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  1. It’s not stupidity, it’s apathy. My son asked my dad to get him a new PC headset for Christmas. I sent him an Amazon link. He inexplicably decided to go to buy it from game, but took his phone and showed the guy the exact model with model number on his phone. Now I don’t know if it was the guy from game selling him whatever they had in stock, or my dad trying to save money, but he returned with the same headset but for the PS4. When I explained to him that it wouldn’t work (having told him not only that we needed a PC one but the specific model) he seemed really angry that it was wrong. It had a big fucking PS4 logo on the front, and I’d had a long conversation with him when we were talking about presents about how my son uses the PC now. He loves his grandson, and he seems to be aware of the difference between a console and PC. But the moment it’s a bit more complex than that he seems incapable of remembering any details. He’s still working, in courts, giving statements and presenting reports, so I’m forced to conclude that he’s not as senile as he occasionally appears. Which means he’s perfectly capable of understanding this stuff, but just doesn’t care enough to try. Lady who bought a PS2 memory card for her GameCube because it was cheaper. When I told her it wouldn’t work she called me a prick. Guy spat in my managers face because we wouldn’t take consoles for trade with no cables or controller. Guy who tried to buy three memory cards because he was buying three games. He thought he needed one for each game. When I asked him how many games he had he said about 20. I assume you don’t have kids? I’m pretty good for paying attention to my kids stuff, I don’t think I’ve ever bought them something wrong after they asked for something specific. Most of the people I know with kids play a lot less games than me, and are a lot less interested in LEGO. Then there’s thing grandparents buy them, or other relatives, or their friends. Those people care less about the kid, and whatever shit they’re buying. But what you’ve really failed to take into account is the frequency with which kids make mistakes about these things. I generally catch those minor mistakes, when they’ve said the wrong console or something, and tell the people buying them gifts. But I don’t know that everyone would.
  2. My girlfriend loves Adam Driver, she thinks he’s incredibly attractive.
  3. Broker

    Google Stadia

    Any word on what they are?
  4. Depends on the weapon and difficulty. She’s a real bastard with a slow, heavy weapon on higher NG cycles.
  5. Cool looking shit, it’s all on the test servers now as well. I might reinstall and try it out later.
  6. Well that wasn’t perfect, and the CGI was absolutely terrible in places (the bit where they all stood in a car park spamming their ammo into anti-monitor’s invincible shield that he maintained by waving his arms around was terrible in every possible way). However, I find the excitement and earnestness Benoit and especially Brandon Routh bring to their characters really charming and refreshing. Not sure about the big cameo, I like that actor in the role but it was a bit pointless and then they just vanished.
  7. He had secret reasons for thinking that which he doesn’t want to post but might PM to you.
  8. There’s one that’s leaked but no confirmed date for its release.
  9. AC is a lot more like Batman than The Witcher. If that works for you most third person games this gem are pretty similar. If you want 3D metroidvania, surely Souls/Bloodborne is the obvious choice?
  10. Rllmuk, on seeing a photo that might be the PS5: That is OBVIOUSLY fake for REASONS Also Rllmuk, less than six months ago after seeing the PS5 devkit:
  11. I’m guessing any people who do get the opportunity to take illegal secret pictures of these things don’t get a lot of time to make sure the camera focuses. Or it’s a larger image, secretly taken from a distance and with identifying features of the room cropped out.
  12. I’d not doubt a remaster but they’ve not bothered adding anything to Dark Souls for the remaster, so I don’t see why they would with Bloodborne. With Scholar they had to in a desperate attempt to make it less shit.
  13. A month of dev time seems really minor. Maybe a new feature? Or adding something that was going to be DLC into the main game in response to people moaning about it being too short?
  14. I’m done for now I think. I find that I log on, get bounties, do bounties (often playing activities I don’t like with guns I don’t want to use), then finish them and decide I can’t be arsed to do anything else. All the pinnacle and exotic quests are so fucking long and boring, generally requiring repeating the same activity with the same weapon for days. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and get the right bounties to speed it up. But I’m not really chasing anything. Most of the exotic quests I have left are trapped on some step that requires an activity with no matchmaking. And even then, I don’t think I want the stuff they drop anymore. I’ve got so much shit, and there’s fucking pages of it but I can’t remember what any of it is, or if I should keep it. There’s so many fucking currencies. I miss Hawkmoon and the Cosmodrome. This is absolutely spot on. The game seems to think I’ll have multiple sets of armour and weapons, each specified to activities. But changing armour and mods is an absolute pisstake, and the resources to upgrade armour aren’t anywhere near abundant enough for me to have multiple ones, so I just end up making a character who is ok at everything. Which means I can’t try out specific cool builds and have to accept I’m always kind of sub-optimal in everything. Then the bounties and powerful rewards make me equip specific weapons and subclasses that don’t work with my chosen mods. Am I supposed to have sets for each subclass and each activity, like nine sets for each character? Which two do you masterwork? It’s just all pointless and bland, everything feels basic and underpowered and kind of ok.
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