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  1. rafaqat

    Google Stadia

    Maybe the infrastructure couldn't take too many people streaming simultaneously. One of the reasons for the price increase last year (or was it the year before) was all about being able to spend that money on online infrastructure. Could be as much about it being a huge job/cost to handle the traffic they would get if they advertised it right now. Maybe that's why they're moving some stuff to Azure going forward. It's really odd they'd hold back like they have done otherwise.
  2. rafaqat

    Google Stadia

    I tried PSNow a few years ago. Streaming option only at that point. Worked fine for me. I never used it after the trial due to the insane pricing at the time. Might have got better by now but for a long time the games library wasn't great either. Connection wise I've always had my consoles hardwired.
  3. Mostly I think because it was such early days for that tech. Given enough time and we’d see some pretty cool stuff being done.
  4. I guess that explains some players complaining about purchases being made and Sony being adamant that it was impossible someone else could have purchased anything. I’ve not had a card linked to my PS4 from the get go this generation I think.
  5. Interesting point about PC games where you can’t think of one title where more powerful machines have additional features available to them. Physics cards didn’t really take off but there were games that used hardware accelerated stuff as well as software fallbacks. I think it’ll be more a case if dev teams working out ways of scaling if there is enough hardware out there that’s different enough. For a long time it’s been as simple as better graphics and better framework. Who knows, maybe someone will work out AI engines that scale. In the Halo example that could be either fewer enemies or enemies that consider fewer inputs to work out what to do next or even use a simpler algorithm to calculate behaviours. It’s early days for such stuff. I’ll bet that devs will find a way
  6. rafaqat

    F1 2019

    Yup. Correct setup will knock seconds off your laptime. Also practising the circuits. I played in the online F1 league a few years ago on rllmuk. Always last or second to last and about 4-8 seconds off the pace if I didn't practice. Probably 4 seconds off the pace if I did. Watching the top racers on here absolutely murder me on some turns was impressive and terrifying. I'd try my best to get the fuck out of the way a lot of the time. It was still huge amounts of fun. Will likely get back into that sort of thing when I've moved house and into my own games room and not in the way of the kids and wife.
  7. heh. I remember that time Sweeney was moaning about MS monopolising the PC games market. Halcyon times.
  8. Also there'll be lots of games where that lag won't make them unplayable. It's a not a binary thing of working not working. I tried onlive and felt the motogp game was brilliant and certainly responsive enough for me.
  9. Someone with shitty internet is absolutely going to end up on that tier. Google and MS are banking on enough people falling somewhere in the middle. None of them are claiming zero lag. It's worth the gamble.
  10. Christ. It's pretty simple. Everyone here is on the scale below. Some people say the lag will be too much and make games unplayable. Some people say the lag might be noticeable but still be ok for some games Some people say the lag will be there but not noticeable for the vast majority of games. Some people say there will be no noticeable lag . They're pretty much the same as the people above but a little better at PR. Some people say there will be no lag (these people are the only ones that are completely wrong). The lag vs convenience factor is what will win it for some ultimately. That's about it.
  11. ugh that's some pretty shitty behaviour for someone that young to have to deal with. Just checked out her latest tweets and it's nice to see that she's had a lot of support too, she's restricting the number of tweets she puts out but she's not shut it down entirely. I guess all you can do is laboriously go through abusive tweets and report them as well as show some support.
  12. Inside is fucking great you mentalists. I died a lot less on it than Limbo. The ending for me is great. Never played Castlevania so it’s a good month for me.
  13. That video above that talks of possible Ray tracing solutions. Sony going software based and MS going hardware based with a later iteration of the Navi chipset. I think if that's, true Sony will still be ok. Look at the chat around Fuax K and True 4K on the Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X. Plenty of talk about how the software is clever enough to mask that it's not really 4K at all. I don't personally believe any of that. But it's been enough for Sony to keep those PSPRo's selling (the games massively helped too of course). I think even if it does come true that Sony have the slightly duffed chipset version with software RTX we'll see them make a successful pitch that "it's good enough" and the market will go with it.
  14. I bet if you went back and looked at the forum for a year or so after the Giant enemy crabs E3 you'd see roughly similar. I remember the memes and I laughed like a loon. plus we're less likely to see massive fuckups i reckon. Especially at E3. They seem to have got better at it over the years. I mean there was a time when they presented mostly graphs and spreadsheet numbers rather than game trailers since it's a trade show.
  15. I bet if you went back and looked at the forum for a year or so after the Giant enemy crabs E3 you'd see roughly similar. I remember the memes and I laughed like a loon.
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