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  1. MattKB

    Nintendo Switch

    You need to stick with it. I didn’t really like it at first but am now very much enjoying it
  2. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Harsh maybe, but they will ease up on it in a while, just letting him sweat. Some people are moaning that the penalties are inconsistent and Epic aren’t clear what the punishments are for various offences. I like that, RNG punishment is brilliant - makes the risk/reward element of cheating unpredictable. Don’t want to gamble, don’t cheat. Simple.
  3. I think it's excellent. I understand the complaints about campers, but the 'battle chatter' helps once you know the maps and there are some tools you can use to help with it a bit too (plus the kill cam). Overall I'm happy. Even enjoying the campaign in an 'Uncharted walking-sim' kind of way. But for the set pieces rather than the story, the subject matter of which I'm not sure is handled especially well.
  4. Picked this up today. First impressions: looks nice. Sound mix is crap. Handling is ok if a bit weird. Online is totally dead.
  5. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    I think it’s stored in iCloud. Settings > iCloud > storage (iirc)
  6. Has anyone figured out how to get a watch? I have a ‘check your watch’ gesture. But no watch.
  7. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    I keep just getting poison cards and there’s no way to win (or so it seems)
  8. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    Cards of Darkness seems good but I literally can’t get past level 5. It just feels so unfair and random, I hope I’m just playing it wrong.
  9. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    Yeah I guess. I was too focused on collecting all those lovely orbs.
  10. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    I’m not sure it really has any issues because of it though. Probably lives/ads would have required an energy system but feels like the games you’d buy for a quid or so in the pre FTP era.
  11. Doesn’t seem to have been the usual transparency around patch notes today which is weird.
  12. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    Wow, Hexaflip is brilliant. Finished it earlier, everything collected but it finished on level 88 which feels a bit odd. Hope there’s more levels coming.
  13. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    Hot Lava seems fun. Hexaflip is cool.
  14. MattKB

    Apple Arcade

    Looking at the controls on Hot Lava with my paired Dual Shock, there’s a control (3rd person) which is something 8 Axis. I have literally no clue what this button is, any ideas? I’ve tried pushing most things (I think)
  15. It looks to me as if the gap between levels is the same (am on level 11 so far). So with challenges offering 14k I guess I’d need to check (but think that each pip is around 10k?). It does feel like it’s going to take some playing and completed challenges to get the full 100 levels.
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