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  1. Dark Souls Remastered

    Don't completely ignore it, there's a sweet pair of binoculars in there if you're prepared to do a suicide run!
  2. So, what is the best Video Game movie

    I've always liked the idea floated by one of the Idle Thumbs guys of taking Shadow of the Colossus, and turning it into an 80s style buddy cop movie called Shadow and Colossus. Maverick cop Jack Shadow (drink problem) is partnered with the veteran detective John Colossus (one month from retirement) to break up a Colombian coke smuggling ring. Featuring a cameo from Captain Agro, who gives them a stern dressing down in his office for destroying half a city block when chasing a lead.
  3. That's who it was! I spent the ten seconds of the trailer trying to place that voice, only to be disappointed when it turned out to be Seen Harris.
  4. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Where did he get that sweet space cape, brother!
  5. My quest to find out more about Ackbar led me to this highlights video. It features all the best bits of the true hero of RotJ, Nien Nunb
  6. I thought it was down to the fact that he's a minor character, with no background or development provided for him in the 30 seconds of screen time he's had up until now.
  7. The Good Place

    It's not a continuity error.
  8. She had no experience of lightsabers, but from what we saw of her on Jakku she's not the sort to back away from a fight, and she certainly knows how to hit people with sticks. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to imagine she's had to defend herself her whole life. Wielding a lightsaber is just a sub-set of her well developed 'hitting people with sticks' skill set. Also JJ went to great lengths to point out that Chewie's bowcaster was a comically overpowered weapon, so Kylo was dealing with a pretty significant wound during that fight.
  9. Pokemon Go

  10. Dark Souls Remastered

    Yeah, lowering the shield after taking a hit to regenerate stamina quicker was the "one weird trick that the Lordran undead hate" which changed the game for me.
  11. I guess a lot of this comes down to perspective. I liked TFA, but loved TLJ. Rey - For me who Rey's parents were, was not in itself the important thing, but rather that she was trapped by not knowing who they were. Johnson leans into that heavily before finally releasing her to be whoever she wanted to be. Luke - For me it wasn't about what Luke would do when he returned, but rather why had he turned his back on everyone he cared about. Again Johnson explored this in great detail. Snoke - For me, the least interesting character in TFA, was only interesting in respect to his influence over Kylo. Again Johnson examines the limits of this relationship to breaking point. Poe - He could only come off as a pale impersonation of Han Solo if they continued down the lovable rogue route. This is much more interesting direction to take him in without changing what little characterisation JJ gave him in the first place. Finn - In the TFA he was a man who rejected who he was. In TLJ he discovered the man he wanted to be. I honestly saw it as the natural extension of the characters we'd seen in TFA, albeit by a director with different sensibilities.
  12. Am I right in thinking that this is the first Marvel film with a female lead? If so I reckon this will do very well. There's a reason why Black Panther has more pre-order ticket sales than any other MCU film.
  13. Who said he did anything illegal?
  14. She says he ignored both verbal and nonverbal clues. But on the subject of nonverbal clues if you keep moving a woman's hand into your dick and she keeps taking it off and moving to other parts of the room, perhaps she's not keen.

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