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  1. This whole thing has had such a great impact (and the soundtrack is nominated for an EMMY) so we're now releasing an official CD version on 2nd August.
  2. Sounds the same. The BB hitbox in 3D World is a nightmare. I also spent about 30 minutes attempting to slide down the top BB launcher to land on the lower one faster, or skipping the top BB entirely and trying to build enough momentum to make it over the spikes from the lower one, but without the twirl from NSMB it's not possible. Great level for working out fun optimisations, @Jamie John!
  3. I’ve now spent far too long getting to within 0.13 seconds of your world record on this Interesting to know if you’re using the same strategy as me.
  4. Not sure if this is helpful to anyone, but how I play this game sounds different to how everyone else does, so I thought it was worth sharing. Also bear in mind I have spent almost zero hours making course so far, so these ratios will change at some point in the future. I spend about 20% of the time on Endless mode. I have an actual endless run going on Easy and Normal (I'm about 80 courses deep on those with more lives than I'll ever lose), and then I flick between Expert and Super Expert for more interesting challenges. I've found that Super Expert can often be brilliant for finding great courses, and I'll skip those if they'll ruin my Endless run and return to them later to finish. I spend about 10% of the time on Story mode, because I want to progress the story, and it's a great way to learn new mechanics and course ideas and the creativity there is spectacular. I also spend about 10% of the time playing courses from here, and from other friends, and those are the World Records I chase most often. But the rest of the time I load up a bunch of people I watch on YouTube who I love watching. People like CarlSagan42 and Grand PooBear (and I am more than well aware that if you're not conditioned to these people in advance you'll hate their very cores as soon as you load a video). These guys are some of the best players in the world and they have people around them curating their level selections for them. Don't bother live streaming them. The YouTube content is where you'll get the best of what they've been doing on their Twitch profiles. What I'll do is load up one of their videos, which are often categorised so you can decide if you want troll courses, courses which are basic but have great ideas, glitch courses, or super hard courses, for example, and then, when the creator ID appears on screen I pause the video, play the course myself, and once I've finished I'll watch them play it. It works for me because the courses are always of a much higher quality than whatever random shit you'll find on the Internet, you'll learn a shit load because they'll force you to learn weird tech or new tricks, you'll improve your skills over time, and then after you're done you get to watch someone much better than you spend time learning the course the same way you did, fucking up in the same places, doing things slightly differently (better!?), and having a similar experience. For example, here is the section from Carl's video that I watched last night before I posted that Tweet. The ID comes up, I pause the video, I spend fucking ages beating the course, then I watch Carl beat it himself. After I was done I realised from Carl's stream that I did the bit with the side Thwomp and the conveyor belt wrong because I was supposed to go in front of the Thwomp, which would have made my life a lot easier, but that's all part of the fun, and I love the "reward" that comes with beating a hard course of watching someone else suffer the same fates. Dunno, maybe I'm just weird as hell and no one else does this. Perhaps it also helps that I'm the kind of person that will sit down for three hours with a single course making microscopic improvements until I can beat something, but my favourite thing is loading up a new stream knowing that I'll have five or six great new courses to get into that'll take up the next few hours, and I'll probably improve as a player by the end. No idea if that's helpful to anyone.
  5. Had a great evening playing all the levels from here. Then decided to slay myself with this.
  6. Some fantastic new levels added to the thread over the weekend. Great work everyone!
  7. I am obsessed with finding and finishing 0.x% clear rate levels. It's like an endless exercise in self destruction. Can anyone do this one? YC5-BLW-XLG
  8. Started an endless super expert this morning and the first level was an night themed Kaizo level. I lost all the endless lives but I was consumed with madness so I went and spent over an hour and a half on it. Managed to get the first clear giving it a 0.48% clear rate! I'm quite interested in what my ability is like compared to others. Can anyone else beat this? C4B-G5Y-XYG
  9. One thing I loved about watching MM1 was people doing one screen puzzles, and now I finally get to do them myself! Just found this one in the popular course section and finished it, which I am quite proud of. D3R-5RY-NDG The main challenge isn’t too difficult, but make sure you go for the optional extra room for the true ending!
  10. davidaheath I'm good but not great. Your and @bradigor's videos are a step up from me in terms of skills. I'm lightening fast at thinking and being a step or two ahead of my own game, but I haven't spent enough time developing the advanced tactics that separate being in the top ten from getting consistent first places. I kinda love that, though. Getting first is still a rare occurrence and I think every time I've got one so far I've sat there with both arms in the air for about ten seconds after. I think I'm at about 50 hours with it, so I think I've spent less time with it in general than some of the better players, so perhaps expected.
  11. I'm going to walk into GAME in Soho on Friday morning before work and I swear to god if there are none in stock I will be apoplectic.
  12. I didn't win this time either. I love the fact that you can win one of these things and immediately recoup over half of what the entire annual online subscription costs in the first place; it's possibly the best value subscription in existence.
  13. Afraid not, but treat yourself to a record player; it'll sound incredible, I promise!
  14. What would have been the outcome had they not prevented the further explosion of the reactor? What impact would it have had on the planet? We released this soundtrack and I can tell you there will be a vinyl on 6th September!
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