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  1. gospvg


    Austin Wintory & LSO have remade the soundtrack Traveler Journey Symphony. It's beautiful.
  2. Meh! Why do we get two similar rogue like top down. Give us some variety at least.
  3. @jonamok so go start a thread.
  4. What a stupid decision by his agents. Guess he won't get much work in gaming anymore. Hopefully they can take the series forward with the side-characters.
  5. I've not played the Judgment games yet still got Yak5 & 6 but what happened to the Judgment games?
  6. I've purchased nothing yet so far this year, working my way through the Yakuza Games & got distracted at the moment by helping my daughter play Story of Seasons. Only two games I do want to get at some point is Horizon 2 & GT7 but not until later in the year.
  7. @Hawklord Thank you for the suggestion it took me 30 minutes on the chat window but eventually Amazon agreed to a £44.99 refund. I had to speak to a manager though, the first agent wanted me to return the whole console bundle & I said hell no! Black controller ordered.
  8. I have stick drift on one of my day one controllers, contacted Amazon and they said to talk to Sony. Is it worth the effort or should I just flog it off for spares and buy one of the new black controllers instead?
  9. I've completed Yakuza 3 & 4 the past few months, hate the QTE and chase sequences. Spoiler for Yakuza 4
  10. Sort of, I've played a bit of Fortnite with my daughter but nothing else so far this year. I'm sure I will get back to it at some point once I have some more time. I've popped into the forum once or twice but have not read anything apart from the Rllmuk election folder. Because this is an active thread best to pass it to a regular to manage.
  11. I don't visit the forum that often now so who want's to take over this thread?
  12. That was a harsh pen but we deserved the 3 points.
  13. That was inevitable, Palace have had lots of chances.
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