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  1. gospvg

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Everyone is probably waiting to see how much Bethesda is willing to pay for an 8/10 review. The Metacritic user scores are tanking this big time. 2.8 (PS4), 3.2 (PC) & 2.3 (XB1)
  2. gospvg

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I've purchased some reinforced items from the Trapper when I only had a few pelts. I think it is an unlock type switch. You give him a bear pelt & it will unlock all bear items etc.
  3. gospvg

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Fine, both of my boys are playing on a PS4 Original & Slim.
  4. gospvg

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I want to carry all the loot! That is the only reason I'm riding all over the map to hunt for perfect pelts. I've only got the one trinket from the Buck at the moment that gives you better quality pelts. I hate being stuck at work when I want to be home playing this!
  5. gospvg

    Console start up sounds

    I do love the Gamecube & Dreamcast startup. The 64DD had a good start up
  6. gospvg

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Tonics first it was the easiest to complete & got the Provisions satchel at the weekend. Working at the Ingredients & Valuables satchel. Need to find a perfect Beaver & Badger pelt to complete those. Then it is Panther & Iguana hunting time.
  7. gospvg

    Toy Story 4 - June 2019

    I did enjoy Inside Out, Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory & Coco. Incredibles 2 I need to watch again did not enjoy it on my first viewing.
  8. gospvg

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    There is also 2 Epilogues, chapters are all varied in length. I'm still on Chapter 2! I've got a Poker challenge that I'm doing at the moment whilst also hunting for pelts to craft more of the bags at camp.
  9. gospvg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Hey Prestro! Only yesterday BBC had the article about no-one being sacked!
  10. gospvg

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Limitless is there as well. One of the ...yeah it’s crap.
  11. gospvg

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It will be in next season, almost guaranteed. It will make more correct decisions, cut out diving & hopefully not delay the game too much.
  12. gospvg

    Nintendo Switch

    Have not used my credit card or paypal for any online payment store. I always buy vouchers for fear of kids splashing out on in-app purchases or account getting hacked. I'll pick up an eshop gift card.
  13. There is an option I think it is the triangle button which shows you items you can craft. It is a toggle effect action.
  14. gospvg

    Nintendo Switch

    Need to invest in some Nintendo credit. I find the store quite difficult to browse but 2 titles I do want to buy are Golf Story & Into the Breach.
  15. No issues with crafting like @Danster said you need the correct materials.

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