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  1. It's quite silly, but very slick. Really enjoyed it, but I am a sucker for charming conman/heist stuff. Very short series though at 5 episodes. Definitely left me wanting more.
  2. The last season is fantastic and the ending was totally worth it.
  3. Also: The Meyerowitz Stories, Dolemite is My Name, Mudbound, Roma There's a ton of good stuff spread over the last few years.
  4. OMG. Mark Hamill would be amazing as the Doctor. Why haven't we thought of this before. (A yank Doctor would be interesting, if only for even more blowback than a female or non white male actor playing the character). Edit: Sorry, I forgot I need to nail my colours to the mast about TLJ:
  5. It's included on Game Pass, as are all the expansions. I only paid for the season pass.
  6. I've been playing the game a month and just so I could deliver a cookie I started the Tangled Shore / Forsaken content. Really enjoyed the prison break, and boy is the game a looker - I love the Bungie/Destiny aesthetics. If you want to play this game on your own, there really is a pretty great single player experience IMO.
  7. Bit of a public service announcement because I just noticed it myself: https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/goodies All Cyberpunk 2077 purchases come with a bunch of freebies: A 120 page digital artbook which includes a lot of background on the world and lore A digital comic Original score Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook Wallpapers The artbook is well worth a look and explains a bunch of stuff about the world. Alas, continuing the 'buginess' of CP2077, I'm unable to access the last three items via GOG.com, but that may just be user error.
  8. Had a really good session with this last night, fought my first boxing match, raided some kind of gang hideout and got a load of loot such as some nice weapons and new armour that frankly looks terrible, but in a good 80's kind of way. I also started the questline in Lizzie's, met Evelyn and Judy and got introduced to brain dance investigations which are really cool. Really enjoying it so far. Had an unfortunate bug where during one of the BD cutscenes with Evelyn/ Judy, they environment disappeared and all I could see was low poly, untextured cars driving around. However, a manual
  9. Hmm, what about if we want MORE dildos, huh CDPR? Pandering to the whiny anti-dildo brigade again. Yes, I'm talking about you @Alan Stock
  10. Loving it so far on Series X. Started each of the three openings and settled on Nomad female. I just chose one of the presets and made a few small changes as I had spent ages on my first character which just looked goofy in the ingame engine and different to the character creator version. Obligatory bug report: Only a few small ones so far... Jackie walking through elevator doors, my character appearing without pants in the mirror, then without hair. On my first character I also had an item overlay on the UI not disappear, and now I think a text label is missing for th
  11. You know what you rarely see in open world games? Pedestrians walking in pairs and groups.
  12. It's the premiere edition as well.I guess they had a ton of stock they didn't shift earlier in the year. :p
  13. For those tempted by the purchase Cyberpunk 2077 and get a free stadia controller and chromecast offer, be advised that the controller may arrive in January from what I have read.
  14. GeForce Now is in the same ballpark as the new consoles as it uses a modified 2080 super. it also will have RTX which I don't think Stadia supports.
  15. I started a new character and started in the Cosmodrome. I was familiar with it from D1 so it was pretty straightforward, if not slightly different, for example, one area (where the giant crab public event happens) is waaaaay more busy now with enemies.
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