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  1. Had a fun evening playing this while my girlfriend watched TV. I did the intro, burg, parish, gargoyles, quelaag, sens, the golem, anor londo, O&S, then went back and did lower burg, Capra, depths, gaping, hydra, the garden and the butterfly super quickly with my +5 BKH. I can’t believe I still love this game so much.
  2. Well I’ve been aiming to use the Black Knight Halberd I got from the basin, so I’ve just put points into strength and dex so far, my health and stamina are at base level for a Knight character. I’ll probably add some pyro
  3. Well it runs brilliantly and looks gorgeous. Had the sound off so didn’t check that out. The Switch sticks are a bit awkward in handheld, just rung the second bell, I’m not looking forward to Sens.
  4. Alright it's downloading now, fucking stupid Dark Souls tempting me eternally. I'll have the fucking Nintendo online service by the end of the week. As far as I'm aware, non PTDE versions of the game that just say Dark Souls never had it patched out. So if you buy a PS3 or 360 disc or the digital version without the DLC it will still say "you defeated". If you buy any PTDE or Remastered version it will say Victory Achieved.
  5. Oh god maybe I’m in
  6. Broker

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Ticked off

    Ridiculous how good this looks on a base PS4. I’m shit at it at the moment, but damn.
  7. Oh shit it’s just in the menus? Roll is still where circle would be on a PS3?!?
  8. I really can’t stand the idea of trying to roll with the interact button. But I also really want to play handheld Dark Souls. Maybe I could view it like a challenge.
  9. You also can’t be invaded in the asylum, and generally in areas between the main places. Nothing, you increase pyro power by spending souls on upgrading the glove, there’s no stat requirements.
  10. They should really start cancelling the games, firing the creators and closing the studios if they want to catch up to Microsoft’s stellar first party output this gen.
  11. Broker


    I’ve got that and two Dark Souls ones.
  12. Broker


    The DLC is essential.
  13. Well that’s cheaper than on the PC
  14. How much are G coins in real money?
  15. How come upgrading textures is easier than improving the model? I’m pretty sure it was the same in the PS3 version.

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