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  1. This Twitter thread from a Q&A session with Benioff and Weiss left me feeling somewhat relieved that they were no longer attached to a Star Wars series. Fair play to them on making the most popular tv show in a generation, but you get the impression that a lot of the success is down to the great cast, crew and source material rather than them.
  2. I went to see this last night purely to see what a high frame rate film looks like. (Just to get the film review out of the way, it's pretty dull). High frame rate is an interesting choice for action films. First off the soap opera effect is present and correct, and does make things look a little cheap. If you can get over that it does have the positive of making incredible crisp, clear, detailed 3D - as in genuinely looking like a full diorama into the screen that far exceeds another other 3D I've ever seen. On still scenes there's a weird effect that makes it look like every single element has been add to the frame separately in post production even though you're sure the actors were filmed live on set. All this is forgiven as soon as the camera pans because movement is always really clear with zero blur no mater how frantic the action gets. There's a motorbike chase scene with some extreme aerobatics that just looks "real" - like you're sat in front of the actual stunt happening just meters away from you! I can't recommend anyone actually go watch this, because it's not an engaging film, but when Avatar 2 comes out I would definitely recommend seeking out the 3D high frame rate version over the 2D version. Seeing Pandora like this would be something special, even if the film turns out to be pap.
  3. I've always assumed that you were one of the more attractive forum members, and now we have the proof!
  4. MechE

    Ad Astra

    I was the first thing that came to my mind too.
  5. Just a heads up that this is out on Switch and PC next week.
  6. No, it's digital only on PC.
  7. David Mitchell (writer of Cloud Atlas) is co-writing.
  8. I think you in particular would like the film - it's more of a surreal, tone piece than a straight adaptation. Mike Nichols in his 60s-70s prime.
  9. Do watch it if you can, it's wonderfully Cronenburg.
  10. MechE

    Pokemon Go

    I see the appraisal system has been given a much needed upgrade.
  11. This is a good piece. I got Baba is you a couple of weeks ago and am loving it, (I'm on the last level of world 5). Have you played Stephen's Sausage Roll? I think it stands shoulder to shoulder with the other games you've mentioned.
  12. Ok, I'm loving this now. There's real challenge in the later levels and Vs. is very addictive.
  13. I haven't seen the original for about 10 years, but just this week I was sat at my desk at work this exact thought randomly popped into my head!
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