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  1. "The 100 best TV shows of the 21st century" Bit premature.
  2. True, it's just there's so many of them. Cruyff, Ronaldinho, E'to, Rivaldo, Kluivert...
  3. Ansu Fati became the youngest ever player named in a Barca starting XI tonight, at 16 years and 318 days, and capped it with a goal and an assist. Luis Suarez got himself a brace, which somehow makes him the third highest LaLiga goalscorer in Barcelona history. He's on 133 league goals, with their post-war striker Caesar in second on 190, and Messi on four-hundred-and-nineteen.
  4. It's like when you start a new version of Ultimate Team, spend your first few coins on your attack only and jump into seasons with that Bronze CB from the Swiss league you got in your starter pack.
  5. ENG-GER-LAAAAAAND! Brilliant game.
  6. Millwall 'lost' our women's team at the end of last season, the Lionesses board of directors deciding to go independent and are now London City Lionesses. Playing in the championship, they're the highest ranking independent women's team. Millwall has reformed a new women's team, who have started in the 5th tier. This leaves me with a bit of a conundrum. I naturally supported Millwall lionesses as they were the offshoot of Millwall men's team. Do I now support London City Lionesses or stick with the new Millwall Lionesses? My instinct say to follow Millwall, but I was actively engaged in the London City team, it was more than just a passing interest at some scores once in a while just because they share the same name as my men's team. Oddly, the downgrade means that the new Millwall lionesses play closer to where I was born - which is how these things are decided when you're a kid. And should we all just naturally follow our Women's versions of the men's teams? For those of us who support the 'neighbourhood' team, it seems an easy choice. For those who follow big clubs outside of the town they were born in, does the same rule apply?
  7. You're all being far too hard on Dizogg. He's simply speaking truth. Who hasn't already marked their calendar for the top tier European giants clash of Liverpool vs... *checks draw*... Genk? We can finally answer burning, nail-baiting, edge of your seat question: Can UEFA's player of the year possibly deal with the red hot Genk strikeforce of... *checks notes*... 45 caps for Tanzania Mbwana Ally Samatta? FC Genk are currently TEARING up the Belgian first division in a lofty sixth place, what on earth will Liverpool have to do to beat their man between the sticks, 34-year-old, 3 whole caps for Australia, signed for a Sydney FC record one million dollars Danny Vukovic? Football is only about watching the best, and this right here, this is the best football the world has ever seen.
  8. I should clarify that this is true only for high-grossing movies. There are plenty of films that are wonderfully entertaining that never find an audience for reasons far out of their control.
  9. Good job we didn't make it for the critics then. $95m worldwide box office. The film is a huge success. Of course box office is no indication of whether or not a film is great/art/worth a high score on Rotten Tomatoes. But box office is a pretty good indicator of entertainment. Films don't make 3x their budget in cinema ticket sales if no-one is entertained by it. And swathes of young women across both the US and the world were entertained by it. They said so on Twitter and Instagram. Sidenote: I'm genuinely proud to have a movie that's scored 14% on RT AND almost scraped $100m worldwide box office. It's almost impossible to do either, let alone both together!
  10. Atlanta United broke the MLS attendance record last night with over 72,000. It's not the playoffs yet. That's just a league game. Huge numbers being thrown up over there.
  11. That headed miss was awful... only redeemed by the close up of Jill Scott shouting 'FUCK'S SAKE' immediately afterwards.
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