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  1. Also isn't the answer to the original question a big no? I've not seen him play while at Milan but I'm pretty sure I've read he's been pretty mediocre.
  2. At least wait until the 88th minute before you start talking about making our last subs
  3. I guess this is why AWB and Shaw always play
  4. I think the main thing you and Graham Souness need to understand that it has nothing to do with trophies or being a top 4/top 6 club. If it was all about that then FC United wouldn't have been formed. This has all been going on since the Glazers first turned up wanting to buy the club. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/may/03/manchester-united-fans-glazer-family-club-debt-premier-league
  5. Generic Sky Sports Man #3
  6. We get it! We should just accept the Glazers.
  7. Does that mean we shouldn't do anything and just be content?
  8. Nothing confirmed yet. Just reports that it's "close" including articles from Simon Stone (generally very reliable with Man Utd stuff) as well as some South American journos who have been reporting on him.
  9. Have Sky been hyping it up like they normally do or have they learned their lesson?
  10. I reckon our current defence will be fine for one more season with a proper sweeper keeper behind them. There was one point in the Spurs match where Kane was chasing a pass and got past Maguire, but Henderson came out to the edge of the area to beat Kane to the ball. That’s not something De Gea did much and left our slower centre backs exposed a bit more. If we can get a proper DM who can play there on his own they will have even more protection compared to when it’s just Fred or Scott. Also doesn’t Maguire have some of the best stats in the league for a defender this season? While he’s made a
  11. No wonder our unwanted underperforming players go to Italy and look amazing if that's the standard!
  12. Why is Mata taking Donny's 89th minute slot?
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