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  1. Currently a few hours into Front Mission Gun Hazard and it's just so good. Highly recommended for fans of Cybernator and RPGs.
  2. Xbox 360 is comfortably my least favourite mainstream console. Ugly everything and only one game I actually love in Forza horizon 1. Horrible controller too with overly hard buttons. Dreamcast I bought on JP release and that was a mistake really. I did have a decent amount of fun with it and it was a weirdly exciting time bit so much of it felt a little shoddy. Plus only one analogue stick is absolutely barmy.
  3. nakamura


    I can't see her winning another major at the moment. Either needs a new coach of the British media to let her grow. It's just so much pressure on such a young person.
  4. Doesn't work so well for deinterlacing apparently. But not checked yet.
  5. I love my PVM, it's absolutely amazing. But I have been loving my SNES classic on the LG TV. It's huge and the colours absolutely pop. If I could get a decent TV for PS1/2 the CRT would not be so essential. But I'm not convinced you can.
  6. Menus I often hugely prefer on older games. These huge icon driven, laggy menus are horrible and have been a feature for about ten years too. I find, especially with racing and football games now is the presentation is often really obnoxious. Also miss a good intro.
  7. All the Angeal and Genesis stuff in Crisis Core was awful. But the rest was good.
  8. Sounds like City Crisis. Great little game.
  9. This is so unbelievably true.
  10. What made me laugh tonight is the pundits talking about Real as if they were underdogs. You know, the current La Liga champions, who bested some strong teams on the way to the final including Man City, who beat Liverpool to the title. English pundits are AWFUL.
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