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  1. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    How can you feel like that when we have Pereira AND Lingard both starting?!
  2. A couple of years to develop in Germany before we buy him using that low minimum release clause that Raiola reportedly insisted on. Then he can be a great impact sub behind Greenwood. Sorted!
  3. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    My favourite moments where when we had corners and Bailly would do his little twerky dance thing to shield Maguire before the ball is crossed in Next game he'll do something stupid and remind us why he's a bit rubbish.
  4. We were out of our corner after the first game of the season too. Also something something about it only taking Liverpool fans 30 years to crawl out of theirs.
  5. You're just mad because fat Frank just got schooled by Ole. Again.
  6. Aye, best VAR performance this season to be honest.
  7. spork

    Nintendo Switch

    RPG recommendations? Something jrpg like rather than Divinity etc. Been eyeing up Xenoblade Chronicles or maybe the second South park game. Anything else worth looking at?
  8. spork

    Nintendo Switch

    Surely that's just what Nintendo want us to think!
  9. I just want to see how they do the dolphin jump bit.
  10. Haven't Liverpool fans spent most of the past 30 years getting angry about Man Utd? Whether it's been decisions going our way (ignoring any that don't), Fergie time, going on about paying off referees etc. I bet you were also furious for reasons when we decided to not enter the FA cup that year too. I'd bet you've also had ago at Ferguson when he might have said players are having to play too many games. It's really strange seeing you all now get incredibly defensive over people being critical about Liverpool in the same ways. You're literally mocking the sort of behavior you've spent years doing in the past, especially Oh Danny Boy who is on par with Dinobot for hating on Man Utd.
  11. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    Nah, when Pogba goes in the summer we'll be using his transfer fee on a top quality replacement.
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