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  1. They've changed the loop tape at work and now it's mostly awful slow dreary modern shite, which is not what I want at 4am in the morning. So I've started using my MP3 player, and one of the bands I've returned to is The Distillers. Proper punky rocky stuff to wake you up: Here's another goody - from a while ago. From the album Pacer by The Amps (one of Kim Deal's side-projects) - the only album they made I believe, but well worth a listen:
  2. Yeah - he's pretty much nailed it there. It's that double whammy of copying both art style and core game idea that makes it FEEL so brazen, but legally they're probably OK. But why would you? As he said - there is a shedload of work involved there, and most of it looks decent quality. Why wouldn't you spend your time doing something new? Pin that art style on a different genre and they'd have been sorted. Make the same game with a different art style and they'd be good. The only reason to do what they've done is to attract controversy and hope that works in their favour. It used to be a good plan, but I'm thinking that as folk get used to it it's much less of a smart move. An interesting one to watch.
  3. A quick Google shows Puzz Loop was the thing I was referring to. But - yes Luxor was one of those clones, and Luxor Evolved is a cracking example of why copyright only covers implementation, rather than ideas. Luxor Evolved took the same game idea and just went absolutely crazy with it, and came up with one of the very best games of its type. Copying ideas is what the industry is built on, basically. But you need to bring fresh ideas to the table to keep pushing things forward.
  4. The basic gist of copyright law is that you can't copyright an idea, only the implementation (what it looks like, the characters, the sound effects etc.) So anyone is free to write a book about a school full of wizards, but if you call one of them Harry Potter you're screwed. So this is interesting, because they've copied the idea of the game - which is absolutely fine, but then they've gone and aped the art style quite closely too. I mean - none of it is actually half-inched, but they've definitely just copied exactly what Cuphead did. The game design is different obviously, so that's probably the main thing here, and I can't see anyone suing - it's just morally a bit tawdry. But it's exactly the same as the Zuma cloning that went on back in the day - and the people buying Zuma clones had probably already bought Zuma and just wanted more (and yes, I'm aware Zuma ripped off something else that I can't remember right now, but I hope you get my drift).
  5. Ultra Wings is the one that can occasionally make my head go swimmy still - but then I do play with all the comfort settings off. It's a nice little game, but I wish it would signpost things I need to achieve a little better, so I could more reliably go where I can earn some cash. I also might have accidentally fallen over whilst playing it a tad drunk, when I tried to lean on the desk in one of the offices...
  6. Saw Ginster's new Vegan Cornish Pasty in Morrison's today, so grabbed one and had it for lunch. It's something that I've been surprised they haven't done before, tbh. It's pretty good. I'll certainly be scoffing these from time-to-time when I want a quick and easy lunch. If anything I'd like a bit more veg and less quorn - I think a good Cornish pasty needs veg for both flavour and texture, and this didn't quite have enough for my liking (the meaty one is very veg heavy IIRC - this seems to be over-compensating for having fake meat). However, along with Quorn's own offering this is the second pasty that absolutely should have been called a Quornish pasty, and isn't, and that's a fucking travesty.
  7. Elipsis (…) I think generally should be taken to mean "no comment" - and there are many variants. I've not played FF7 since it was first released, but if that's a quote then - IMO - Cloud's response is basically "I don't even know where to begin". (And in response to those statements) you won't (save the world), and you won't (avenge Aeris). There is nothing I can say here that will help, basically. I first remember ellipsis coming up in Vandal Hearts, where main character Ash wielded the ellipsis beautifully - I think it always meant "anything I say here will be worse than saying nothing".
  8. I don't get on with poetry usually, and I (sadly) haven't played the game yet, but that is properly splendid. It genuinely does what I believe poetry is meant to do, but never really has for me thus far. And it's about a video game goose.
  9. Definitely a good thing this, I think. When you have the meat industry making meat-free products then you can tell things are changing. And people tend to like brands, so this might ease people into giving it a go. (On a similar note, I see Birds Eye have been pushing their meat-free burgers quite heavily recently.) Also, I have tried Richmond's sausages, and I would be very surprised if the meatless ones weren't nicer. Good veggie sausages are much better than Richmond's regular ones.
  10. Mark: Survival Evolved. Washed up on the shores of a mysterious island, I must find a way to survive.
  11. This, perhaps? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-24-probably-the-best-voxel-destruction-physics-ever My main PC is dead right now, and this poxy laptop is rubbish for gaming, but hopefully sometime next week I'll have a new machine to play this on. Sounds brilliant so far.
  12. You can just swap controllers on the fly. I found myself having to do it last night, and the switch is seamless. The only issue for me was that I didn't have a clue what the controls on the pad were, so I still ended up getting killed whilst trying to fight/run away from several waves of bad guys. Also the settings were wrong - not inverted Y axis, and quite slow, so I'll have a play somewhere safe when I next load it up and tweak it to give myself a chance when I next find myself beset by space bastards.
  13. I was going to suggest Sega's Pengo (one of my favourite arcade games) which had Ode To Joy in it (I always think of it as Ode To Penguin), and released a couple of months earlier than Super Locomotive. Then I remembered Phoenix which has Beethoven's Fur Elise in it - that's from 1980.
  14. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    I'm useless at predicting cricket, but Sam Curran looks like a 12 year old, and yet seems to be fuelled by piss and vinegar. He'd be one of the first names on my list because of that. He wants it. If he can keep that fire he'll achieve greatness.
  15. There's also Krita for a free paint program - very highly regarded. I've got it installed, but have never used it (just haven't found the time). https://krita.org/en/
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