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  1. Timbuktu

    Major League Baseball

    It was just last year, Red Sox got fined for using Apple Watch to steal signs against the Yankees and the Yankees got fined too. So Astros explanation might make more sense against Boston, but they were doing it in previous series too. I guess MLB would never do anything in the middle of the playoffs. Edit after Astros/Red Sox Game 4: Kimbrel is going to give me a heart attack at some point; keeps trying to give the game away but has the power of luck in closing games. The outfield bailed him out multiple times with some gutsy fielding tonight. That mookie throw and Benintendo catch were magnificent. Also nod to Joe West for making that fan interference call. Price to pitch tomorrow. Sale possibly for game 6.
  2. Timbuktu

    Major League Baseball

    So the starter is just a decoy? Will have to see how it pans out whether this move unsettles the Dodgers or backfires. Slightly odd with all the reviews already though. In other news, it feels like MLB is just sweeping Astros' cheating under the rug. I don't think the Astros really needed to cheat, but the explanation that they are spying only to make sure the other side isn't spying is very weak.
  3. Timbuktu

    Major League Baseball

    Using starting pitchers as relief is always a bit of a risk and it is always only meant to get you to the closer that is Kimbrel. Using Sale and Porcello as relievers shows acknowledgement of the weakness in the bullpen. Kimbrel also seem a bit more erratic compared with before and certainly don’t inspire the confidence Uehara did for me back when Red Sox last win in 2013. That 1-2-3 inning against the Yankees probably didn’t affect Sale all that much, but he looked off last night. I know it’s just one game but already I feel the Astros is too strong. They probably would have had a 110 wins season if not for injuries and they are at full strength now. Meanwhile we see David Price again for some reason. Unless something unexpected happens, game 2 is a write off and it will be a massive hill to climb for Red Sox. It’s kind of unbelievable that the whole season is down to whether Price finally get a postseason win at his 11th attempt. Post match edit: I guess I was wrong. The unexpected did happen and Red Sox won despite David Price, who still doesn’t qualify for a postseason win btw. That should make the series more interesting. Hopefully they can bring it back to Fenway.
  4. Timbuktu

    Major League Baseball

    The series has made me look forward to getting up in the middle of the night and bottle feeding the baby. It has been a decent series for Red Sox apart from David Price. He have had his opportunities but obviously just wilt in postseason. The key game for me turned out to be holding on to that win in Game 1. I was nervous going into game 3 and didn’t expect the Yankees to mess up so badly after gaining that momentum. I thought Kimbrel might hand it to them last night, but the Yanks didn’t take advantage. This is will be an ok season no matter how it goes now. The Red Sox bullpen is obviously vulnerable, they might have a chance if they can match Astros in offence. I don't really see much weakness in Houston though, they are better than they were when the won it all last year. Hopefully the Brewers can put the Dodgers in their place too. Now I need to find something to keep me awake for the next couple of nights.
  5. Timbuktu

    Major League Baseball

    Kind of crazy to get the two best teams in baseball at the moment in London. And that's the next time they play each other after these ALDS playoff games? Can get quite tasty.
  6. Timbuktu

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Need to turn this around quick or it doesn’t feel like liverpool is good enough to winning things this year.
  7. Timbuktu

    West Ham United Football Club

    Last Saturday was pretty amazing. I haven’t seen a better atmosphere at the new stadium.
  8. The casting would have to be spot on and I think it will be difficult to find the right children actors with the dramatic and comedic chops required in the series.
  9. BBC has made a press release with description of the cast: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/his-dark-materials Also bits about directors and production design:
  10. Timbuktu

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    It might just be me but are rebecca ferguson and michelle monaghan meant to look like twins? I have difficulty telling them apart at times.
  11. Timbuktu


    I still won't believe it until it's in front of me, but the movie has been greenlit apparently: http://ew.com/tv/2018/07/25/deadwood-movie-2/ I guess it'll have an equivalent time skip in the story?
  12. Timbuktu

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Shouldn't Liverpool replace Achterberg as well? I don't think any keeper has improved with him there.
  13. Timbuktu

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I took that to be more out of hope than anything, because man to man we know they have more experienced and talented players.
  14. Timbuktu

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I think I would feel quite differently about cheering England on if Big Sam have stayed on as manager and it's not just the football. It's a bit of luck that we've got Southgate now who has completely changed the tone. I appreciate how he has made a point about this team being representative of a more inclusive, diverse modern England, with so many of the squad with connections or heritage from abroad; and he's protected the likes of Sterling from the papers to an extent. Those who would connect any success with Brexit or uglier forms of nationalism would probably attack those things if Southgate failed. I hope he stays on for a while with this young team. Do people see any changes for the Sweden game? Bringing on Rubens Loftus-Cheek perhaps?
  15. Timbuktu

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    It will be a disappointment if all these big teams hang on in the World Cup by the skin of their teeth, pushing the likes of Iran and Mexico out on the way. Germany will get through since it's Germany after all, but Brazil losing to Serbia would be fun.

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