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  1. Completed Katana Zero which was fantastic and have sat on the fence with Return of the Obra Dinn. Not usually my type of game but find it interesting that you’ve paired it with Katana Zero. What is it that pulled you in @merrychan?
  2. I do enjoy driving around the city with only 3 vehicles on screen, really brings the immersion to Night City.
  3. That’s good to hear and hopefully goes the same way for me.
  4. Update 1.05 - load up my save and go into the settings menu for my customary check to see if my changes are still present and now I’m locked in the menu with no way to return to the game. Rebooted the game and received the following error message “User settings data appear to be corrupted and cannot be loaded. They will be replaced with default settings data.” Don’t know if I can be bothered to play with the default controller settings. Really struggling to recall a gaming debacle that comes close to this.
  5. I’ve been experiencing the same after each boot up and having to readjust my settings each time.
  6. I’ve enjoyed my time with the game so far but suffering from regular software errors booting me back to the PS5 home screen. CE-108255-1 Experienced this four times alone this morning and I’ve only been playing for around 90 minutes.
  7. The can be found early on in 4-1 which will prove particularly helpful in 2-1
  8. 1-2 & 4-1 done in NG and I’ll have to raise my performance going forward, the enemy damage output increase is no joke, definitely have to focus to stand a chance now.
  9. And finished, what a fantastic game from start to finish. NG Plus to look forward to and maybe a new character build.
  10. Wow, 1-3 was quite the experience, still have no idea why I passed this up all those years ago on the PS3.
  11. This game is fantastic, the pain and suffering it produces but I always need one more go. @Rob_Pulsar I feel your description 100% This is the way
  12. Hit Chapter 4 and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how the turn based combat has been integrated into the Yakuza series and I’m enjoying the variety of party members backing up Ichiban. So far so good. Regarding the enemy encounter rate - it does seem higher than previous iterations however that could just be my imagination. I have noticed that you can win a battle then enter a nearby restaurant for hp/MP replenishment and upon exiting they’ve respawned directly in front of you which is slightly annoying. However, the main location seems designed to offer multiple route
  13. @Freeman fantastic selection. Amazing how many feelings and memories that brought back to me, thank you.
  14. Thank you for this. Was trying to figure this out and failed as I knew the option had to be included. Played 4hrs straight this afternoon and wow, breathtaking beauty and in HDR fantastic.
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