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  1. I am unable to test and confirm if working or not, happy to deal at a fiver if your willing to risk it.
  2. I'm happy to sell those, throw us an offer, but please bear in mind I have only just got them not tested and no nothing about them. Pm me thanks
  3. I am selling all of them! Street Hawk says 1986, the cover also looked like its been printed at home! Let me what interests you and see if we can sort something out I also got a few more aswell
  4. Is spectrum worth anything? Had to make a quick decision to buy or not. what you guys think?
  5. startagain

    Softmodding the XBox (Original)

    Cheers, so how does the evoX compare with other bios . Also would there be hd installed due to it being extremely heavy?
  6. startagain

    Softmodding the XBox (Original)

    I just bought an original Xbox. First thing I notice is how heavy it is, weights a ton Then notice this on the box (see pic) it's been modded but what's evo x?
  7. Can some please help me value these, thanks in advance
  8. Yes some are can take pics if you wish, any in particular you are after?
  9. I have into possession of 2 boxes of games any rare games please advise Atari st: Kings Quest 1, 2 and 3 The Bards Tale (Electronic Arts) Dungeon Master Outrun Slaygon Rolling Ronny STOS The Game Creator(Mandarin Software) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Legend (Actual Screenshots) Falcon (Spectrum Holo Byte Populous Starglider 2 Ultimate Golf Tangle wood Future Wars (Time Travellers) Race Drivin Nitro Boost Challenge Millennium 2.2 Virus killer Panza Kick Boxing American Pool Pinball Magic SAS Combat Rest are C64, So how much is the above worth?

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