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  1. I demolished my original log bridge yesterday. It’s pretty much the only thing still where it was when I first placed it, and has been causing problems in my design ideas for about two weeks now, but I worked around it because I liked the idea that it’s always been there. But I can’t fit any more stuff in and I’m sick of my weird layout designed to accommodate the current bridge positions. It’s weird because it’s only a few weeks ago that I started playing, but I’m feeling an accelerated nostalgia for all the things that I’ve not taken screenshots of or preserved.
  2. Again, it’s this exact attitude that concern trolls take advantage of. How many times does he have to post racist things before you admit that he’s a racist? Neg spent five years asking the same questions over and over again in the Tropes thread until discussion of sexism in games was stifled completely. Thousands of posts were written doing your very important education bit, nothing changed, he learned nothing, and an important conversation was successfully silenced so that everybody could stroke their egos by convincing themselves that their post would definitely solve the sexism. Neg is still a violently misogynistic man, the conversation was still destroyed, and now there’s thousands of posts about what neg thinks about women in its place. He’s one of many examples. Your desperation to prove how patient of a teacher you are is exactly what they want.
  3. It’s partly it’s contained nature that makes it so good! Forcing it into a path would ruin the feeling of isolation. Worst boss run in the game though.
  4. Yeah, I’m sure he’s just been magically educated out of being racist and will definitely never make any racist posts ever again. Good job.
  5. Thanks! I think it must be taught be a villager type I don’t have.
  6. Missed your gates being open but if it’s still there I’d love to finally be able to make ironwood dressers!
  7. I’m so sorry I missed this and now the shop is closed, I’ve got that item in silver if you want it?
  8. Anyone need any of these things? Can buy and post. Ugly white surf boards are multibuy.
  9. You need to change your hair colour, same for moustaches and beards.
  10. I’ve got a green wheelie bin I can send you, and maybe a yellow tool cart?
  11. You should really have made that the policy before now, unless you've never actually played their games, in which case you've just made the best decision of your life. This post sums up exactly why Rllmuk is completely overrun with concern trolls destroying conversations.
  12. Worth posting again as I’ve added to it, but spoilers for length. Here’s a full list of things I have either got or have catalogued and can order you. If anyone wants specific colour or design variation ms of these items I can order:
  13. I’d like a fake quaint for trading but I’ve already bought from Redd today. I assume you bought the fourth? Curse that fake basic I bought.
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