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  1. rafaqat


    cool. cheers for the explanation.
  2. rafaqat


    I'm probably being dense but what's the difference between performance consistency and averages. Sounds like the same to me?
  3. rafaqat

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    So for someone who hasn't ever really played the Assassin Creed games (a few hours dicking about in Black flag). Is this and or Origins worth trying out? and if so. Which one. Odyssey or Origins?
  4. XboxOneX on average 0.4 fps better than P4Pro. Victory!¬!!!!!! But seriously. I think by 2020 the base PS4 and Xbox will be REALLY struggling. 30/40fps is fine as long as it's not bouncing all over the shop. I'm surprised they didn't just lock it to 30 for the base consoles.
  5. I'm really surprised that all those poor Sony customers are still alive now they don't have Sony protecting them from the XBox and Nintendo players!
  6. rafaqat

    Randy Pitchford Negathread

    Travelling around lots. No need to rely on hotel wifi.
  7. I would lol into a cabbage.
  8. rafaqat

    Xbox One X

    Is it here yet @SeanR?
  9. rafaqat

    While True: Learn ()

    Blimey the download is tiny! I approve!
  10. rafaqat

    While True: Learn ()

    Also bought. Will see if it interests the kids when they play along with me.
  11. Sounds fairly clear that the rest is coming to Game Pass. Which is pretty damn good!
  12. rafaqat

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Fucking console fanboy.
  13. rafaqat

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Spot the crap Zelda player
  14. rafaqat

    Retro Gaming Venue Opened - LEEDS

    Sounds perfect! Will scope out the place next week and then set up a thread.

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