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  1. Return to castle wolfenstien is Also excellent def give that a try
  2. popped up as a notification in the headset earlier didnt realise it was only selected peeps sorry
  3. Oculus are doing 30% of games using code OCULUS30 Used it to get blade and sorcery for £10 on pc and it’s streams perfectly via VD. Wee vid I made
  4. I’m looking forward to this but have seen some spoiler pics from a toy fair where they where showing off related toys to movie so can now kinda guess what the basic plot will be
  5. So looks like terminator has now been confirmed as the next arrival (along with Sarah Conor)
  6. So I made the mistake of landing in stealthy stronghold in my predator skin... and the every person all chasing me around thinking I was the real predator!
  7. If you own them on steam then half life r and return to castle wolfenstien are musts from side quest (you need the original pc game files)
  8. Yeah everyone and there dog is there trying to fight the predator (which unlocks it’s skin) had a game and nearly 70% of the players headed there
  9. You need to connect the headset first to the pc with a link cable - when you start up the side quest app on your pc (download this from the side quest webpage) you will see similar layout to the web page - at the top of each game page you will see install to headset - click that and side quest will download and install automatically (all side quest stuff will shown in the unknown section on your quest )
  10. Yeah you need to set it up (never used it myself)
  11. been playing warplanes - its a pretty decent ww1 sim - there is a demo up on sidequest if peeps want to try before buying (quick vid i took below) uses touch controls similar to ultrawings
  12. I was thinking the same when I played It- I remember the hype when it originally came out on pc - the graphics at the time were next level mind blowing (I rember playing the leaked dev version before it came out which put my hype right through the roof) and now I’m playing on my quest but more importantly I’m actually there in the midst of hell breaking loose :-)
  13. Happy days now enjoy the sheer terror of doom 3
  14. New update version has been released if you want to try that on side quest
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