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    £2.5m fee for the rest of season and we pay full wages - no option or obligation to buy. expensive try before you buy, if he does well we’ve upped his price for Real
  2. at least Kepa keeps Pepe as only the second biggest waste of £70m ever, but there isn't much in it.
  3. 3rd season of this gone up on iPlayer today - first and second also available
  4. well that's Italians for you
  5. we watch portrait and landscape artist - for some reason its the one that makes me angry, not at the contestants (for the most part) but the utter wank the judges spout every week - somebody can't paint backgrounds at all so ignores the whole thing (this was last season of portrait) and the judges say its so bold as she sees the background as yellow (it wasn't, it was something totally different). its not the artist doing their thing that annoys me, its the tossers twisting themselves in loops to justify it. I definitely like the ones with an edge of peril to the work, like a blade
  6. So Villas first goal tonight could have been offside but it hit a defender - didnt take long to get that back after City game and manager knows the law now so no need to swear at ref and call him a cheat
  7. Gotters


    with the loss of gate receipts qualifying for the CL is more important than ever for the £££ the FA cup is an irrelevance
  8. I think because of the cunty persona people have always slept a bit on how good McGregor is and how hard he works at the fighting - he's an utter shite but I do believe he's very smart and knows that all the other business is still driven somewhat by his fighting 'brand'. I'm not saying he's a GOAT or anything, but he's very very good and will give most people a good tear up, he's also game as they come and surprisingly gracious in defeat.
  9. Another good episode but agree there was something off with the couple - she was weird, super pushy and assertive and I didn't like her at all. That setup would be dead weird if they split up and she keeps the house with the old in laws next door. There was an entitled air about her despite all the work and money seemingly coming from him. It must be so stressful just building a house without all the other distractions they often have (babies/illness/money) and yet one partner often has a huff and just pulls a face like a spoiled child. Odd location too, Lincolnshire lo
  10. I always marvel at how people get into these lines of work/hobbies and the skill they have. Blown Away season 2 just up on Netflix (the glass blowing one, not the title of the Rocco Sifreddi reality show which is also on Netflix but I dare not watch for fear it ruins my algorithm)
  11. I wouldn't even buy a pitch off Levy, it'll be one of the spare astroturf NFL ones they can't use with Manitowoc Honey Badgers emblazoned all over it
  12. Gotters


    Playing behind our second string cup back line will surely boost the confidence of any shot shy glove butler.
  13. something happened at Amazon UK as their main page only listed the digital option for the last half hour or so and now both consoles are back up as 'unavailable' options
  14. Gotters


    it would be a more appropriate name if he were one of our assortment of crap CBs as isn't far off what I think whenever I see the name Mustafi, Sokratis (may he rest in peace) or Luis in the team.
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