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  1. SeanR

    Free Guy

    It’s actually wreck-it Ralph X ready player one...
  2. SeanR

    Audio Club

    52... I was going for 365. Then I ran out of soundcloud space around 190-something I could open a second account I guess?
  3. I opened a new controller today because the one that came with my X, a year ago, is developing a dodgy A button. Must be all that “A and UP to win” action in tomb raider and assassins creed. Who needs design lab, when they already look this good?
  4. I was literally scrolling through to make sure no one said these two... and the warriors and crocodile Dundee 1&2
  5. Finally, the ghostbusters/ field of dreams crossover I’ve always wanted!
  6. The background on that link made me think my phone was fucked...
  7. Ancient Rome, like a continuation of Origins...
  8. SeanR


    The boy didn’t make a prediction. But I did.
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