe Denly doesn't add to his overnight total of two children, and have hit him right in the knob twice already.
  7. It's up there. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Knight-Gallant-2017
  8. It probably is a 450 pitch, it's just that neither of these teams has a 450 batting line-up. We need to find a way to fit Sam Curran into this team more often. Difficult because Anderson is yet to come back into the team. Woakes' place is probably the most at risk at the moment. Broad is still a class act, Archer is rightly undroppable. A lot depends on whether Anderson keeps going or retires. I hope he keeps going. The likes of Federer and Ronaldo show that these days, with modern sports science, the notion that athletes always decline as soon as they hit 30, and are finished by 34 is not necessarily true.
  9. Curran is bowling well. He just bowled one 88mph, which is a good idea as hopefully it will travel into the past and bowl Smith in one of the previous tests, changing the course of the Ashes. But yeah, he's bowling pretty quick.
  10. I'm just going to congratulate Steve Smith on his hundred now, to save time later. While I'm at it, I'll congratulate him on his double-hundred as well.
  11. Yeah, Burns will be one half of our opening partnership for the next few years, I expect. He's ridden his luck a bit this series, but he's done well. That's why I was saying we need new number two and three batsmen rather than a whole top three. I should have said, between Cook retiring and Burns finding a bit of form we've had no top three. Now we've sort of got a third of a top three?
  12. The England batting has been a problem for a very long time. In the past we've posted decent totals only when the lower order have dug the specialist batsmen out of a hole. That hasn't happened as much this year and suddenly we see the top six for what it is, what it has been for ages - very weak, completely unreliable, and not a test line-up. The problem is we have no top three, a good number four, then a bunch of number six/sevens. We're never likely to get the best out of Stokes, Bairstow, and Buttler unless a platform has been set for them. Also, I'm not sure there's room for all three of them in a batting line-up. They all average in the mid thirties. Good for an all-rounder, but you'd rather replace one of them with a specialist batsman who averages over forty. It's probably worth Buttler keeping wicket at seven, Stokes batting six, and someone else coming in at five. We also could do with new number two and three batsmen. Proper test players who will accumulate and be difficult to get out. Who they would be, I have no idea. Test batsmen don't grow on trees. Bairstow is such an integral part of the team though. The problem is he's not quite good enough to bat at number five. He had one amazing summer a few years ago, but apart from that he consistently averages around 30. Not enough really.
  13. Thanks! It was nice to get the message from the official warhammer account. Do you mean a link to the one I painted? There are photos earlier in this thread. The link to buy one on the GW website is https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Knight-Paladin
  14. You can order individual issues from Forbidden Planet. Obviously there will be postage, but it's still worth it for a good issue like this. I ordered it, the one with that big cool bit of scenery with a skull, and the one with the blight drone earlier today. I'm waiting to see if a pic of my Knight will appear on the GW website in their gallery. the official Warhammer account sent me a message requesting to use it, but I'm not 100% sure if that means they will, or where it might appear. They have people's instagram photos on the actual page where you can buy knights, so maybe there. If anyone sees it let me know, it'd definitely give me a thrill to see it.
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