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  1. I do this to any prick that sets the price as free on facebook marketplace and then puts the price in the description
  2. To be fair there's a few people pointing some of the shortcomings of the launch OS/hardware. I'm still gagging to get one but you have to admit it probably needed a little longer in the oven.
  3. I've installed bluestacks on my Mac just to be able to stream som Xbox One games. But. I am having difficulty getting a bluetooth gamepad to appear for bluestacks. Is there anything special I need to do?
  4. Fast load times? I remember them to be pretty slow (but I did play on OG PS4) WIll likely go back to it on PS5 and the DLC.
  5. Great Line up. I don't have any of those games so I'm v. pleased.
  6. Brazil Game code? I'm wanting to buy COD and it's 20 quid cheaper via Brazil digital code being sold on CDKeys. Assuming, buy the code from CKKeys, VPN to brazil and redeem code on laptop on MS website?
  7. You'd imagine the launch games would use it since they're usually the ones showing off the new tech. Like Astrobot using the haptic triggers. It sounded amazing in the cerny presentation. Maybe it works best after you've sent your ear profile to Cerny. When's that happening?
  8. Anyhoo. Price rises of any kind are a bit shit. Gimme it free mf's
  9. The same competitor that also raised their prices recently?
  10. That chrome addon lets you randomise search times which is nice and hopefully hides the fact it's a bot. I'm running it for the 4 accounts we have in the house, mine, my two kids and my wife's. Fired up a Brave Browser docker instance on my server for each account so can fire it off and leave it to do what it needs each morning.
  11. I did it on XBox.
  12. PixArk 1 hour trial. Can get 1000G using the ingame admin commands.
  13. Long shot, but I assume there's no port your game save from a Wii U type thing? I've still not finished it with the kids on the Wii U and I can't do it all over again.
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