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  1. Give Whitewater Wipeout a chance. Once you work out the game mechanics (press up as you go off the top of the wave; chain triple and quadruple 360s together), it becomes a really good score attack game.
  2. Yes, that's true, and that's what I actually did. But be warned that sometimes the 6-month is actually more expensive than 2 lots of 3-month.
  3. While I would ordinarily agree with you, when you look at some of the games that AA reviewed towards the end of its life, the scores they gave stack up today. Fluff and Megablasters are genuinely great games. Of the last few games they released, one was given 37% and one was given 75% (Street Rally and Masters of Space respectively) - and try those on an emulator and I can't see you disagreeing with the scores.
  4. That's actually what I originally wanted to do but I was having some difficulty working out how to extract the data. Still working on it.
  5. What you can do in advance is make sure you have Live codes from CDKeys all ready. They were selling 3 and 6 month codes at huge discounts last week. Remember that if you turn off auto renew before using a code, then allow it to be turned on again during redemption, a three month code turns into a four month code - so you only need three to cover a year.
  6. Well, obviously they did, but there is a question that people often ask as to whether you should take that into account when you review a game - that later games will be better. Should you review against the current benchmark or the potential benchmark? I wasn't actually that interested in the answer to that question but I was fiddling with some data and thought you might like to see. This is taken from the Amstrad Action reviews list. Note that the primary axis is truncated since they reviewed 140 games in issue 1.
  7. Xevious

    Fall Guys

    Yes, logged into the Switch and all my progress was there magically. It runs pretty jankily though. I can't see me playing it much on here.
  8. Only a factor of over three out. https://vgsales.fandom.com/wiki/The_Legend_of_Zelda I've recently completed this for the first time, despite buying it with my Wii on launch day. It's a great game, but some of the complaints in this thread hit home. I expect I have benefitted from leaving it so long, so I was not suffering from Zelda formula fatigue, but the brown and muted colour palette - particularly during the twilight sections, was pretty depressing. Now that you have had multiple new Zeldas since, including the Best Game of All Time, how does Twilight Princess stack up? Are you still disappointed in it, or do you still love it - or has your opinion changed?
  9. #Worldle #129 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr 5 seconds!
  10. It was actually knocked back to mid-late 2022, and then brought back forwards to mid-2022 with no late qualifier. Not that there are any defined dates there.
  11. May 20, 2022 1 | Avg. Guesses: 9.5 = 11 #globle That's a bit harsh.
  12. A couple of other people on the PlayDate Discord seem to have had the same customs issue. Seems to be those whose parcels have been handed to Royal Mail who are having the issue, while those who went to Hermes aren't. So you have a choice of paying tax twice, or finding your PlayDate in the bin.
  13. On the question of not letting go of the button for bowling, that was an option on Wii Sports Club on Wii U - you could choose to either have the release automatic or manual. Is there not an option this time?
  14. Out of interest, when was the last time you played the original?
  15. Hang on, what's going on here? Zoom in. A bit more. More. Turn the brightness down and the contrast up. MEGATON.
  16. Xevious

    Rez 'TRUE' OST

    Hello. Inspired by this tweet: I realised that the links here were all dead, so went in search of the soundtrack. In short, here's a torrent link. http://holy-commuting.co.uk/Rez/Rez-Game-Sound-Data.zip.torrent Thanks @bcass!
  17. I played this a little on launch day, but then went back to finish off the last few things on FH3 I was missing. Coming back to it yesterday, I am presented with an opening screen with Series 1 on it, and seasons, and lots of objectives, and the news that it finishes in 3 days. Can I take it that I'm not going to be able to complete this to win any prizes? Going back to FH2 and FH3 shows you how complicated they've made these games over time. I love playing them but now have a feeling that they're not made for me - someone who doesn't have the time or dedication to win everything.
  18. Images of a man's face being forced onto a spike, straight through an eye socket Images of a man's skull being shattered with blood and brain scattering into the air Images of a man being shot in the face, blood spraying and him collapsing immediately. Sure, very tame.
  19. Completely agree with this. I watched it and thought it's something I'll sit down with my two boys to watch and will do the same with the next episodes - until it got to the MK11 part at which I realised I'm going to have to watch the whole episode each time before I show them so I can skip over stuff that's unsuitable. A bit of a shame, when they could have found a similar match-up for Street Fighter VI or something.
  20. I thought it was illegal to own a Gizmondo and not own a copy of Sticky Balls?
  21. You're missing one. The camera pans across a dark, empty ocean, when suddenly a speedboat burst from the left of the frame, silhouetted against the moon. As we track the boat and zoom out, we see two others chasing it, gaining steadily. Cut to the man piloting the front boat, picking up debris and throwing it at his pursuers, then diving to the floor as they start to shoot at him. He reaches inside his black overalls, and pulls out a pistol from what seems to be a dinner jacket. Hunkered down, holding his boat steady, with the noise of the engine blocking out everything else, he takes aim and shoots at the closest boat - not at its occupants, but at the engine. All too late they realise what he is trying to do, and they start to steer away as the boat is engulfed in flame. The second boat sees this and changes course to protect the engine, but there is no need as, after two more shots, the pistol is empty. A machine gun rings out from the enemy, hitting the fuel line and slowing the engine. Fishing net, crab box, all is thrown overboard but the situation seems hopeless - until suddenly the sea is bathed in light and a small sea plane dives down and tips over the second boat with one of its floats; it circles around and we see it's piloted by a middle-aged lady who drops a grenade to blow up the now capsized boat. As the wreckage settles, the sea plane lands and taxies over to the stopped speedboat. The man picks up his empty gun - but she doesn't know that - and points it at the pilot as she opens the door. "Put it away," she shouts, "or I'll leave you here to get acquainted with the sharks." He lowers his gun and replies, "Who are you?"
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