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  1. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    I haven't got to this point yet but was reading about it on reddit this morning. Don't you have other stuff to do when you open these tomb grinds that will fill most of the requirements? Just opening chests and maybe one or two other things that won't be complete?
  2. Me and @Sieplayed a bit last year, got into the last expansion content before burning out. The thought of going back to it after so long out and trying to remember all of the skills from even just 1 class makes it feel a bit pointless!
  3. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    I have a feeling for the most part he might stick with the 433 as he's mentioned both Gomes and Chong being involved (Greenwood is out with an injury) and I don't think they would really fit in a narrow 442. I think if we were going to play with 2 up front we'd go with 3 center backs so the full backs could push up more to provide width. Pretty sure we've seen it a couple of times with ole during games so far. Bit of a shame both Martial and Lingard have got injured at the same time with Chelsea and Liverpool. Having to play Lukaku, Sanchez and Mata totally changes how we play and not in a good way!
  4. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    It's definitely fun to play so far. Just need to get to end game and see how that fares.
  5. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Think it was in a reward tab in the store.
  6. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Yeah, plays much better than the demo seemed to. Knowing whats what also helps!
  7. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Took me 15 minutes to get in right after launch. Played for an hour then the game crashed. Took 2 goes to get back in when I reopened it, so doesn't seem to be too bad at this point in time!
  8. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Maybe, if the servers don't fall over.
  9. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Not at early launch I don't think. I'm spork1096 on origin.
  10. spork

    Anthem - February 22nd

    This goes live in 20 minutes for anyone with Origin access/premier and whatever the Xbox equivalent is called.
  11. spork

    Final Fantasy IX

  12. I'm in the being crap at this club but there is almost nothing better than when you die and get eliminated and you watch through your random team mates perspective while he kills the entire enemy squad to collect your tag and then kills another 1 or 2 enemies on the way to the revive beacon thing. That crazy twitch dance some of them seem to do constantly even while checking their inventory gets me everytime!
  13. spork

    Final Fantasy IX

    It's been out on Steam for nearly 2 years too Edit: Unless you're meaning Xbox store.
  14. spork

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    Quoted so you can't back out.
  15. I'm just happy running around for a bit with 2 other people

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