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  1. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    Yeah it's a shame XBLIG hasn't grown bigger, I still suspect i'd sell more than Ouya though, be interested to see some sales figures.
  2. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    That's not quite right, when MS put the last uprising (apart from Diehard Dungeon, the twats) on the main dash I sold more copies than the launch week of QRTH-PHYL. Not crazy breakout Humble Bundle retire type numbers but it wasn't nothing. I'm still thinking about putting another game out on XBLIG, it's still the only console+controller open app store.
  3. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    I actually did all the audio on a ZX Spectrum audio chip, 3 channels of noise, square wave and an envelope controller thing, plus some effects and editing after record. I think the respawn noise is some processing on a currah microspeech though which was emulated cos I don't have one.
  4. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    Thanks for the nice comments about qrth-phy, seems like people seem to get it.
  5. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    Good to hear the US marketplace has been improved, hope it filters down to other regions. Maybe this petion isn't needed anymore: http://www.change.org/petitions/microsoft-give-the-indie-genre-of-games-its-own-channel-on-xbox-live#
  6. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    was linked on twitter earlier: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/xna/archive/2012/01/04/happy-new-year-xbox-live-indie-games.aspx
  7. MAttJ

    PixelJunk Sidescroller

    I think I read Sidescroller is the game the character from Shooter is playing in his spaceship as he travels back to earth.
  8. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    Thanks! Maybe it might work to launch at 80 then put the price up to 240 later? Kind of like Super Meat Boy launching with a sale. It's hard to do price experiments because every change of price has a 3 month lock in.
  9. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    It is. FortressCraft selling tons too. I wish I never started Leave Home at 240, I'm pretty sure it would have done more than 3X better at 80. It's 80 or bust on XBLIG.
  10. MAttJ


    Looks cool, any plans for non nintendo platforms (steam, xblig, iOS)?
  11. MAttJ

    Could Apple announce a home console at E3?

    The remote that comes with apple TV already has four directions and two buttons: Could be redesigned so it could be held sideways ala the wii-mote. Maybe stick some accelerometers in there? Make a dedicated app store. Bring the spec up to ipad2 level. Thousands of 59p (and free) games? Lots of the indie stuff that goes to XBLA/PSN? Rip-offs of all the Wii software?
  12. MAttJ

    The Indie Game Thread

    Ben Bradley is in Sheffield, working on the cool looking Substream: http://www.benbradley.com/ Proteus is wonderful but playing it just makes me want more stuff to do in the world. Hopefully updates will add more.
  13. MAttJ

    Project Zomboid

    Lemmy and Binky worked on Privates with Zombie Cow before this. Looking forward to this.
  14. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    Oh yeah I hope so. P2P boards are so crappy. Wouldn't be surprised if they focused the next XNA update on kinect tho.
  15. MAttJ

    Xbox LIVE Indie Games

    Super Crossfire for PC/Mac/iOS I believe.

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