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  1. Hylian

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    Agree with this. Watched the last episode last night and it did feel a bit rushed. Definitely a weak ending. But I thought this was a really excellent series overall.
  2. Hylian

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    We all appreciate the extensive review. Well done?
  3. Hylian

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    Watched the first two episodes last night. I thought this was really strong. Really funny but also desperately sad.
  4. Hylian

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    Gervais isn't transphobic and nor are people laughing at these jokes. Just because it's about trans people doesn't instantly make it transphobic. If we stop laughing at jokes about particular groups of people then comedy is dead. For me Gervais is just saying it's fine to do whatever you like (I don't care, I'm not against people transitioning), but don't expect society to go to extreme measures just so you don't suffer even the slightest bit of discomfort (deadnaming is a ridiculous concept).
  5. Imagine looking at a game like this and being concerned about the resolution
  6. Is it? That wasn't even a Nintendo game.
  7. Right...so Retro have ballsed up whatever they've been working on for the last few years since Tropical Freeze and now Nintendo have said "well done chaps, great stuff, we'll bin that, but could you restart Metroid Prime 4 for us?". Sure...
  8. Hylian

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Pretty disappointed overall. Can't really put my finger on it though, just felt like half of it wasn't that funny. Definitely some laugh out loud moments though. Sidekick Simon and the touchscreen was excellent.
  9. Couldn't get on with this. The movement has almost no feeling of momentum. Feels like a free camera mode you get when you die in an online shooter. It's the sort of game Nintendo would make quite interesting but this feels like a bucket of slop to me.
  10. Hylian

    Fils-Aime to retire, Bowser new president

    The New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL System. Only Reggie could pull that off. What a hero.
  11. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-05-sekiro-shadows-die-twice-promises-a-thrilling-evolution-of-the-souls-formula
  12. Hylian


    Doing bosses first time is mad skilz. I soloed them all but I think the best I did was BSB on about 5th try. Something just clicked with that one. I wouldn't even expect to do them first time on a second run!
  13. Clearly StarFox GP is delayed because they're adding the battle royal mode.
  14. I try to only play one big single player game that can be "completed" at a time. Last one was Bloodborne and now for some reason I'm forcing myself through God of War (meh, 7/10). Then there tends to be a bunch of other games that could be played endlessly. Currently Smash, Graceful explosion machine, and now Tetris 99.

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