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  1. The jump to a destroyer class ship is tough because you need a lot of credit, thankfully in the latter system you can get missions that rewards you with 400K credits. So no more carrying around cargo from one station to the next in the hope of making a profit. The Minotaur is much slower than the Tennhausen but packs more of a punch with more ports & turrets. After getting the torpedo buster trophy which needs you to destroy 500 trophies! I'm now going for the platinum. Really enjoying the game flying around destroying pirate ships.
  2. Well this was the only title i was going to buy on release this year. Carry on enjoying my backlog rest of the year.
  3. PC, Xbox & PS. I still need to get round to playing Outer Wilds.
  4. How is there not a thread for this already?
  5. Echoes of the Eye expansion announced
  6. Stray looking great, early 2022 release
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