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  1. papalazarou

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    Al Leong - while the name may not be familar the face will this guy was in some of the best action movies of the 80's and 90's - a true unsung hero - bascially if they want a bad ass chinese person then it was Al Leong they called: big trouble in little china Die Hard they live black rain last action hero beverly hills cop 2 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (gengis Khan) Leathal Weapon as well as tv parts in the A-team Knight Rider air wolf the fall guy TJ Hooker
  2. i had the same conversation with a mate this morning - i would love a big screen version of cold war - concreate jungle would have been good but since pred 2 ripped a lot of it off prob be to samey
  3. watched this as well as as most have said first 2/3 werent to bad - it kinda goes down hill the final bit BUT it could have been a lot lot worse the way the original movie ended before teh reshoots (Parts of which can be seen in the first trailer - such as the loonies being chased in day light while on an apc) i enjoyed it alot more than i thought i would though the last act didnt stink of hurried rewrite and had a generic ending (im a huge predator fan have a large collection of figures, comics etc... in my man cave here) Also....
  4. papalazarou

    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

    WE ARE ALL SCREWED...... its actually happening in real life!!! https://news.sky.com/story/mystery-closure-of-observatory-and-fbi-presence-in-sunspot-new-mexico-11496171
  5. papalazarou

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    just make sure its V - the original Mini Series followed by V-the Final Battle - love V, that theme music , and still get chills at certain parts even now you can then skip V the series (set after the 2 mini series) and V the reboot series as both are pants.
  6. papalazarou

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    Would also like to add Brendan Gleason one or two stating roles but mostly his has been supporting secondary characters braveheart harry potter gangs of New York 28 days later a.i lake placid
  7. papalazarou

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    demo is up now - just installing
  8. bond gets shot at the end starts to die suddenly a blue light covers his body - he looks up eyes open and says "oh boy" - que quantum leap theme cut to credits ..... that is the only way it will work in my mind!
  9. this is the reason i love it - a more serious bond - no gimicky bad guys or outragous lets take over the world storylines - but more akin to cold war style thriller. Plus Daltons take on bond is more stone cold detached killer than flamboyant over ther top moore style - which is what the franchise needed at the time after the moore era. Similar to what craig was going for in his movies a more detached bond - i just feel Dalton did it better.
  10. papalazarou

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    yes David Warner is another actor with great scene stealing ablity -with such a distinctive voice! Tron! - the first movie i remeber him in and was brillant baddy! Titanic various Star Trek Roles Batman the Animated series Gargoyles TV Series (voice acting - and if you have never watched this amazing anmiated show SHAME ON YO!) (I can almost forgiven him for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles 2 - the secret of the ooze - we all need to take a paypacket )
  11. papalazarou

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    yeah he is chucky (and all the subsequent sequels) The originial is the best and really decent horror movie to boot, one to give a try - the sequels have all been a mixed bag and none really a patch on the original
  12. papalazarou

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    of coarse no one is mentioning Brad Dourif best movie - the original childs play! (also his turn in the lord of the rings movies as wormtounge!)
  13. papalazarou

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    for me its Charles Dance - amazing actor who commands the screen when ever he is on it - but for a lot of his career has never been the main star Golden Child Last Action Hero Alien 3 Michael Collins Game of Thrones Etc..
  14. i agree that both dolton movies where great - just i find daylights a better movie (i do really enjoy Licence to kill as well) - which makes it sad tha Dalton only got two movies - would have loved to see at least get another one or two.
  15. its seems to be the trend for pre connery Bond - they all start of with great movies and then its goes down hill: Lazerby - On her Majestys Secret Service ( to be fair he wasnt allowed to go down hill as this was his only movie s he kinda went out on a high) Moore - Live and Let Die Dalton - the living Daylights (while i do like License to Kill its not a patch on daylights) Brosnan - Goldeneye Craig - Casino Royale

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