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  1. Not exactly what I'd think of when I think "atmospheric". Engrossing, engaging, all-consuming, addictive...but not really "atmospheric"
  2. GuApe was probably my favourite boss in the game. Without wanting to spoil things for those that haven't done this boss, how far have you got?
  3. This game had such a profound effect on me. It was probably the first big story game I ever got into, aged about 10. I remember my older brother got it and I didn't know anything about Zelda really. My only experience had been the game and watch handheld. The start of it just completely gripped me and I couldn't believe that such an amazing world could exist in a computer game. It's a cliche, but it started a life long love affair with gaming and particularly Nintendo games. To this day it's one of my all time favourites.
  4. The start of Link to the Past, where you head out into the rain, through the sewers and into the castle dungeon.
  5. Yeah, well that's just like, your opinion, man.
  6. It's utterly brilliant
  7. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    What? The original Switch is literally this. It's a handheld and a home console and it plays the same games.
  8. Just over £15 on Russian eshop. My bank applies a small transaction fee for foreign purchases, but it will work out cheaper than UK.
  9. That's worse than my git gud comment!
  10. @kempstar I would persevere and try and battle through the ogre. Like others have said, it's a fairly typical DS/BB boss. It does take a lot of hits though I seem to remember. I don't remember finding it that difficult - maybe 15/20 attempts, treating it very much like a BB boss. The real test will be an upcoming general in the next section. I seem to recall that being a bit of a brick wall for me. It is optional but to be honest it's pretty important you can beat him at this stage. And there's no bluffing it really, you'll really need to learn to parry his attacks. The game is hard, but there's a point for everyone that it clicks. You're not there yet obviously, and to be honest I doubt the ogre will be the boss where it clicks.
  11. I caved and bought RE4 last night. Only 4th version for me (PS2, Wii, PC, now Switch). So good. The controls are a total headfuck to start with! I just could not leave the bloody right stick alone when moving!
  12. It was fucking joke dude. Alright if you're going to get all serious...perhaps offer up a bit more than "what am I doing wrong?". I don't know mate. Maybe you're playing with the pad upside down. In all seriousness, it's a hard game. The ogre is a fucking piece of piss compared to what you're about to face. You might want to bail now!
  13. Git gud basically.
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