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  1. FYI We have a dedicated Shield thread.
  2. Anyone with any premier league experience has to be a better solution than putting Williams under pressure to perform at a top level. Even if it is a loan deal for six months.
  3. Gabe, don't get me wrong I would love to win the FA Cup, it is long overdue but we tried and lost so we have to move on and concentrate on the league/champions league.
  4. No surprise Frank has gone with Tuchel being made available it was almost inevitable.
  5. Thanks, I'll stick with the free pass for now and keep playing will see what level I end up in a few weeks if worthwhile in terms of v-bucks I will get the pass for the rewards.
  6. It's going to be easier to find a thread on this later in a few years than trying to find the posts in this megathread. I'm going to split it out.
  7. We have quite a few posts on Mike's treasure hunt. Should we split it out into a seperate thread? @MikeBeaver?
  8. Agree with this, they were the better side overall. Just glad we managed to get back on the scoring lark. On the positive one less competition to worry about. Bring on Spurs.
  9. My daughter got me back into playing this yesterday, how many weeks do we have left? Wondering if it is worthwhile getting the battlepass. I've made it to level 19 so far.
  10. Time for me to start my thread, I'm sticking with my video reviews I started last year. January Lost Sphear (PS5) - Old School JRPG with a ton of dialogue & no fast travel.
  11. Good luck clearing all that out @MikeBeaver hopefully you also got a box full of cables/controllers.
  12. lol I thought you got sniped and was waiting for the replay
  13. Yep I just had to google it to find out what it was released on, had not even heard of it.
  14. Ok so forget the league then let’s go for the champions league instead.
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