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  1. HarryBizzle

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Man, this looks good. I've got the demo downloaded, but I think I'm just going to hold off for the full release.
  2. HarryBizzle

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I don't think I've ever not bought a big Rockstar release on day one, but I'm really struggling to get excited for this. From what I've seen, it all just seems a bit dry. None of the previews have done anything for me, really.
  3. HarryBizzle

    Games Industry Dead Pool

    I don't think they've got the right structure to make something like Until Dawn.
  4. HarryBizzle

    Xbox One X

    The Arkham remakes. Framerates all over the place until they received an X patch this month. Utterly bizarre patch which keeps all visuals the same but locks framerates to 30fps for one of them and, amazingly, 45fps for the other. Absolutely mental.
  5. HarryBizzle

    Nintendo Direct - 13th September (11 PM BST, 12 AM CEST)

    The MK8 F-Zero tracks are so bloody good that it doesn’t make any sense to not make a full game.
  6. HarryBizzle

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Are the puzzles remotely challenging? My main complaint about ROTR was I would turn a few switches to see what they did and usually end up solving the puzzles just like that.
  7. HarryBizzle

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

    Yeah, that one is absolutely brilliant.
  8. HarryBizzle

    Halo 5: Guardians

    That first level is a lot of fun once you learn the new moveset. First time through it I played it like one of the old Halos and absolutely hated it and thought it was basically a "revive me" simulator.
  9. HarryBizzle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Nah, if you web them up enough and then knock them into walls they'll stick to it. It seems very random though so I'm not sure how it works exactly.
  10. HarryBizzle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    They could totally scrap everything about Peter Parker and I'd be happy. The lab puzzles seem misguided and incredibly boring. And I haven't come across a decent side mission yet. But I love the traversal. Using multiple point jumps is great.
  11. HarryBizzle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    How many times do you have to hit someone with web before they'll stick to a wall when you whack them?
  12. HarryBizzle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    MJ is really annoying in this.
  13. HarryBizzle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    I think it's utterly pointless having collectable which you can see on a map. Can't think of a better game to have Agility Orb style collectibles.
  14. HarryBizzle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Are there any side missions which center on webslinging, like races or time trials or something? Even pulling off certain chain moves like HORSE in the old Tony Hawks games would have been great.
  15. HarryBizzle

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    It's basically batman combat except they swapped triangle for circle. The web slinging is impossible to get wrong, as well, (you can literally just hold R2 and point the left stick if you really want to) so not sure how anyone is absolutely clueless about what they're doing. I love how you can take photos for the landmark challenges while swinging. Adds some challenge to it.

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