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  1. Nex Machina - Robotron meets Resogun (PS4/PC)

    I really need to get back into this.
  2. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    Couldn't agree more. Exactly what I was arguing in the other thread. You're wrong though...you might not know it yet but fear not @ZOKis just prepping his post to tell you why.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    One ASDA store...you don't need to wait for a special deal on switch. The deal is you pay £280 and you get an amazing console. It feels like a steal anyway.
  4. Your dream game

    Basically BOTW but with proper underground dungeons with massive ugly bosses at the end of them. So BOTW but with stuff like this:
  5. the greatest line in cinema history is

    "You pull any your crazy shit with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I'll take it away from you and stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger till it goes click." Or just ”eight year olds dude"
  6. Mario Kart - A Game for Everyone

    Maybe because the game wasn't designed to be played at that speed?
  7. Mario Kart - A Game for Everyone

    Didn't someone do a forum poll on this recently and it was pretty 50/50 what people preferred between MK8 and SMK?
  8. Mario Kart - A Game for Everyone

    What a prick! No. I played it extensively again two years ago alongside MK8 when the two came out on Wii U. I liked both and I prefer SMK. Do I have your permission to have a different opinion to you?
  9. Mario Kart - A Game for Everyone

    Absolute bullshit. The handling in SMK is more demanding and fun. Throwing those karts around the track at speed is challenging. MK8 plays great but it's a very easy game to race perfectly.
  10. Mario Kart - A Game for Everyone

    It's a valid point. I actually quite liked MK8 but I agree with a lot of what you're saying. The handling is far too simple now for me - it's become less about racing and more about item chaos over the years. I'd prefer something a bit more like the original SMK.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Gungeon is brilliant. I also bought SFR and only played an hour or two so far. I quite like it but not sure I'm totally on board with the shmup+grind idea. Interested to see hear what you think.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    I've heard it's a hoot
  13. Nintendo Switch

  14. Nintendo Switch

    Just get on with it. It's the best console ever.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    What about if you get immense pleasure from boring busywork?

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