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  1. Yes! the 4k remaster is the best version of the movie - just looks amazing
  2. xbox summer sale has started - https://www.xbox.com/en-US/promotions/sales/xbox-super-game-sale
  3. Stuck on Bigfoot and the Henderson’s this morning for my wee ones to watch - haven’t see. It in years but it still holds up as a great family movie - my two loved it , they want Harry to come live with us lol
  4. Tried defector just did the first mission and it was a lot of fun in ways it reminds me of a very old c64 game I played by ocean software called sly spy - now from reading reviews the game apparently does get a bit more liniear later on but so far I’m enjoying it. In relation to vader - loved the opening bit on your ship having a nosiey round all your bits and pieces etc then the star destroyer
  5. chapter 1 is about 40 - 50 mins - by the time its done it will be equiviliant to the run time of a star wars movie that you star in you then have the lightsaber dojo which goes up to level 40 so a few more hours for that
  6. think of it less as a game and the first part of an interactive star wars movie where you are the main character and you will have a blast with it i personally love it and cant wait for chapter 2. (kinda like Batman VR) Its my now "show VR to peeps" thing. you also get a light saber training dojo game with it which is also fun so for £7.99 i think its worth it
  7. Sad to hear about Freddie Jones passing as a child of the 80’s he was always one of those “oh I’ve see. Him before” type actors from krull, dune and of coarse one of my favourite movies of all times you do Sherlock Holmes.
  8. Finished and loved it more than season 2 which I found seem to drag a lot also bonus points for this scene alone
  9. recently ive had a hankering to go back and replay some of the games I had on my mega drive back in the day. (Via pc emulation) I started of with Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion (as this was the first mega drive game I had) feck me I am getting old - found it very hard to play through (the game still looks great) - as a kid I was able to play my way all the through, but replaying now and trying to do some of those levels is nearly impossible esp with limited lives and no save points - once your dead its game over and back to the very first level (gamers these days don't know how lucky they have it!) also tried desert strike - still fun to play
  10. In relation to whether this has supernatural tendencies
  11. Yeah it’s a great driving sim but can be stomach churning even for the best of us with our vr legs project cars is also very good
  12. the "flyers" have been showing up in the main game for aout a week or so now - they carry loot crates that you can shoot them down to get - hopefully from the vid above they become more of an environmental hazard in the game as well
  13. ohhh will keep an eye on that one - an xwing game just seems like a match made in heaven for VR im surprised an official game has never been made, well on pc since we never got the Battefront VR level that ps4 got
  14. Saw this last night and actually enjoyed it – before watching I had low expectations, but I liked what they did with the reboot and esp the new origin story
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