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  1. I watched the trailer and I am immensely fucking pumped. I spent 70 glorious hours 100%ing Doom 2016 on Nightmare and I will be first one on the bus back to hell.
  2. My favourite series of the last 10 years.
  3. Get Odyssey and play it during the week, and get Mario Maker 2 and play it at weekends and you will cry yourself to orgasm every night for the rest of your life.
  4. I have never played Dark Souls before in my entire life and I was always quite hesitant to get involved because it looks intimidating. But I watched a couple of sections of a playthrough recently and it looks like the kinda thing I'd love to get into and spend a lot of time with. I have a Switch. So what do I do because I think MY BODY IS READY.
  5. Just managed a 0.27.879 which pits me at #1618 in the world rankings with two days left. Pleased with that!
  6. How many of those have you done? I found almost all the single player levels really innovative and they get much more difficult as you progress. Has everyone given the new Speedrun a go? I've managed 0:32.686 after spending an hour or so experimenting with different routes. I have a feeling there is something obvious I've missed because there is a weird spike at about 29 seconds in the rankings graph suggesting there's a quicker way of doing something that I haven't yet discovered. It's a great level, too! I also beat this. The stage is based on that Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy game. It might be the most unfair, and horrible level I have played, but I was making microscopic improvements each time, so my brain wouldn't let me let go of it. Sitting on that final screen and learning the timing of the moon's movements and I thought my heart might burst out of my chest. Instead of recommending you play it it's probably just easier and more fun to watch this.
  7. I have been working on this one for a while. That had a 0.10% clear rate until I beat it; it might be the lowest clear rate I've beaten so far. The recording cuts off the first ten seconds of the level which is a shame. The room at the end is ridiculous. You have no idea how many times I made it there and failed at the POW jumps. The timer is so tight there is no room for error at all. But it is fantastic fun so I'd urge some of you to go and give it a go at least. If you can make it to the final room I'd consider that a success in itself. FEELS GOOD
  8. If anyone is looking for a good one screen puzzle level for a Sunday afternoon, this one by Seanhip is great. 0XS-CKQ-HFG Took me about an hour, and I was stuck until I made some accidental progress out of frustration, so don't give up too easy! I found someone playing this on YouTube if you fancy looking at the solution.
  9. Had a day off today as it was my birthday over the weekend and I had loads of holiday still to use on account of my manager not approving any of my previous holiday because she is too lazy / inept, so I take it off anyway but it gets readded to my account and I can use it again. Anyway, had a day off today so I walked to my favourite game in Wardour Street. I forgot this was even out and I’m still furiously rimming Mario Maker 2 as hard as I can whilst trying to fit in bouts of Link’s Awakening during the sad times when I can’t string together a 20 streak Expert Endless run, so it wasn’t exactly front of mind. Besides, I watched this mad adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau with Burt Lancaster in it for Halloween so I wasn’t stuck for things to consume on that particular night (it was terrible and horrifically sexist and incredibly disappointing given the excellent source material). Anyway, had a day off today so I picked this up earlier and whilst I was paying I noticed someone at the counter next to me telling the guy packing discs up all the best YouTube creators he should have been following and I can’t tell what he was recommending but it sounded absolutely hilarious and he said “gamergate” about four times and the member of staff was visibly uncomfortable and we made eye contact and I swear I saw pure darkness in there. So yeah, looking forward to getting this on later, nice one.
  10. Luck, checking in next week to see how his topic went.
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