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  1. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

    I'm attempting to play this on an ipad. 'Attempting' being the optimal word... I cannot get past the initial loading screen. Is this a known issue? I've re-installed and rebooted the iPad and to no affect.
  2. Plus the deal is not done yet. Rumors today Comcast will put in a bid.
  3. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    Yeah, one episode in an the production values are sky-high. This just proves to me that anything can be filmed now, there are no barriers to what can be a TV show from a technical POV.
  4. A movie watchers blog

    I'm with Zok on this one.
  5. Just google the headline. Traffic from Google is ungated.
  6. And toilet roll tubes. Kitchen roll tubes if you're posh like.
  7. Actually I think those letters/numbers are stencils.
  8. Am I mistaken or are there quite a few Labo things (what do we call them?) in the video at the end which are teasing variety pack 2?
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Wow! Who guessed this one?
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Anyone have The Escapists 2? Worth a look?
  11. So does anyone know if this book is canon?
  12. You, or anyone else, have no idea whether this works as the second of a trilogy until the third is released
  13. The Last Jedi visual dictionary explains that the bombs are not dropped, they are magnetically attracted by their target. Ahem.

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