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  1. Xevious

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

    They are noo entries.
  2. Xevious

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

    #TeamSword indeed
  3. Xevious

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    A hardwired connection doesn't play that well with the Switch ...
  4. Xevious

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    It really depends on the game. You will never have a satisfying game of Street Fighter IV using a streaming service. Input lag must be measured in single-digit ms for that to work. It plays differently over the Internet, but the netcode works overtime to adjust and predict what's going to happen to smooth over this as much as possible. Something like Civ VI is much better, of course - no need for fast reactions, but input lag can mean you have to be more careful about the way it controls. The download speeds for connections are a red herring, as long as you're not looking to stream in 8K. Bear in mind that average speeds in each country are generally weighted downwards by people who only have an ADSL connection to check Facebook occasionally, and gamers are more likely to have 50 Mbps or above. That is plenty to download the video stream. What is more important is the round-trip latency, and the service reliability. Dropped packers can cause havoc. As @mushashi says above, the only way you will get around the first of these is build data centres very close to all gamers, and restrict multiplayer games to opponents who are joined to the same data centre. One of the aims of 5G is ultra-low latency, and yes, signals over radiowaves do travel faster than over fibre, but it's a marginal difference.
  5. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    It came out in 2002.
  6. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Hmm. A screenless Switch?
  7. Or, you know, just getting the Xbox versions compatible with the Xbox One. Given I have all three in my desk drawer here ...
  8. You can get 1, 3 and 4 from the website. They have sold out of issue 2, which is annoying as I ordered it from them at the end of last year (along with issue 1) and they sent me a copy of MagPi instead. So if anyone wants to sell issue 2 I have a post in the Wanted folder!
  9. Yeah, I think it looks really ugly in a way that makes me uneasy. Not sure I could cope with that.
  10. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    In any case, the main point was that @NickC said he regretted not getting a Wii U because he couldn't play Metroid Prime Trilogy. And he could have played it on the Wii instead.
  11. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Would you call Mario 64 a Wii U game then?
  12. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Metroid Prime Trilogy was a Wii release, not Wii U.
  13. Xevious

    Has anyone seen Gavin?

    Maybe we should actually try tagging @Gavin.

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