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  1. Microsoft have Series X in stock. Just bagged one! Yeeessssss!!! EDIT: Bloody hell. They're gone already.
  2. I grew up with City Lights and particularly Naked Video. "In Goldfinger... there was Pussy Galore." "Well there's none here tonight."
  3. I have the refund email but it won't log me in. Bollocks. Edit: Worked on my phone.
  4. We watched Manhunt with Martin Clunes a few weeks ago. It was a bit ITV generic but above average for the genre.
  5. Is it right this is now next gen only? In that case can Capcom provide some of the fucking consoles to play it on???
  6. The Spy Who Downloaded Me Illegally in 4K Watched Me Once Thought I Was Shit and Deleted Me
  7. I'd like to play an FPS where I'm Henry Jones Sr. I'd go around shooting Nazi cunts while shouting "I should've mailed ye tae the Marx Brothersshhhh!" "I thought I taught ye self reliansshhhh!" and "Only the penitent man shhhall passhhhh!"
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