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  1. I'm on the last level now (I think) and it's becoming a bit of a slog. Unless I'm missing something entirely about how to play it, there's absolutely no way I could manage Ultra Violence. It'd be such an uphill struggle. At the moment totems, Archviles and Marauders are no fun at all and just feel like ways to artificially ramp up the difficulty. What is the point in a super weapon if the most annoying and overpowered enemies in the game are immune to it? I think they could have made the combat far more interesting if they had: Let you equip more than 3 runes at once (ideally all of them. I don't think you'd be overpowered if you had them all). Not made every single Praetor suit upgrade completely crap Let you have more ammo Tried to put a few more core combat mechanics in there, or failing that, more interesting enemies. The flame burst is nice, but it's just a way of generating armour. It doesn't change the core loop of - "run away from enemies while shooting at them, use glory kills as a short reprieve with a few invincibility frames and a health pickup."
  2. HarryBizzle


    Thanks, I think I'll give one of their naturals a go with the 20% off. Apparently it's until 30th of April, so plenty of time to get a bigger order in if I like it. I've also got a bag of Hasbean stuff on its way to me, so my Pact sub could be in trouble.
  3. HarryBizzle


    That’s a great deal. Any of their filter coffees you recommend?
  4. HarryBizzle


    I’m not a fan of handgrinders, other than the fact that they’re portable. Anything under £80 gives you an inconsistent grind and if you drink enough coffee, you’re probably better off just buying preground and storing it well between uses.
  5. I’ve been looking for something to play on my Switch, as I can’t play Doom when the kids are about (which is ALWAYS). This will do nicely.
  6. I seem to be at the point of no return. Thank you to whoever pointed out you can change the UI. It’s so much better now. I also got some headphones yesterday, so can play with virtual surround and the volume turned up and the audio is brilliant. I’ve given up on the plot completely. The scrolling text is presented horribly and is an absolute chore to read. It’s not even tongue in cheek, as with the first game. It’s just totally straight Doom fanfic.
  7. HarryBizzle


    https://www.pactcoffee.com/grinders/wilfa-svart-grinder-silver?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_dneoKq46AIVGNtRCh1dJQ00EAkYASABEgIJRPD_BwE The Wilfa Svart is a good bet for filter and Aeropress brewing. Black looks better than silver but is generally a bit more expensive. If you want some beans as well I have a code which’ll get you £5 off a pack of Pact coffee, which makes a bag of single origin about £2.95. I like their stuff.
  8. That’s hilarious. I didn’t realise the games rotated off. So it’s like Game Pass but crap.
  9. Taras Nabad is hard. First time I’ve really hit a difficulty spike. Chucking all sorts at you at the same time. That Marauder and his effing dog can do one.
  10. I think I’m on the second half of the game and the story in this is just unintelligible. I’ve no idea what’s going on at all. Not only that, but it reminds me of Halo. Remember how amazing it was going around Halo CE looking at all the forerunner architecture, wondering what it all was? And then they went and explained it all and absolutely ruined it. This is like that except no one ever wondered where the demons came from or what their backstory is.
  11. The PS4 lets you play games offline without going into settings and selecting “offline.” Which is what he said.
  12. You were right, anyway.
  13. I think, more than anything else, I hate the UAC hologram. Everything she has to say is basically the same and it’s so incredibly played out, even at the beginning of the game, but they stick her in wherever possible. I don’t know how well this mirrors your experience, @Down by Law I made a mess of the first guy and missed like half the shots but i thought the second guy went down nice and quick.
  14. That’s very odd. I used about a third of the ammo I can carry (150 rounds) and killed him so quickly I couldn’t glory kill him.
  15. I agree totally about the levels feeling unconnected. I don’t like how doors close behind you to prevent backtracking, either (I haven’t found out how fast travel works, either). Not a fan of the story or change of tone, either. Mars was a much better and consistent place than the various locations you’re visiting here. But I like the first person platforming for the most part and don’t find it difficult at all. It’s a nice break in what would otherwise just feel like an arena shooter. I also don’t get the issues with difficulty on Hurt Me Plenty. I die maybe once per level. The chain gun comment is particularly odd because I thought the whole point of that guy who spawns is to show how quickly the chaingun annihilates him. A lot of enemies can be bullet sponges if you don’t use the right weapon or go for their weakpoints, I’ll give you that. This is mainly an issue with the Mancubus. Also I thought the whole point of the purple goo is to make you navigate over it with your double jump and boosts, not to render them useless.
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