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  1. The worst part is that he was reportedly recently offered a testimonial but turned it down as he didn't think anyone would turn up.
  2. That's still 4 free kicks scored out of 7 which is pretty good going.
  3. Sounds like there is a good chance that Rojo, Romero and Lingard (on loan) could all be off this month. No one seems to want Jones, probably because of his massive long contract.
  4. You could end up out of the top 4 by the end of Sunday
  5. We're not even half way through the season!
  6. Mctominay and Fred will be playing in the middle anyway.
  7. My stream is behind but I just knew what had happened by seeing you post in the thread.
  8. At least it still wouldn't be as boring as the Watford match.
  9. Oi, Man Utd match is later.
  10. Isn't there talk of it potentially all being held in the UK? They can call it Euro 2021: Plague Island at least.
  11. To be fair I wouldn't be too upset if we get knocked out of the FA cup early this season. There are just too many games and it's only going to get worse if there are many more postponements.
  12. We got some little minnows in the fourth round of the FA cup.
  13. There is another based on jewellery making coming out in March too. Great Pottery Throwdown (back when it was on BBC 2) was the best.
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