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  1. That ABS extension (on the Chrome Web Store, but works in Edge) is absolutely bonkers. Seeing it open up all the reward tasks and do the tedious quizzes for you is quite something.
  2. There is a bit on the page for each set of headphones where it tells you exactly what they work with, under “compatability”: https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7x I have the standard Arctis 7 so they don’t work wirelessly with Xbox, but I just plug ‘em into the pad and they’re excellent. The 7X work wirelessly on both but you have to flip a switch and swap the dongle between devices, which is more inconvenient for me than just using wirelessly on PS5 and wired on Xbox.
  3. It’s not amazing, really. I find I have to charge them about once or twice a week. I seem to get 3-4 times longer out of my Xbox controller with rechargeables.
  4. At the moment if you want to switch consoles, you’ve got to pay a scalper for the privilege. At least this way, gamers are buying them. Phil Spencer has talked about some kind of stock allocation (to the end user) from the factory.
  5. I think it’s RF, rather than Bluetooth, but there’s a USB dongle, yes.
  6. There are other wireless headphones which seem decent. My Arctis 7s work wirelessly and are much better than my old Golds.
  7. I’m sure they could figure out a system where they prioritise people with genuine PSN/Live accounts that haven’t been recently set up dormant for a million years. Give these people a code they can use to buy from GAME, or something.
  8. The last four announcements were pretty crap, so it's odd that they'd carry this on.
  9. I think this is pretty common, but eBay allow you to only allow bids from people with 2 unpaid items in 12 months, I think. But I think it's pretty rife, all the same. I suspect any of the consoles selling for >£1000 are just people fake bidding.
  10. Apparently Argos have stock, but no one knows when it’s going to be available to order. About 3 units per store. I think sticking it in your wishlist on the app and having some sort of alert set up is your best bet, but I imagine it’s going to be tough. I’m on the hunt for another PS5, but I think I’ll probably forget about chasing one down until they’re not so difficult to get, even if that ends up being Spring/Summer.
  11. Someone should make a bot that looks like Arnie and send it back in time about 6 months to kill the scalpers.
  12. Donut County is now on Game Pass and nice and simple (you control a hole in the ground that gets bigger as you swallow things). Probably the most child friendly game I’ve found on Game Pass. Everything else requires a lot of help from me for my 4yo. You can put the stick sensitivity right down to make it easier to control as he found it a bit finnicky on the default.
  13. I find it incredible that nobody internally thought to suggest that they didn't need to make a giant, unforced error less than 6 months into a new generation.
  14. The only way this price hike makes sense to me is if it was designed to force people into Ultimate. If the issue is the Gold to Ultimate gravy train, then the obvious solution is to just reduce the rate at which it converts (as it does if you try to add Gold to an existing Ultimate sub). Just say the offer is ending and after a certain date, 2 months of live will convert to 1 month of Ultimate. Maybe they’re scared of finding themselves in a situation where people are disincentivized from upgrading if the length of their sub will be reduced.
  15. How bizarre. I’m happy they’ve reversed this decision, but the fact that they did about face in a matter of hours sort of makes it worse. I’ve been very happy with my Series S, but this is a reminder of how we’re at the whims of platform holders, especially if you have an all digital console and are relying on Game Pass.
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