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  1. Possibly one less powerful engrams a week though I guess
  2. What happened to your trap Jonathan?
  3. You’re never truly out, it’s like the mafia
  4. £10 for a new raid though isn't it? Don't think anyone can really judge until they've had a look at that. Unless you're a non raider, in which case i'd think the game would have lost its allure a while back.
  5. Dog eggs, Ben, respect the lore.
  6. I still quite like Crimson for gambit occassionally. You can rush in the adds a bit more recklessly due to the heal and get a good amount of motes quickly. Then if you get the portal first whilst the other team are still stacking you're well on the way to a win.
  7. This game man, just a great amount of stuff to do at the moment! Plus, I finally got the ikelos shotty!
  8. You definitely don’t need to complete one before getting another, as I had two on the first skill at once.
  9. I want to do it at some point tomorrow before raid time if you fancy some inept jumping time
  10. markh

    Suede Suede Suede

    If you happen to be near a fopp, they have hardback copies in their 2 for £5 deal
  11. Uber Jason sounded promising (if it was some sort of crazy taxi mode)
  12. No probs Ben, @Scruff by the way, I hit level 4 in gambit and did get a reward but it popped ‘strangely’ after I had been floating in orbit for a while, so it’s a bit glitchy
  13. Another turnaround, nighteyes once upon a time you weren’t getting DLC
  14. That is quite the turnaround, nighteyes
  15. markh

    All things Yakuza! - Start with Yakuza Zero

    One of them (i cant remember which one unfortunately, i think it was 4 or 5, possibly the one where kiryu drove a taxi) did have the doc brown guy making you do a side scrolling beat em up in his training machine in a 2D enviroment, which was a bit different from his 'usual' training thing.

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