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  1. If they did they’d probably end up sending themselves a cease and desist…
  2. a draw with the czech republic sees both teams through
  3. I bought ACC last night for half the price of this, because my son asked for it? And I could have got it for HALF AGAIN if I’d bought it on the boneX instead. or 10% if I’d got the first AC and the Ferrari dlc… but we all know, come July 16th I’ll be splashing out on the digital deluxe version of this too. I watched that new trailer last night. Guessing that footage is from the PC version?
  4. Why are The Netherlands playing Australia, anyway? (AUT not AUS)
  5. Amazon Germany and Italy had some earlier, and often work out cheaper
  6. do you have a 4K tv? do you have many games on disc? do you have gamepass? OG Xbone to series S is all sorts of improvements, but I have a boneX, so I’m waiting and getting a series X later. it’s been said that for us, forumites on a gaming tip, the S doesn’t make as much sense.
  7. They probably looked at renewals and thought “this’ll get them back in on the run up to xmas!”
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