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  1. I've not tried that on the PS4, too worried about losing my save or the game getting corrupted.
  2. Too much hassle torrenting etc & I'm sure most of us don't have the time to watch everything we already have on our watchlists. Waiting an extra 4 months is annoying but I guess the reasoning behind it must be to ensure thay have enough content from expired deals with other platforms like Sky etc.
  3. Great result yesterday, the main difference was we took our chances & scored and Man City missed.
  4. I'm ok with waiting, need more info on launch price & titles etc which I expect we will get next year. Need to get in the habit of cancelling these streaming channels when I am not using them instead of keeping them going forever. I can see Netflix getting cancelled when this is released.
  5. My kids have daily limit of 60 mins during the week & 2 hours weekend or school holiday. If they receive any homework that is priority over gaming.
  6. Not yet, they are weekly. Last episode is 22nd November.
  7. gospvg

    Unable to kill

    It was one of the things I was hoping the orginal WatchDogs would deliver but then even that introduced guns etc The tomb raider games are very graphic & for me out of character for Lara, I can't see her being that vicious in kills & even though I have completed all three recent games it is a negative point for me in their enjoyment.
  8. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/grid/STORE-MSF75508-PLUSINSTANTGAME/1 Available to download
  9. Surely Monday would have been better to rest in between games. Sat 14th 12:30 Watford Tue 17th 19:45Aston Villa Wed 18th 17:30
  10. Well I guess he can now go & play something else. Life lesson learnt.
  11. Ok so possibly some dark or upsetting scenes.
  12. Is this more adult-focused like Game of Thrones or kid friendly Doctor Who. Would it be ok for a 9 year old to watch?
  13. Perfect! I'll add this to my shopping list then.
  14. I don't have an xbox & unsure about what console I will get next gen (PS5 is likely because of PS+ subscription & digital purchases this gen which I am hoping will be backwards compatiable). Assumming the next game in this series will be an xbox exclusive I'm in two minds about buying this game? Has anyone completed it? Is it a complete story or one that is likely to continue into the next game?
  15. I'm assuming it is no clip
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