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  1. @HarryBizzle Have you checked you don't have any health packs that aren't assigned to your item wheel? I was in the same situation last night, but then noticed I had a bunch of items in my inventory including one which replenished all my lives!
  2. Reckless Cyclist in Mr Mosquito! Two player minigame accessed by spinning one of the analogue sticks loads on the title screen. Spent hours and hours playing this. I fondly remember the day we discovered that it's all about the aerial warfare.
  3. Anybody want a Steam Key for Shadow of Mordor GOTY? Got one spare from the latest Humble Bundle. Edit: gone!
  4. Anyone played any Brigador? For some reason it's winking at me from the store today...
  5. I've played it for 18 hours and think it's great. If I had to criticise one thing about it, it would be that the sound effects default to too quiet relative to the music - which isn't much of a complaint really, but it might be one reason as to why people think the guns feel weak.
  6. Bit gutted that this doesn't save player 2's online score ranking when you play online split-screen, even if they have a Nintendo account, unlike the Wii U version. Resets them to 1000 after every session now. Hope they patch this back in. Was getting loads of communication errors when I played this on friday, but it seems to be working perfectly all the time now!
  7. Anyone who isn't very good at this, feel free to add me. If you are good I'm not interested obvs SW-4875-9047-1794
  8. How did you pay the remaining $16? My Visa doesn't want to work on the US store. Asks for a zip code, tried putting a bunch of stuff in there but no joy
  9. It won't actually let you switch region if you have any credit. I just changed mine to the US, bought a couple of $20 eshop codes to buy Isaac with, and now I'm stuck with $0.01 credit. It says I can't change back to Europe unless I spend it, which I believe is impossible!? I think the only way to do the account region back-and-forth thing is is you have a credit card that works on the US store, and thus can pay the exact amount.
  10. There's a control setting called "bumper jumper" or something that moves jump to L1, so you can look around and jump without resorting to The Claw.
  11. If they ported Rez they'd probably have to do gamepad-only controls (or nerf the mouse controls) which I could see enraging a lot of PC players.
  12. Yeah, Ziggurat's pretty fun! I've refused to drop the difficulty down from normal and have never made it past the third level (I think there are around five) after eight hours play according to Steam. It's pretty fast but has a slight modern weight/inertia to the movement. There are loads of unlockable weapons and perks that gradually get added to the item pool after most runs, like in Isaac. There've been regular content/balance patches over the months since it came out too. It's probably the best FPS roguelike-like-whatever game I've played. It's not Spelunky good or anything, but it's goo
  13. Maybe get all the gems *and* all the stamps for a book then? They appeared for me after doing that as I went along - if you go to reselect a level, there should be a target time at the bottom.
  14. Anyone playing the Steam version of this? Add me up if so, I need scores to not beat. My username is jonnylaurence on there too.
  15. If it's the same as the PC version then it'll be the average of your ten best runs, rather than your overall average score (ie it'll never go down). EDIT: Actually you're probably talking about the stats screen rather than the leaderboard
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