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  1. rafaqat

    Nintendo Switch

    Leave it plugged in overnight. Sometimes stuff left neglected needs a looooong time to pop back to life.
  2. Yup. Retroarch nro file for now. I've stuck the switch on airplane mode and I don't really intend to go online with it for now. Will give the nsp version a try. I think it's supposed to give you access to more RAM.
  3. Hmm. Having trouble running anything more than basic stuff like galaga and bombjack on the MAME side. Tried SF2 and SF3 Alpha using the FB Apha core and retroarch crashes . Similar deal when trying any NEO GEO games. (ViewPoint). Clues people?
  4. Ah well. At least with the dongle now I can choose what payload to throw at the switch. I'll probs have it "dual booting" at some point. In what ways are the broken switches on ebay broken? Screen smashed or just people not knowing how to unbrick them?
  5. I've seen someone demo-ing Super Mario Sunshine on a Switch too through a GameCube emulator .
  6. I had my switch on firmware 5.0 for ages but in the end to get access to exfat drivers I upgraded to 7.0. Bought an SX OS dongle rather than go the free route. It's pretty handy being able to essentially stick the switch into RCM mode and not need to be near a PC ( I don't have an android phone so can't do that method) So as per tradition I stuck Super Mario World on it. As a retro machine it's amazing. I get OS crashes when trying N64 stuff out so I'll have to check out what's going on there. Some mention of needing to use retroarch nsp rather than nro files or even installing the core separately as an nsp first. Other than that, it's been relatively plain sailing. I'll probably get some MAME stuff on it too. Bombjack was good fun when I was younger. Any recommendations on interesting emulators? I'm up for trying C64 out as I was always a spectrum kid so will be good to see how much I missed out on. I think there's a mod that lets you connect a usb keyboard to the base unit.
  7. rafaqat

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    All he's saying is they're going to take some of the techniques for doing multiplayer and applying it to how they manage input from the user. That's pretty much his last sentence. Not sure how much more straightforward he could put it. Whether that's just marketing talk or actual stuff they can point to when they launch is another thing.
  8. Some form of Tempest for a change.
  9. rafaqat

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    This is the sort of bullshit that makes me buy cross platform stuff on Xbox. On that platform it doesn't matter. Hell it doesn't even matter what region you bought on. I ran into the same thing with Bloodborne. Hopefully they'll change it for PS5.
  10. rafaqat

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    https://www.tweaktown.com/news/64786/sekiro-shadows-die-twice-official-pc-specs-announced/index.html GTX 760. Nice! I think I have 770. Soon to be replaced but good to know I'm still JUST about in.
  11. rafaqat

    Sekiro on xcloud

    It's a definite sekiro possibility. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/xbox-project-xcloud-first-look-1203161742/
  12. rafaqat

    Xbox one recommendations.

    EA Access (£20 for a year) for a crap tonne of EA published Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Plus 20 hours trial on every game they launch. I think it's pretty cool .
  13. They're free to continue selling physical or not joining in with streaming. Capitalism will decide if that makes them more money or not. Will be an interesting few years that's for sure.
  14. They'll still have the option to sell the games rather than stream. Well they will on every platform other than Google. Streaming isn't the only revenue source. And even if it ultimately heads that way maybe more people getting a slice of the pie is better than 10 games being profitable and the rest a losss or whatever that stat was from a while back.

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