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  1. I've just finished playing for about 90 mins and it sounded nice and immersive with 3D sound with headphones. It's the first time I'd used headphones so I've got nothing else to compare it to though. My first three hours with the game have been increasingly positive. The more I play, the more it's slowly revealing its depth and I feel this could be very special.
  2. Mine's just arrived. With these sweet patches.
  3. Yeah, Lana was always the sibling that was more into the hippy, woo-woo spirituality side of things and I'm 100% here for a Matrix films that leans into that.
  4. Sense8 is horny, cheesy, camp, nonsense - I very much enjoyed it. There's definitely a thematic thread running between it and Mitchell's early work of interlinked stories.
  5. You might find this analysis of the themes and philosophy of the films by two trans woman interesting. There's a fair amount of conjecture and interpreting vibes but they do provide a compelling argument that there is clear intention behind what the Wachowski's were trying to say with the sequels. The analysis covers a mixture of things including gender, politics and philosophy. https://youtu.be/M0VnYcMHuDc
  6. I finally played this this year too after putting it off because of hearing Mark Brown's comments. I do broadly agree with you that it is a good puzzle game, but it never quite reaches the highs of some of it's contemporaries in terms of "great" puzzle design. I think I was only ever really stumped for five to ten minutes at most on the optional side puzzles, with most of the main puzzles reasonably straight forward. That said, I did enjoy my time with it and would definitely recommend to others.
  7. This started out as a very entertaining Radio 4 series. If you like the tv show I recommend you check it out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b098sdt6/episodes/player
  8. Also, it's bookended by the usual lengthy cut scenes, but in between that the core 30-40 hour game has very few of them and they're almost all pretty short.
  9. You don't love things because they are beautiful, things are beautiful because you love them.
  10. True, but Conviction has you savagely beat up a black man in front of the Lincoln Memorial, on the very spot Dr King gave his "I have a dream" speech. So who's to say which one is better.
  11. According to the Sky help forum they're having some technical issues but the 4K HDR Atmos version is coming.
  12. You're not missing much, it just looks like a bunch of cats taped together.
  13. Scorcerer (1977) 5/5 William Friedkin, coming off the back of The French Connection and The Exorcist, creates this nerve shreddingly tense remake of The Wages of Fear starring Roy Scheider. It tells the story of four men from different parts of the world hiding in a remote South American town who are offered enough money to start a new life if they are willing to do one very dangerous job for the local oil firm. Apparently it was both a commercial and critical flop when it came out, but to me it's a bit of a lost gem of 70s American film making. I think it falls a little short of his two earlier films but is certainly better than what he went on to make. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of American New Wave, and it certainly deserves to be better known than it is. The version online has clearly been lovingly remastered because it looks and sounds great, and has a cool synth soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.
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