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  1. can someone explain The New Adventures of He-Man to me please? and did anyone care about the 2002 reboot?
  2. "look under your seats" type Stadia announcement?
  3. and this just a couple of hours after spotting this on wish.com
  4. well, that's just an example of jumping the shark.
  5. Right, fine. I’ll get that copy of riding hero after all then!
  6. NASCAR was the only dlc I bought for fm6. Because the boy likes it.
  7. Goalkeeper and the ref both in blue. How embarrassing
  8. I'm not sure of the EXACT time line, but yes, episode three happens before the end of episode 2
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Star-Wars-Deluxe-Darth-Vader-Figure-extra-Large-Approx-1m-tall/173998869527?hash=item2883240c17:g:rr8AAOSwvA5dRBfN 1:2 scale, I reckon. They turned up in B&M for peanuts... the wife said no.
  10. I don't know if Scandal was better when it was a procedural, or got better when it went story-arc.
  11. isn't it just the voltage issue, same as the MVS->AES convertor? It's the reason why I got a replacement PSU from these guys https://en.retrogamesupply.com/collections/neo-geo/products/power-supply-for-snk-neo-geo-aes
  12. £300 second hand BIN on the 'bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NeoSD-AES-FLASH-CART-Case-from-Terraonion-for-Use-with-Neo-Neo-AES-Console/173998884886?hash=item2883244816:g:JI4AAOSwl7NdVop~ I've ordered a £33 MV-1ACH instead, so I can use my supergun and my 161-cart. Is an AES, an MVS, and 3 broken NGCD toploaders excessive?
  13. NCIS does this for whichever cast member(s) are up for contract renewal. so there'll be a bomb (usually) and you don't know who's coming back until the start of the season. Except Ducky. He had a heart attack on a beach.
  14. no one talks about Quake IV...
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