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  1. Got a Duo win for the first time in AGES:
  2. Broker

    Game piracy in 2018

    Video from Jim Sterling and a piece on Kotaku that are both relevant: http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2018/08/15/in-defense-of-roms-a-solution-to-dying-games-and-broken-copyright-laws
  3. Terrifying game where I couldn't find a level 2 helmet earlier and had to stick with the fucking dome. Turned out ok though:
  4. That’s awesome! Who was it who hosted you?
  5. Yeah I think I’ll be skipping that, maybe grab it next year.
  6. The endless delaying and combination with a service I have no interest in is really killing my interest.
  7. Are people generally assuming that they’re holding back the Switch version until the online service launches? It seems kinda sad to play this game without any online functionality, though it might be kinda cool to have a version where I can’t ever rely on summoning. A lot of the late game meat is PvP and helping people though, and it would lock you into having to grind enemies for covenant rewards. But there’s no achievements anyway so why would I be bothering? Maybe I’ll just stick with the PS4 version.
  8. Broker

    IGN writer busted copying other people's reviews

    It probably depends how hard you find writing.
  9. Ah ok, I see. My commenting upon your intelligence has nothing to do with your opinions on a movie, and everything to do with your weird, obsessive need to mention your opinion on that movie constantly. This thread isn’t a discussion about TLJ, and nobody was talking about it, which makes your unprompted outburst an odd way to behave, indicating a lack of social intelligence. You’ve also massively misinterpreted everything I’ve said, extrapolating from things to conclusions that don’t seem to me to have been reached using conventional logic. And you continue to accuse me of being aggressive despite the whole tone of the conversation having been set by your needlessly antagonistic comments about something we weren’t discussing, which seem to me to be designed to irritate people you disagree with. Clearly other people agree with you that the tone of my initial response was too harsh, and it’s hard to judge tone when dealing with only text, so please rest assured that I’m not angry or having any sort of outburst. For the reasons outlined, I thought your initial post was pretty stupid, and then everything you said afterwards seemed needlessly hyperbolic, bordering on hysterical. It was your opinions, the way you chose to deliver them and your subsequent responses that caused me to question your intelligence, not your subjective opinions.
  10. The Vector is definitely more common since the patch that buffed SMGs, before it was a rare treat in the sea of micro uzis, UMPs and Tommy guns, whereas now I feel like the uzi and Tommy are slightly more common than the UMP and Vector, which makes a lot more sense.
  11. Seriously? I’m not sure what you think I made up, but are you genuinely so fragile that you consider someone calling you stupid to be a “massively insulting” “outburst”? How on earth do you navigate the internet? How did you make it through primary school?
  12. I feel like it’s always been a less common spawn, I suppose maybe because they’ve added a few weapons over the last few months it’s proportionally less common? I had a good game with one earlier.
  13. Maybe if you were intelligent enough to understand that at no point did I ask you to only talk about things you like or claim that I was in charge of what you posted you might have enjoyed TLJ more. As is, I can see what your cognitive abilities are pretty clearly bang on Revenge of the Sith level, maybe explaining why your opinion on this is so stupid. I’ll try to work out a way to explain that your general point is painfully boring the first time, let alone the fiftieth, that’s simple enough that you can handle it. Maybe I could describe it with a metaphor about trade disputes.

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