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  1. Rocafella


    Believe so. If Chelsea win, the spot would go to the 7th league place (Wolves). Although if they were to win the Europa, they'd go in to the CL, so no idea what would happen then
  2. For anyone with The Athletic, you can get a 3 month free extension to your subscription. Just go to your account and the cancellation steps and it should give you the option to add the months on. I did this a few weeks ago, before the Prem had a restart date, but I presume it’ll still be there.
  3. Scumbag Conor strikes again. This time, sucker punching an old man for not drinking his whiskey-piss. https://www.tmz.com/2019/08/15/conor-mcgregor-irish-pub-old-man-punch-whiskey-dispute/
  4. Rocafella


    The reports were United would have liked him, but he wants to go abroad. It’s not Levy’s style to let a star player leave for free. He’ll drag things out to the end of August if need be, but I’d be surprised if Eriksen was still there in September. He clearly wants to move on, unless Spurs fancy doubling his wages (think he’s only on £90k pw).
  5. Rocafella


    You’d assume Lo Celso is being brought in as an Eriksen replacement. No way they’d have bought N’Dombele, Lo Celso and Dybala without selling a major player. Luiz for £8m is great business, in the circumstances. As has been said, Maguire to United has ballooned centre back prices beyond anything reasonable. Upamecano will have one year left on his deal next summer, so there’s no reason we can’t go back in next year, with another valuable season of experience under his belt.
  6. Rocafella


    Just to echo the above, heard the message on the podcast. Great idea and wishing your friend all the best.
  7. Rocafella


    For me, I think more than anything, it’s the football that gets me. It’s genuinely painful to watch, soul destroying at times. I don’t see that ever changing under Emery, and he’s earnt zero goodwill after that end to the season. Give him backing in the Summer and give him one more season to improve on the shite he’s served up this season, otherwise I’d bin him off in a heartbeat.
  8. Rocafella


    Kallstrom scored a pen in the FA cup run, so I was happy to let that one slide! Rumour was he did it doing a bicycle kick on a beach (but who knows), and our medical team didn't pick it up until the deal was 99% done. One of my personal favourites of the banter era. If we don't get in to the CL next season, I really fear for us. I have zero confidence that this current 'leadership' team can achieve close to what's required in the transfer market. After Monchi binned us off, there's been zero talk of an alternative. Transfer targets should already be lined up for this summer, but I'd be shocked if we have any remnant of a plan, after the embarrassment that was the Denis Suarez January window saga. We spend less than the likes of Everton and West Ham these days, and we aren't clever/lucky enough to make those rare mid-tier signings who can take a team like ours to the next level. We know there's going to be serious turnover this Summer (Ramsey, Welbeck, Cech, Lichsteiner) at the bare minimum, and I struggle to see how we'll replace them adequately. I imagine the money will go on the Ramsey replacement, and the others with squad promotions. Basically, win the Europa league and everything will be fiiiiine.
  9. Rocafella


    In fairness, we’ve been gutted by injures in these last few weeks. If all our defenders were fit, you’d argue we’d have lined up with a completely different back four.
  10. Always enjoy these! I’m in, please.
  11. Clearly a set-up? Would be quite the staging, seeing as Artem has been booted off the card already.
  12. Joe Rogan had Yoel Romero on his podcast, with Joey Diaz acting as (a rough) translator. Thought it might end up being a car crash, but actually it was really interesting. Yoel is a great story teller, and extremely charasmatic.
  13. Rocafella


    What can you say, to that level of trolling?
  14. Have laid on: - Mayweather rounds 7-9 and - Mayweather KO/TKO rounds 9-12 and Conor to go down 2+ times. Can see Conor coming out quickly in the early stages, as this is his best chance of success, before Floyd ultimately figures him out and goes to work on him. Then can imagine Conor getting tired and recklessly looking for the KO in the mid-late rounds and Floyd putting him down.
  15. One of the core aspects of the character is he has no defined origin story. There have been a few interpretations of it in the comics, but no origin is defined as canon. I genuinely despair at the individuals over at WB who are coming up with this garbage. They clearly have zero understanding of any of the characters and are just trying to sell films based on the more popular characters, regardless of the ridiculous concept they come up with to push it. It just comes across as completely fake, and for me is a big part of why films like Suicide Squad were a flop. I don't like to compare Marvel to DC often, but one of Marvel's biggest strengths and reasons for the success of their universe, is they completely understand their characters and where they fit in the universe. It's almost as if they have some kind of....plan.
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