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  1. They bought Campo Santo Games and they have an actual game in development that looks like it might release this side of the heat death of the universe.
  2. MechE

    Who is America? - Sacha Baron Cohen

    I was talking about the first half. The second half was absolutely about mocking the interviewee.
  3. MechE

    Who is America? - Sacha Baron Cohen

    And that's why they weren't mocked. They were there to provide a counterpoint to those groups who were being mocked, i.e. people who live in a filter bubble.
  4. Firstly, I'd like to think I did a huge amount in my last place of work to improve diversity and inclusion. Amongst other things: I helped change the promotion system to not be so rigidly focused on rewarding bullish alpha behaviour, and to value softer skills. I gave talks to directors about how tokenism doesn't address the underlying issues of D&I I helped to push for more social / team building events to take place during lunchtimes rather than in the pub after work so they were more inclusive for people who had family commitments, or weren't particularly into the drinking culture. I promoted the contributions of every team member, rather than the senior guy taking a lot of the credit, as tended to happen. But beyond this, you've got to be proportionate in your response to things. Being a bit patronised by a client is not a crime, and some people take even the slightest suggestion that they've made a sexist comment as a very serious slur, so having a bit of a rant with your colleagues can be completely proportionate response.
  5. But this didn't happen. What we end up doing here is when women have a bit of a rant about their experiences of being patronised, that gets blown up and they have to defend the accusations that they've called someone a woman hating misogynist. The end result is that women end up keeping quiet. I know when I used to lead a team with some female mechanical engineers, they would get a load more patronising comments than I ever had to deal with. Being able to have a bit of a rant about it was a useful release for them. To escalate this to a serious case of slander is counterproductive.
  6. MechE

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    I'd say Chappie is more of an interesting failure (and it was definitely a failure) rather than an out and out bad film. Robocop 2014 was a whole heap of bland nothing. I can't even remember why I was disappointed by it.
  7. She also painfully nieve whilst also being headstrong, which made her very easy to manipulate. She's all passion and no wisdom, which had a great payoff with her complete misreading of where Kylo was at.
  8. I really like the scene on where
  9. I don't normally watch DVD extras as I think a film should speak for itself and they're normally pretty cringy, but I'd recommend watching the making-of documentary for this just to get a sense of Rian Johnson as a film maker. Unlike a lot of directors, he's a fairly introspective and considered man. You see him having a lot of intimate chats with the cast and crew trying to sell his vision. I think this is why we get such a committed performance from Hamil even though he makes it very clear throughout the doc that he wanted a different story for Luke. Johnson isn't opening up the Star Wars toy box and throwing as much as it on screen as possible for nostalgic reasons, he's telling a very carefully constructed story. I completely get why people don't like it, but I think that the critisms about it being underwritten or messy are a bit harsh.
  10. It's ten minutes, (eleven at most), of which the awful cgi chase was about 2.
  11. Rose and Holdo are both clearly incidental characters, whose roles are in service of the character arcs of the main protagonists. It's a testament to the quality of the writing that they're both as fleshed out as much as they are. I mean who of us (apart from you @Darren) could tell us the first thing about Nien Nunb?
  12. It was a galactic empire. Destroying the leadership doesn't remove the larger infrastructure and lower level power structures. The opening crawl of TFA suggests that the First Order grew out of this.
  13. MechE

    M Night Shyamalan's Glass (2019)

    I've only seen The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Split, and I thought all three were perfectly decent films with a few memorable moments in each of them. From this small sample I don't really get why he'd be in the running for the worst director in Hollywood. He seems to be able to build tension well and gets good performances out of people. Maybe I need to watch a few more to really understand his reputation.

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