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  1. Played the first hour and half up to just past the end of the “castle” demo and I’m loving it while also being on edge most of time - the opening bits are pretty intense so far
  2. Been thinking of upgrading my quest for a while now and with oculus signalling the start of quest 2 exclusive games been keeping and eye out - well today was the day - a lady put on her sons quest 2 on Facebook market place for £180 as he got it for Xmas played it for one day got bored and it’s sat in cupboard since then. Best of all she was only two miles away - I was round there faster than a wippet incase she came to her senses and realised that it should not be sold at that price :-)
  3. Check to see if you can manually update I didn’t get a notification but when I checked in settings And refreshed check for update t showed
  4. update on this - unfort still no offical quest 1 support for Oculus Air......BUT using the unoffical work arround i posted earlier does work on quest 1 unlocking Oculus Air. Had a play about with it and at first it was un playable latency was so bad that there was 3-4 second wait between any action you did and it registering (ie waving hands) but after reading arround i found the answer - in the oculus debug tool set encode birate to 0 - after that it worked great. finally able to play minecraft bedrock wirelessly. Tried Half Life Alyx and again it worked great ( i found pers
  5. oculus airlink is offically going live today - oculus just annouced on twitter - the message said quests and pc on v28 - it didnt say just quest 2 so this may be also going live for quest 1 as well - will find out later
  6. If anyone is interested how to get oculus air running on quest before official role out - also works on quest 1!! https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/mwgrob/appairlinknow_helps_you_launch_air_link_now/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  7. been having a lot of fun adding mods to MS flight sim and playing them in vr (couldnt resist going to antartica and trying this ship)
  8. Honestly I wouldn’t let that put you off the game still looks gorgeous and it’s a lot of fun to play (if relentless killer robots stalking you is your thing ) - and for £8 It’s a bargain
  9. Picked this up in the Easter Xbox sale (£8.50) and been having such a blast with this esp in co-op with my usual gaming buddies. I like how there is very little hand holding and that it’s basically tense from the start with no let down constantly being hunted or out gunned. Plus finding the robot ai pretty decent - trying to flank us or even lure us into traps
  10. Prob just staggering the releases so that they can it up in a month or two time since there won’t be any new Star Wars content until book of bobba at Xmas
  11. Only up today in the new Star Wars vintage tab (along with the original 2d clone wars series and ewok cartoon series ) best of all both ewok movies are in hd!
  12. I’ve noticed that no one has touched on the subplot that has been added to the Snyder cut that’s is prob the best one
  13. Yeah smyths have had the full toy on there website for a month now
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