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  1. MattKB

    F1 2019

    I used Race Dash (iOS) which seems the best one of those I tried. SimHub is a PC one which seems good, and Android has Sim Dashboard. Pretty easy to do, they suggest setting the game to 30hz and port is I think, 20777. Don’t make the mistake that I did and enable UDP for multiple devices - very bad latency. Race Dash has a good guide to set it up, fairly simple. There has been an update today for the F1 2020 stuff which adds live timings in multiplayer (not sure if it does by default as I haven’t unlocked 2019, just used the limited free ones).
  2. MattKB

    F1 2020

    Really want to buy this on launch but I just know it’s going to drop by £20 within weeks as the last few have. Tried out a telemetry app on iPad yesterday with F1 2019 - very cool being able to see RPM, car data on a second screen resting on my lap while I was racing. With an upgrade (few quid) you can get live timings which I imagine would be really cool for online racing, seeing where everyone is and split times.
  3. Looking forward to the new mode where you infiltrate an Ubi office and try to find the sex pest using a series of drones and recon cameras.
  4. You’;d be forgiven for thinking that given the trailers they’ve put out.
  5. Couldn't find this when I was looking for the title but... first reactions on the tyre/pit news wasn't great, but having had time to think about it, it sounds like they're... making a new PGR? I'm suddenly very interested!
  6. MattKB

    F1 2020

    Wish this had cross-platform play. I can't see anything suggesting it does though
  7. PS4 pad seems perfectly fine so far, but it's an ugly baby playing on a PS4 Pro. Pop in on the decals of the cars as you go to overtake is a bit distracting. The sound though - wowsers. It's a great sounding game. Frame rate is 30 at best, have only had a couple of races but it hasn't seem to stutter too badly. Wish it was 60 mind.
  8. Both are brilliant, although only a few levels into Desperados 3, it’s very good.
  9. Who’d you order from?
  10. So, I really enjoyed it. I felt like it was perhaps slightly too long, but that’s perhaps a testament to my own attention span than anything else. At points, it felt a bit like cupboard rummaging simulator but I had auto-pick up turned on so this limited a lot of my annoyances. I thought the accessibility stuff was immense, and I used the navigation assistance to help when I got a bit unsure as where to go (again, I hate being lost in games so I very much appreciated that, at the chance it was short-changing me some exploration. Super spoilers then: So, roll on the inevitable multiplayer. Standalone F2P Wolves vs. Scars anyone?
  11. I'm finding the pistols pretty useful actually as am a crap shot with the rifle so CQ I'm ripping up scavs with pistol rounds. It's tough to know what's a good gun given the massive variety
  12. Survived a solo raid earlier. Getting lots of gear now, any tips on what’s worth keeping/binning? Do you need food at all? Also, what’s the priority for upgrading the hideout?
  13. I use a Turtle Beach Stealth 400 on PS4 (with a cable for Xbox One). The adapter works with Switch and PC/Mac wireless too. Had everything you could want in a headset. Comfortable, great sound, flexible mic, good mic monitoring, independent chat and game volume dials, easy controls, dual functioning wireless/3.5mm jack. Then it finally snapped! And you can't buy them anymore. So I got the Turtle Beach Stealth 700, and it was ok but the mic monitoring was a bit random in what it picked up. The dual sound through 3.5mm was replaced with bluetooth which rinsed the battery, and sound occasionally crackled. Turns out it doesn't like 5ghz wireless networks, so they recommend you disable it. No thanks. So it went back. Went with the Sony Platinum in the end as I mostly play PS4. Works well, it has a chat/game mix rather than independent volume which isn't ideal but is good enough. Mic monitoring has quite a low gate so picks up a lot which isn't translated back through to the game. The built-in mic isn't as good as a boom which is a shame but it's functional. It has a 3.5mm jack but as soon as you plug this in it disables the headset and puts it into passive mode only - which is ok but if you have sound and voices coming through (for example, using it on Xbox) then the mic can pick up the sound. Presumably when active it has some sort of noise cancellation or an active noise gate. I find it pretty comfy if slightly heavy, although the pressure on the side of my head is a bit too much after long sessions. I tend to only bother with wireless headsets. I had the Steelseries Arctis 7 which was the most comfy headset I've used. It works via USB only (the two Turtle Beach ones have an optical connection to their USB dongle to allow separate game/chat channels) so you have to use the in-console game/chat mix if it has one (I think its only in a party in PS4). I had to plug it into a PC to get the settings menu up to adjust it to get the base to sound a bit puncher, even then at max level it seemed to be slightly too light. The extendable boom is handy, but I missed the chat/game mix dials or separate volumes. After that, I upgraded to the Arctis Pro Wireless which is the Arctis 7 on steroids. I think from memory it has separate game/chat volume (or definitely a mixer) and it has a battery charger built into it's amp device (and easily swappable rechargeable batteries in the ear plate). The bluetooth worked well on other devices and didn't see too detrimental to battery life and the sound was good. However for some reason the band seemed ever so slightly shorter than the Arctis 7, so the ski band and metal band basically sat together on my head and it wasn't too comfy. I'm also not convinced on the virtual surround sound or 7.1 in these headsets. Even on my platinums I play in stereo mode and it just sounds better to me, so that pretty much made the Arctis Pro Wireless feel like overkill. I think wired headsets give a lot more options (as there are more of them to choose from) but it isn't really practical for me to have something plugged into the console while gaming due to distance/propensity to forget and rip the console out of the sockets.
  14. So yeah, this isn’t how you play Tarkov
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