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  1. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    For me it took about 2 years for my original stick to start drifting. Contact cleaner "fixed" it for maybe a week or two. Replacement stick has been fine for about 6 months now.
  2. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah contact cleaner is a quick fix, but in my experience the drift came back fairly quickly. In the end it got so bad I had to replace it. I love the switch but the quality of the hardware is pretty poor from Nintendo this time around.
  3. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    It's probably worth pointing out that if you don't want to be without a joycon for a while, haven't got receipt, whatever, then actually replacing the stick isn't that tricky. You can buy kits on amazon with two sticks and all the tools for about £10. It took me about 30 mins.
  4. Into Velen and the start of the Bloody Baron quest (this feels like start of the game proper). Enjoying it so far and concentrating a bit more on the alchemy, crafting, inventory this time around (I played a good 10-15 hours last time). Definitely a good call to play on "hard". Got my ass handed to me a few times but I'm getting to grips with it now and am mashing up bandits and wolf packs no problem now. It feels like a dangerous world though, which I never really got on normal. One thing I'm puzzled by is the advice to "turn off POI - ?", which was general advice here and seems elsewhere online. But... You can't actually do that can you? I can open up the map and filter them out, but if you reopen the map they are there again. It defaults the filter to "All". Am I missing something? Definitely a good idea to turn off the GPS routing. Enjoying the travel now as I can just head in a general direction and take in the world a bit more.
  5. Thanks. So does that mean, keep the GPS dotted line on? I've turned it off and while I'm still pottering about White Orchard, it does feel a bit better, like I'm actually noticing where the buildings are, starting to build up a mental map, rather than just following a GPS tracker and ignoring the scenery.
  6. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    They're going to need a big hitter to go up against Bugsnax
  7. What about the mini map? Is it at all feasible to play without it and the GPS tracking? Or does that way lie madness?
  8. So following the open world thread, I'm looking for suggestions on settings, as I've just started this. So turn off quest markers? I've turned off the fish eye thing on the senses as that seemed fairly dreadful. Default difficulty? I'm not particularly after a dark souls style challenge here. Anything else worth considering for a first play through?
  9. That's amazing for such a massive game. Just picked this up on the cheap. Played it on PC and probably played 10 hours or so before bouncing off it. I wasn't keen playing on PC for various reasons so hoping it grabs me a bit more on PS4.
  10. Off the top of my head, the only games I've replayed (through to completion) are: Zelda LTTP Zelda OOT RE4 (at least 3 times) The Last of Us Batman Arkham Asylum (and probably City) Donkey Kong Country Super Mario World So yes, but has to be a bit of a classic for me or have strong nostalgic reasons (DKC).
  11. This thread is excellent! I loved the game, but I won't add a lengthy review because others have done it plenty of justice. But thoughts on the ending: I'm definitely in the camp of feeling like it could have ended at the farmhouse. The whole final section in Santa Barbara seemed unnecessary for me. The scene with Dina in the morning was very powerful, and I felt Ellie simply walking away to seek revenge would have been a strong ending. But then at same time, resolving the story of revenge with Ellie ultimately in control did make sense. By the time I got to that final scene the manipulation had totally worked with me. I didn't want to beat Abby to a pulp. I actually found this final scene the most disappointing bit of the game. A fist fight to the death seemed terribly formulaic and unnecessary. I would have preferred something more direct - maybe holding a gun to the back of Abby's head... Press square (or I guess R2)... Controller shakes... Press square... She can't do it... Drops gun, etc. I dunno. The big final slugging match just felt off to me. Minor gripes. Incredible achievement and a worthy sequel.
  12. Still sounds shit
  13. Hylian

    The Last Of Us

    You could trivialise a lot of movie plots in the same way. There's obviously a lot more to it than that. For me it's the only game I've ever played where I was genuinely moved by the story and felt attached to the characters in the way I would with a very good movie. I don't think there is any doubt that this game will stand the test of time as one of the seminal moments in video game history.
  14. I dunno. Seemed suspicious enough to warrant telling the story. Even if you think it's suicide there wasn't a logical case for why he jumped and why he wouldn't leave a note. The fact that the company and his best friend weren't talking was odd.
  15. I'd actually say the balance of, and transitions between, gameplay, gameplay + dialogue, and full cutscene, is absolutely perfect. They are true masters of this style of gaming experience.
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