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  1. Gutted I only caught the last half of it, but was pleased to see the vegan thing being taken seriously (again, tbh). I'm not vegan, but I manage the odd month here and there. I still buy leather boots, just because I want them to last, so whilst I'm vegetarian (because that applies to diet only) I can't be vegan because that's lifestyle-based. I don't care either way. I just do my best. Enjoyed the bit I saw. I really liked the Wave with dolphins show-stopper even if it was bit cheaty and collapsed afterwards, but I fancy Crystelle, so she's my favourite, but Jürgen looks like he might be hard to beat. I still love Bake-Off, basically...
  2. Just a very minor one, but I've just made a tomato sauce for a pizza base from tinned toms, and I always and only ever use whole plum tomatoes, and then smoosh them down as I'm cooking them, or blitz them at the end (same for every recipe that calls for tinned toms). Never cans of chopped tomatoes. They don't taste as nice. The extra effort in smooshing, or blitzing is worth it. I don't trust my palette particularly much on many things, but on this I'm sure. (It helps that back when I first noticed, a guy who was trying to make the perfect pizza said exactly the same thing - possibly confirmation bias on my part, but I liked the cut of that guy's jib...)
  3. I am absolutely in love with her. As a poker player she was great fun. First person to win the Euro PokerStars tournament twice, and all the while being lovely and chatty and drinking tea, whilst her opponents were often surly bastards in shades and hoodies trying to be as inscrutable as possible. Her book on Poker "For Richer, For Poorer" is well worth a read. Her earlier book Once More With Feeling covers her attempts with a friend to make the best porn film ever (where they forget to put any straight sex in, IIRC. Got everything else in, just not actual bog standard sex). Her persona on Only Connect takes some getting used to, but it makes me laugh. Also, there's the Ormerod Hoax, which is kinda funny. I suspect she'll be quite a lot of fun on TM (possibly in a Liza Tarbuck kind of way):
  4. This could be American-centric where food standards are much lower (for now), but still it sounds like a daft risk to take given some of the possible outcomes. From here: https://smokedandbrewed.com/is-smoked-bacon-fully-cooked/
  5. This inspired me to take a walk out to the large Tesco this morning. I had a few things I wanted from Tesco, but these sounded right up my street, and I doubt they'd have them in the one in town which much to the chagrin of some locals has been switched from a Metro to an Express. Ohmigosh - they're very good. Like eating crispy, crunchy, butter. Exactly my sort of thing - simple, but so well done. I might have to have another walk out to pick up a few more packs before the offer disappears. I was half tempted to grab a pack of the cinnamon and brown sugar ones, and also the lemon-y things in the same range, but was worried they'd be too sweet for me. Also, I can't be trusted with biscuits at the best of times, so having loads around is probably a bad move. The reasoning I use to dissuade myself from many an impulse buy holds true - "I'd only eat them". (The basic thinking being it's all calories I wouldn't have otherwise eaten. I might make an exception for these though.)
  6. MarkN

    Tiny games

    I love the fact that just wedging the opposition player in either goal when you've established a lead is a perfectly valid tactic. I tend to play strictly by the rules when there are some, but when there aren't the gloves come off.
  7. MarkN

    Tiny games

    Lost the final 3-5 to Argentina. Gutted! So much fun though!
  8. MarkN

    Tiny games

    Good grief, this has pretty much reduced me to tears laughing. In 4 quick games I have scored some of the unluckiest own goals ever, and scored some of the flukiest ones too. It's so funny. Random, but funny.
  9. I was Commodore all the way (Vic 20 , C64, various miggys) but my mate back in the day had a Spectrum, and so i played on it loads. After 20 years in the industry, looking back it was so important to the Britsh scene. Monty Mole and Manic Miner and all sorts of stuff that was quintessentially British came about because of him. Absolute legend. Also, I lived in a seaside town with a large promenade. Someone was were hiring out C5s to tourists so they could drive up and down it, and making a mint. (I remember one guy showing off to his mates on a scorching hot day, going as fast as he could, then slamming the brakes on to skid. Probably not the first time he'd done it. Just when he did it this time both the tyres burst). I definitely wouldn't want to be in one on the road, but the idea of electric vehicles/bicycles was ahead of its time.
  10. Currently reading the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, right after reading the Adventues of Tom Sawyer. Oh boy they are products of their time and place. The N word comes up from time to time in Tom Sawyer. But it's just everywhere in Huckleberry Finn. It's an odd read. Clearly a kids book. Absolutely not suitable for them. But strangely interesting. Huck seems smarter than I had him pegged. There's just enough here to kep me reading, rather than moving on to something less awkward.
  11. I'm a fan of oat milk. Probably the best environmentally, and tastes great on cereal, because it already tastes a little oaty. I got used to it really quickly in tea and coffee. I tend to buy Oatly Full (haven't tried the Barista one yet). I keep meaning to try Sainsbury's own, which is a quid a litre, but I haven't been drinking that much of the stuff recently. The thing with most of these is that even the fresh ones usually have very long use by dates, so you can stock up when they're on sale, providing you have the fridge space for them. Sainsbury's often have one or other of the branded ones on sale for a quid. I've not tried long-life, but I pick an awful lot of it for customers, so maybe it's not as nasty as long-life cow's milk.
  12. If you microwave beans the day before, and then do it again on the day you end up eating them, they tend to be nice and thick and unctuous. I did not find this out by forgetting about some beans I microwaved whilst drunk, and then used up the next day, let me assure you...
  13. I've been going through Malcolm In The Middle again since I found it's on most days on 4Music (channel 30), with bumper days on Saturdays. Because it was always shown at weird times originally on BBC2 (IIRC), and because I'm picking at it intermittently now, I've seen loads of episodes more than once, and yet still get one I've never seen before from time to time. It's such a great show, I don't mind the repeats.
  14. That reminds me of those tins of Heinz Spaghetti Bolgnese - I used to love those as a kid. Don't half fancy one now (veggie version) especially since I've got salad for lunch.
  15. They do. At work I do notice when they're on sale a little with increased demand, but not that much. They're always fairly popular (I hate the miserable dry powdery things, so it's one of those products I notice more when I have to pick them). Edit: Thinking about it - the increased demand for online sales is probably much less than in-store, because online customers are less likely to look for offers, whereas in-store people are more likely to spot it, and think "go on then". Still - plenty of people buy the nasty things online at full whack.
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