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  1. I haven’t read a magazine in years but @dreamylittledream pointed out if you have a local library you can probably get a PressReader account for free which gives you access to thousands of magazines. It’s really clever. I don’t have an iPad at the moment but even on my iPhone it basically reflows the text and screenshots. Looking forward to reading some of the editorials.
  2. Just finished File 10. Is 11 a long one? I think on repeat runs I’ll probably miss out a lot of the side quests.
  3. I love the form factor of the lite. If it supported docked mode I’d have one in an instant. Anyway, this looks wonderful but I think I’m going to hold off for a little while as I could do without the expenditure and have plenty to play and not much time to play it in. I think I’ll save it for my next holiday game. I’m always trying to find something to play when I go away and having this would be amazing.
  4. Just looked him up. “Captain Communism” feels like a missed opportunity.
  5. Who's the bearded guy? Looks a bit stupid having a mask which doesn't cover what is almost certainly your most distinguishing feature.
  6. Fair enough. You can stay out of sight usually and keep trying to loop them. They can’t see your legion so there’s no issue there.
  7. You know you can just bind up every enemy with your chain, right?
  8. I always got the impression that Rorie is a very high functioning alcoholic.
  9. Yeah, except they’ve now rebuilt and have apparently learnt nothing.
  10. I really hope they do something with this whole “the COG are basically fascists” thing. Otherwise it seems unpleasant and largely pointless if this is just going to be another “maybe we’re the monsters.”
  11. Kait is the worst. Awful edgy beanie/hair combo, [headache pain], and to top it all off, encounters a horrific massacre and makes a witty quip.
  12. I don't use my Switch in portable mode very often, but my wife gave birth to our second child over the weekend and having the switch to grab 5 minutes distraction when there's nothing I need to be doing there and then has been so, so nice. Nintendo single handedly getting me through the horrors of pat leave.
  13. God of War looks better to me as well, but I think that’s down to art design (and a healthy dose of particle effects) rather than being technically superior. And it’s only 30fps. I’m more impressed by the technical aspect of it being able to run like this rather than particularly liking how the game looks, which is pretty much how I remember Gears 4 looking, just a bit nicer.
  14. I enjoyed playing through a bit Moreno of Act 1 today. I really don’t like some of the enemies though. Jumpers and Snatchers are just so utterly tedious to fight and I often feel like I’m doing it wrong. It makes me optimistic about the next gen of gaming though, but also wonder what we need it for when we’ve got games that look and run like this.
  15. You can use it fairly up close if you get the abilities which do damage along the chain. Pro-tip: if you use Hit Rush, it unchains your Legion and if you switch to another, you can have multiple legions active at once. As much as I love it, this game has the worst case of moron enemy, ever. She keeps banging on about how you’re being tricked but never just spits it out.
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