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  1. My red player picks were one from Krystov, Victor Rodriguez and Herrman. Impressive that it's three players I've never even heard of. I'm going for the untradeable packs from Rivals. Need to boost my first owner players for Swap objectives.
  2. Try doing a couple of them. If you find them fun then go for it. If it's going to be miserable for you... Fuggedabowwdit.
  3. Yep. they're things like 'Win 5 Squad Battles matches on min. Legendary difficulty using 11 EFL Championship players in your starting squad' or 'Win 4 Rivals matches using 7 First Owned La Liga players in your starting squad'. You've missed 12 tokens already, but you could get 9 from the current lot and get Nesta, or get 11 and get Roberto Carlos.
  4. Nesta (9) and Keane (15) together, instead of Rio.
  5. Current team. Really can't decide on which Icon to go for. Keane: I can't have 2 M/H midfielders in a 442, and I don't know he's massively better than RTTF Allan. Zanetti: Should I really use my icon swaps on a RB? There's a world in which he plays CM for me, but that would involve complicated starting squads to find a RB, and makes it tougher to build hybrids. Butrgueno: I never get on with M/M strikers. They just don't do enough for me. I'll try and gather the coins to try him before I make my choice, but if I can't, I'd hate to pick him and have the same issues I already know I'm going to have. Rio: I think I'm learning towards him the most. He's an upgrade on Militao or Ramos, albeit a small one. But if I bought RTTF Militao...
  6. I'm around Thursday for sure. Old Skool Thursday night party up?
  7. Ok, that does sound useful. I'll start trying it!
  8. I know the fake shot, what's the flick left/right thing do? What with the what now?
  9. Its super easy to do. Have a play with it under the L2 menu on your squad screen. If you want to put up the amount of coins you have to spend and which players you definitely want to play with, we can all have a go at building you a team. Everyone loves doing that in here.
  10. Sure! I'll record a quick one when I get a moment. The 100 chem SBC: There's a cheat you can do called the loyalty glitch. Put them into a Squad Go into Squad battles Play against the TotW team Kick off, play for a few passes. Open the PS4 quick menu Close application: Fifa Rinse and repeat. It'll cost you contracts, but you can get those form bronze packs, which pay for them selves if you list the bronze players you get in them.
  11. Do you play a 532 in game Swallow? And apologies if you do know this, but you are aware that you can set different formations to your d-pad tactics buttons? I ask just in case you're unaware that you can build a hybrid in a formation you don't use, then switch very easily ingame. A lot of us will start with a 451 for just this reason.
  12. Check your clubs for the prices of some of your random golds. I have zero clue as to what's going on, but plenty are well up tonight.
  13. Before you go Keane, try De Jong. I picked up his gold card this weekend as it's down to 31k, and he is basically a suped up Vidal. Personally... I'm so torn. I've ruled out Butra simply on purely personal reasons: I rarely get on with M/M workrate strikers so I'd hate to regret taking him for that reason. Also, there's just other strikers I want more than him, I've just got baby Lineker and while there's better player in the game, I just like playing with GL. Personal reasons. The sensible option is Zanetti, but am I really going to spaff my Icon swap on a full back? I'm leaning towards Rio... Everyone says he's great & I like having a link-to-anyone in the centre. The main reason for not picking him seems to be 'Get his prime when it's released', but am I really going to spend the 2m he's bound to cost on a slightly upgraded Rio? And more to the point, am I a good enough player to really notice the difference between a couple of points on a stat here and there? There's Messi and Gullit and Cruff and either Ronaldo and Carlos Alberto and all the other cards I could use those coins for. There's also a voice pointing out that if I go CB, Nesta is getting good reviews and he'd 9 tokens... So I could pick him and Keane. So.. there's some of the definitive answers you were looking for. Glad I could help.
  14. Very welcome. If there's anything in there that's not clear, just shout. Because I'm hopelessly addicted to the trading part I can take it for granted that everyone just knows all the concepts I know. The actual football side of this game though... I don't think I've ever played such a schizophrenic product. It can jump from unforgivably broken to pure amazingness in the blink of an eye. Two consecutive games this morning... Game 1 I faced a proper drop back, hoof it to quick players, defend with AI type. He'd had zero shots at 70 mins. But I just could't break down the AI defence, because of passes not going where I said, or my players taking an extra touch for no reason, or all the other bollocks this game can have. Then, I lose 1-0 to a 92nd minute goal where you can clearly see my RTTF Allan just... stop. He takes a step away from the ball he should have comfortably intercepted. Game 2... well game 2 I scored this beautiful team goal which had me proper fist pumping. Thank fully I'm seeing more of the second example than the first, and as such I'm really enjoying this Fifa overall. If only they fixed the stuff that drags it down.
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