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  1. hub2


    That soundcheck is better than 95% of recorded album tracks. (Not just Prince's, everyone's) Thanks for this, never came across it before. The Family version is a club killer too.
  2. I think I'd prefer a not-Snyder Man of Steel cut. I'm pretty sure there is a decent movie in there somewhere.
  3. Is there a decent alternative for a Mac to Melodics to learn piano/keys? if not I'll get a subscription, but just curious what other people are doing or have done to learn to play. Is there a Piano learners thread?
  4. Also, new to me, but just noticed that if you view source you will see a quote from Walt Disney at the top.
  5. Disney Prop Culture is new right? https://www.disneyplus.com/en-gb/series/disney-prop-culture/3vXywewCCYr5
  6. I'm on Ep 4. Intriguing story but the acting is off the wall terrible for the actress playing Lily Chan. Dragging it down considerably for me. Nick Offerman and Alison Pill are the only ones doing a decent job. Maybe the Amaya head of security also, but the casting is a huge weak point.
  7. I thought it was a middling to good Columbo episode.
  8. I've had a good rummage today and added a few things to watch, but quite frankly this is really for a younger audience. I'm not seeing a lot of content that will really keep me interested, and if I did not have a youngster in the house I would struggle to see the point in subscribing. However, I do, and I'm in for 12 months due to the yearly subscription deal. let's hope it picks up a bit.
  9. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/play-series/analog-dreams Now free.
  10. I'm not quite sure where some of you are seeing movies to get such a dislike of the cinema, but I literally can count on one hand the number of bad experiences I have had in a cinema (well, not related to the movie), and I used to go pre-child at least once or twice a week. Half of those were probably just, "sorry the coffee machine is out of order".
  11. The best part of season 2 was discovering Jihae. Other than that, kinda blah.
  12. hub2

    Lego Super Mario

    This is going to be expensive. To my wallet.
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