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  1. The Bookies

    Going to wait for the line ups and see who is playing up front for brazil. Should be Fabiano, looking to put him on for a hat-trick. Same worry here about all the slow starts but hopefully Brazil can show everyone how it is done.
  2. The Bookies

    That's always the way! First winner here at last.
  3. The Bookies

    Struggling to put something on here, thinking 1-1 again. Have a feeling Italy will score first and then sit back.
  4. The Bookies

    Unlucky there Sirloin, thought the clearance was heading in. Going for a 1-1 draw in the Japan game.
  5. The Formula 1 Thread

    Agreed that Legard should go back to radio. On more than one occasion he became too excited and I couldn't understand what he was talking about at all. I also seem to remember him talking about Hamilton driving a milk float, might have misheard him though.
  6. The Bookies

    Went for 3-2 Holland, with Bendtner to score first, 225/1. Worth a couple of quid hopefully!
  7. The Bookies

    Paddy Power have an iphone app. I was not too keen on it, thought it as a bit fiddly. Thinking about placing a double on Van Persie and Di Natale, both to score anytime. ABout 5/2 at the moment.
  8. The Bookies

    Yeah, I really thought they were going to get a 5th. Hopefully some better results tomorrow!
  9. The Bookies

    One more please!
  10. The Bookies

    £5 on Germany to win 5-0, 66-1. Someone has to start playing well.
  11. Demon's Souls

    This topic has been a great read. The game arrived yesterday at last so will hopefully get started today. Really looking forward to it!
  12. The iOS gaming thread

    Really liking geoSpark now. My scores have been around 3,000 since I bought it but it just seems to have clicked and I am now up at around 20,000, still a long way to go yet though.
  13. Demon's Souls

    Thanks for that, had a look on ebay and decided to get it. Will report back when I've been killed for the hundreth time.
  14. Demon's Souls

    Looking to get this, but don't know which version to get. Are there any differences between versions available? Also if anybody could point me in the right direction where to get it from that would be ace, new to importing so don't really know where to start.
  15. Who is still happy with their PSPGo?

    Well I work away from home for long periods of time, and as I am limited to what I can take then it does make a bit of a difference. I didn't know the downloadable games were available for other versions, will have to a bit more research.

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