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  1. Strangelite

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    Oh jesus, it was called Freak Out in the UK, and it's easily the worst pile of crap I've ever bought in my life. Awful, I bought a PlayStation 2 for that game... (well, I bought a PS2 and that was the first game I got with the hardware) - what an introduction... woeful.
  2. Strangelite

    Desert island discs - One game per system

    Specifically targeting "stuff that's still fun now" + replay-ability. Spectrum - Target Renegade Master System - Wonderboy NES - Duck Hunt Megadrive - Mega Lo Mania MegaCD: Shining Force CD SNES - Zelda LttP Amiga - Sensible World of Soccer 3DO - Need for Speed PS1 - Ridge Racer Saturn - Shining the Holy Ark N64 - Goldeneye PC - Open Roller Coaster Tycoon Dreamcast - Rez PS2 - San Andreas Xbox - Project Gotham 2 Gamecube - Resident Evil 4 PS3 - Red Dead Redemption 360 - Elder Scrolls Oblivion Wii - Wii Sports PS4 - Witcher 3 XBOXONEX - Forza 7 PSVR: Gran Turismo Sport Gameboy - Tetris GameGear: Columns GBA: Fire Emblem Switch: Into the Breach
  3. Strangelite

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    To be completely fair to Killzone, Motorstorm and Call of Duty, they aren't deliberately misleading, just being "economical with the truth". there's nothing stating it's in game, (which would be misleading). Simply letting the viewer draw their own conclusions about an "aspirational" trailer. Even phases such as "Rendered on PlayStation 3 hardware" isn't misleading.. it can be rendered at 1 frame an hour, and be technically correct.
  4. Strangelite

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    This advert was banned also, (I was one of the people who complained to the ASA, nerd fans!) Missing: "Not in game footage" tag In game
  5. Strangelite

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Ugh god, I absolutely hated the last guardian. After the initial "oh bloody hell, look at that" of the big birdycat thing, the controls. oh god the controls the 1990's rang and want their 3d adventure platformer mechanics back
  6. Strangelite

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Regarding Forza Horizon (4) but most of them, I can't quite nail what it is, but it does and will always feel inferior to Test Drive Unlimited (and it's sequel to me) - there was just something about that game that was ... well, yeah, I can't quite nail it. I think it's they've nailed the idea of going to physically own a car, by buying it in a store. It not all being about racing, just cruising around was so satisfying, the driving model was sufficiently weird enough to make every car feel different, even if it wasn't the most realistic thing ever. I dunno, it had an enormous amount of charm that I think was closer to my ideal open world racing game... (Being able to move the windows up and down.. why?? why?!)... Forza, even though massively more polished feels a bit soul-less. Like they don't really get the idea of super car ownership and how every car is unique and special to it's owner.
  7. Strangelite

    Abandoned Games (2019)

    Forza Horizon 4 "God I love racing games", "god I love loads of cars", "well, I guess I can ignore annoying VO announcers", "I spose I can ignore the sound track", "that bloody airhorn whenever i get near the festival that sounds exactly like the PlayStation 4 overheating beep alarm", "The world is a bit.. well, indistinct and samey", "the online is ok, but everyone just uses super powered S cars and know the tracks better than me because I was a late adopter", "it's a bit shallow", "nothing you do really matters", "none of the races provide any challenge", "tuning / buying upgrades is completely irrelevant", "I guess the racing is ok.. but still doesn't feel right", "oh, ok, i'm getting bored of going off track now", "none of the cars feel different", "um, I'm a bit bored now", "none of the events are particularly interesting", "why do I need so many different t-shirts and top hats?", "ugh, emotes and dancing"... *boots up Forza 7* "this is so much better, so much infinitely better", "god i love track based, streamlined, polished and perfected racing games"
  8. Strangelite

    What game is the most FUN?

    Definitely Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast* And then maybe 7 player death tank (classic) *if there was one game I could remaster it'd be this.
  9. Certainly on PlayStation it'll pre-download the updates too, (it depends when they tick "release" on the patch - but I can't imagine any reason why they wouldn't have done that tomorrow) - Edit: they'll want any reviewers playing the latest and greatest.
  10. Yeah, I've got a feeling they are going to be quite tight on the street date all over retail. I think Friday morning is as about as good as it'll get in most cases, even off the likes of ShopTo who regularly get stuff to you early.
  11. Strangelite

    Best short games

    I always go through PSN profiles for "short games" (a platinum in a week? that's pretty short!)
  12. Strangelite

    Best short games

    (For balance) I hated Virginia and Rime Good stuff (all the other suggestions) Gorogoa What remains of Edith Finch Tacoma The Witness Dear Esther Everybody's gone to the rapture (Split opinions a lot this one - I enjoyed it weirdly) AER Memories of Old Last day of June The beginners Guide Stanley Parable Her Story Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery Brothers (Interactive Fiction: 9to5) As everyone else has said though, Inside is a masterpiece
  13. Strangelite

    Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    I'm playing it on "Normal" - so maybe that is a problem, fair do's.. I dunno what it is about the inventory / upgrade system that urked me so much, i think they just had to call everything by some random name just to obfuscate it a lot more than it needed to be.

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