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  1. Christ Geoff, you and Kojima get a room already.
  2. Is there an easy way to play Xbox On remote play on iOS? I see there’s an app out but it’s £12. Which feels pricey since you can do it for free on PS4 through the official app.
  3. Am also feeling a bit roughed by the linearity. I do love it but having to limit my bursts due to the constant talk, quest, talk, quest.
  4. I think that it was fine - more catered towards the regular players (otherwise they built up and felt like an insurmountable task).
  5. I finally managed to do it using the settings and then Connected Accounts within the app (on iPhone). The desktop (which they say you have to do it on) just constantly did not work. Bit late now but at least ready for the future.
  6. Has anyone managed to link YouTube and epic accounts? YouTube keeps giving me an error when I try to link, even with pop ups allowed.
  7. Any idea why my dum dum villagers are waiting in line when I have a ton of seats?
  8. I watched it also. The streamer who captured it spent a large amount of his time gasping in awe.
  9. Is there an easy way to see the base area? From memory it was highlighted on DQB1 but this one isn’t (although the music does change)
  10. Well this could be game of the year. When you chop a tree down and the stump is left, presumably it regrows over time?
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