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  1. Oh god the demo is amazing. Maybe I need to buy it
  2. This is actually really interesting. I know Division 2 is chugging along and is popular enough to still be going, though I never see anyone talking about it or streaming it. A free version of that makes total sense, and even the novel does as it’s based on Tom Clancy stuff. I’m quite shocked by the Netflix movie starring Donnie Darko and Jessica Chastain though. It makes me wonder if they’re looking to expand their audience in a very different direction, or if their data says there’s a big crossover between D2 players and The Day After Tomorrow fans or what. I guess maybe they just
  3. The 8.1 metacritic score from players is fascinating, so many people seem to hate it. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has actually played it and thought it was good. The 93 from critics is meaningless, most of the reviews were either “ZELDA = 10/10” or “FINALLY A GAME WHERE WAGGLE WORKS A BIT”. The hyperbole surrounding that game from reviewers was insane and I think it probably contributed to the backlash. It’s definitely about when I realised Edge reviews were nothing like my opinion anymore.
  4. Yeah my series S games are all telling me I need to sign in with the account that purchased them.
  5. Xbox love seems to be down?
  6. It might turn out to be good without the shitty controls, could be a second chance for all the other aspects of the game with people who abandoned it due to waggle.
  7. There’s a bunch of streamers playing who have gotten earlier access from Capcom.
  8. Just had the cutest game of this ever. Got put in with a kid, sounded about 8 years old. Despite neither of the two of us who were with her having mics on she chatted away, talking about how cool she thinks Valkyrie is and telling us where we should go. Asking if we like her skin. At one point she said she saw a solo and was going to get them, then immediately started yelling for help after getting knocked. We won in the end and she flipped out, screaming with excitement and thanking us both. It was really sweet. Looked afterward and it was probably my best game ever I b
  9. Is the demo still available on Xbox? I’m struggling with whether to buy it or not, fucking love resi.
  10. Don't worry, they’ll never actually release a movie of Akira.
  11. How does sharing clips work on Xbox? Can you upload straight to YouTube? Is there a sharefactory equivalent for trimming and editing them? Or can I just stick them on a USB drive?
  12. Yeah she feels a bit broken, I can see why everyone is fighting over her I bought her earlier, dropped into a game with team fill off and landed miles off the end of the flight path. I figured I’d try out the seekers, VTOL jets and maybe her ult. got myself nicely geared up wandering around hot spots that were away from the action, used a few replicators to grab some purple gear. I ended up with a fully kitted spitfire and volt and purple armour, only encountered one person who I killed and got into the last but one circle with plenty of ammo and meds. There were two squads
  13. Yeah I shoould check that out. I was playing regular because I liked the War Games shield regen but now that it's gone I guess it makes no sense to play unranked.
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