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  1. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    How does she play Animal Crossing on the Switch? #ijustdekayeddekay
  2. @Jamie John I've been on a similar run lately. In the last 18 months I've finished Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Cuphead. Currently on a first proper run of Dark Souls too. I definitely hear what you're saying. I do wonder at times if I'm just after that rush of beating a really hard boss. But I actually think it's more than that, more than just a release from frustration. Each boss is a difficult puzzle that needs to be solved. And even when a viable strategy has been found, it needs to be executed perfectly. I think Cuphead excels in this gameplay. I totally see why people would bounce off Cuphead though. It is brutally hard at times. I just really loved the style and animation, and seeing the next wonderful creation was a big enough reward to keep going.
  3. @Jamie John the flamethrower has a huge tell where one head opens its mouth. And I'm pretty sure it always comes out in the middle of the screen. But yeah, that phase is hard.
  4. If we're going for worst behaviour, Ben Thatcher's assault on Pedro Mendes would get my vote. I still wince when I see it. Just a yellow!
  5. What's the one with the arsenal players and the referee?
  6. It is. There was definitely a point early in Isle 2 where I was struggling but then it clicked. Bepe the Clown was a bit of a wall for me. Bee motherfucker in Isle 3 also very hard! It felt very much like DS to me - certain amount of git gud required. Maybe you just get better at spotting all the patterns. Amazing game.
  7. Hylian

    Google Stadia

    So the thing that is designed to combat a latency issue somehow bypasses that latency issue?
  8. This is definitely true. A minor blemish on a brilliant game. I'm not sure how they can solve this in the sequel while keeping some sort of scavenger type gameplay, but I hope they do.
  9. Hollow Knight is wonderful. Miles better than the vast majority of AAA £50 games. £6 is insanely cheap for one of the games of the decade.
  10. I wouldn't say it's that spoilery. I saw one new gameplay element that wasn't in part 1, but otherwise it was pretty standard TLOU gameplay. You do get a brief look at several enemy types.
  11. Cuphead. I'm actually considering whether Cuphead is in my decade top ten. It's that good.
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