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  1. https://xbox-store-checker.com/en/game/compare/Battlefield-2042-Xbox-Series-X-S/9nkgmnkrfn5q £43 quid-ish if you buy from the Turkey store. Buy Turkey credit from CDKeys or equivalent. VPN on your PC into a Turkish VPN server. Go to MS site. Redeem credit. Buy game. End VPN Session. https://www.eneba.com/store/xbox-gift-cards-under-50?page=1&platforms[]=XBOX&rangeTo=50&regions[]=turkey&types[]=giftcard
  2. Has that carried into PS5 then? I was hoping that had ended with this gen.
  3. I remember a couple years ago Red bull pissing and moaning about tyres and it turned out they had put the most camber on their wheels out of all the teams or something like that. These teams push every limit they can. That press release is basically code for, "it was the way these particular teams had configured stuff that meant more stress on certain parts of the tire" here we go https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/pirelli-points-finger-at-red-bull-over-spa-tyre-controversy-4449422/4449422/ Fuck off Newey, you were given the choice to not go with the ca
  4. I’m over the moon that they’re giving Ben the chance to chip in with some DOTA 2 features.
  5. Almost 20 hours in and sweet baby jesus the story in Yakuza Zero is amazing. Everytime I feel like I'm tiring of the combat something happens story wise. I can't believe how Chapter 6 ending has hit me where wow wow wow.
  6. Depends on how you view original content I suppose. There's games that are trying new things being put onto Gamepass that probably wouldn't have got much of audience otherwise while Sony feels like it's going to carry on pumping out highly polished remakes that it'll charge the mugs for or yet another first person adventure mostly.
  7. Welll exactly. Look how the Destiny story panned out. I don't think they REALLY know what they're doing and never really did.
  8. I'm not sure we'll ever see Sony at an E3 ever again. They're probably in a lull between launch wave of games and whatever comes next year. Hardware selling out as quick as they can make it so why spend millions doing e3 or pushing games out quick.
  9. So when you get an option to use your apple/google identity or create an email/password I guess better to use the big boy tokens? I've always been wary of giving any website my apple or google email address and would much rather create a specific email and password for them
  10. It's got helicopters. I'm in. Battlefield 4 was the last one I had fun in. If it has crossplay between xbox s/x and Ps5 that would be excellent
  11. I'm excited with the new direction. Can't wait.
  12. I'd imagine it's about 30p
  13. You see salary cost cutting, I see variety on an almost weekly basis. Should be good, especially for the posters that seem to end up hating certain presenters. Now those posters will be able to moan about a different person each week!
  14. Why is it when it comes to our own lives we're all "oh remote working for office workers work, but for game devs, it's oh noes the poor things are going to release buggy software" Those fuckers have been doing it for a year. Should be adjusted to it by now.
  15. Heh. I have the in my background as a conversation starter. Most clients will say what their favourite is and if I have it I'll show them it.
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