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  1. meh. I'd pay the extra 30 quid or so to have it in. We're mostly digital in our house but every once in a while a cheap physical game from 18 months back is available and it's good to have the option to buy that rather than the 50 quid digital version. I'd prefer to option to still have that choice.
  2. Should have been rude. Might have saved MS a fair chunk of money.
  3. Dug out the PSVR to play with the kids. Had a good laugh on Astro Bot and then a decent session on Resident Evil 7. Hopefully beat sabre will be on sale at somepoint. Anything else that's fun in short bursts? I've got Rez already. Tetris I've not bought as I didn't really get on with it when I demo'd it.
  4. Will be interesting to see HOW much more they spent on developing the game compared to other games. I'm sure some clever accounting. will show that the game didn't make a penny profit. Still a dick move, especially right now.
  5. Did it not recognise what you were asking for?
  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Ah well. Little sod gave me a hug so it's worth it.
  7. Hello. Not sure where else to post this but roughly when does FIFA become available on EA Access usually? It's just that it's 23 quid in the sale at the moment and my son wants it but I'm just checking to see if there's a sniff of it appearing on EA access since we already have that on PS4. Edit: It's ok. Couldn't be doing seeing him telling his mates he couldn't join them tonight so just went and bought it. It's ridiculous. One kid on Xbox and one on PS4. When's FIFA getting crossplay!!!
  8. Farewell Sweet Prince. I thought you were awesome. You worked great from the day I got you all the way back in 2013. But as time went on you got a little cranky requiring a reboot once a month. In the end Alexa and Google replaced enough of what you did for me to retire you back into the pristine box from which you came, ready to come back out with your twin when the world needs you once again. Press F to Pay Respects.
  9. I think ultimately they're both claiming special magic sauce. Take this from the DF article on the Series X "Change the paradigm"......."A Genuine game changer". Exciting tech. Bet devs are just loving all this tech being made available to them.
  10. Yup. Check out the article. They both understand the need for fast data transfer. Both gone for a slightly different approach to handle it.
  11. Interesting point about the MS solution being better as it's focused on textures rather than Sony's general purpose solution. I guess we'll see when games launch.
  12. It meant an adult could let younger kids play and make the levels easier for them as they went. At least that's how we used it occasionally. Still happy to see them on the Switch.
  13. Assuming dev kits are networked into the developers LAN (I don't know if they are or not) then hopefully remote access/deploys are possible. Probably a massive pain in the backside though.
  14. Being interested in something doesn't mean you're going to spit your dummy if it does something different? What is up with you Sony boys and anyone just speculating on stuff? We did that with the Xbox Series X for ages and we still are with the chat about a cheaper box still. What the hell else we gonna do? Play some games?
  15. Where is their stuff built? China is beginning to fire up industry again but I'd imagine this Covid-19 shitshow is going to carry on well into the rest of the year. Summer 2021?
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