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  1. Broker

    The Game Development Thread

    I’m doing games production at confetti in Nottingham, though at the moment I’m just using Virtus tutorials on YouTube to try to customise my stuff.
  2. Broker

    The Game Development Thread

    Working on some stuff for uni in UE4, it's amazing how quickly you can get stuff up and running following a few tutorials:
  3. I don't have the words to describe how much I hate applying thermal paste! My current plan is to hope it survives until the PS5 comes out. If I don't manage that I'm just going to buy a second hand slim PS4 I'd literally rather spend hundreds of pounds than try to apply thermal paste
  4. My base PS4 is a launch model but its so loud now that its annoying to watch TV on it.
  5. My Xbox is real slow. I had to use it for Netflix the other day and it takes noticeably longer than my PS4 to perform that task. And my PS4 is so worn out it sounds like a fucking hoover.
  6. Broker

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Its just random scenes, but they spoil major moments throughout the film, as well as big plot developments. There was nothing like that for IW, this seems like an unusual situation. Its weird, they're random moments from the movie filmed with a camera phone, but they're big moments, and you wouldn't know that unless you'd already seen it. So either someone with knowledge of the movie recorded choice moments, or someone has access to the whole movie and chose those moments.
  7. I bet they could get it up to 45% within 5 years.
  8. I think that first one is probably just an abandoned version from the first episode
  9. How can it be clickbait if its about Apex? News wise the game is already dead, its a stupid choice if you want attention, because the only people who care are the relatively small amount of people already playing. Its clearly not keeping up with other BR games in terms of interest, and whether you agree or not their slow updates and lack of changes are why. If they wanted to find an audience that enjoyed waiting six months for a minor balance patch, BR was a bad choice.
  10. That's good, I hope it maintains it's momentum long enough for them to add some more stuff.
  11. How's the community holding up? Is it still easy to get a game? Respawn have been real quiet on player numbers since the original rush.
  12. In theory, if I got a free now TV 7 day trial could I watch this tonight at 2am through my PS4?
  13. The trailer is OK, though I'm not super keen on returning to JJ after Johnson. I felt like JJ was a good person to start a story as he asks lots of interesting questions, but I'm less fond of the answers he makes up later. Loved TLJ, but I can see them course correcting after the response and this just being a sequel to TFA that ignores a lot of the last movie, which is less exciting for me. I think from the angle, Rey is jumping because she's going to slash through the cockpit.
  14. Clearly not much point in this. At least we can all rest assured that there's no legal mandate that all games be playable on Steam coming, ever. No amount of whining will change this, and hopefully the days of Steam's monopoly have already ended.
  15. Jesus, you're the forum's equivalent of a toddler who calls you through to see the shit they've smeared everywhere. You're in a thread that is mostly one of the tiny group of Valve crazies who are review bombing their way across the industry, agreeing with the OP that you're entitled to play games wherever you want. Repeatedly attacking my posts with what I assume are supposed to be insults. Aggressive isn't some magic word you can summon to avoid being wrong in your childish, greedy opinion. Try another one.

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