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  1. Have to agree with @Stopharage & @Plissken, the Athletic is excellent and I'd hate to be without it. It's raised the level of sport coverage so much it's good value even at the full whack £60 for a year. Why I post the odd articles in here to give people an idea of the content - I've got some free 1 month passes if anybody wants one just PM me.
  2. I just redownloaded it, nice little game for £2 and suffers from the usual shit phone touch controls, will be better with physical buttons but not sure its worth much more than £2-3 as a game though.
  3. Didnt it come out on iphone years ago - I recall buying it and it was ok but nothing special then.
  4. Good background piece from the Athletic on the behind the scenes chaos at Barca
  5. you'll turn on to watch Salford v Plymouth at 745ko and instead it will be Bolton v Preston at 815pm.
  6. meanwhile in Madrid the team spirit is also great
  7. thanks, I stand by my previous post. all diving drives me mad, but when its a huge club doing it against relative minnows its somehow even worse, pathetic behaviour on his part and then we have the madness of VAR backing up the call.
  8. I haven't seen the Salah penalty incident at all but am willing to go all in and say it's a shocking dive and should never have been a pen.
  9. The way Barca are structured you can't sack the elected board, but could call a vote of no confidence if enough members vote for it, but they didn't as the club rules meant the elections for a new board would run later than this lot finishing their term anyway. Not sure of the angle in resigning now like this other than the club is about to implode both financially and on the pitch and he simply can't be arsed with it anymore.
  10. I almost think Khabib at this point is a theoretical GOAT as his game looks so impenetrable, but that doesn't make him an actual GOAT as there are people with far better records in terms of actual fights, and as Jones himself was pointing out at the weekend he has so few actual title defences. If you can separate Jones out the octagon from him in it he's cleared out a division of killers over many many years and his record at this point is almost second to none, only really GSP who gets close with longevity and names, but importantly Jones has never lost to any of them.
  11. Gotters


    The Gabonese striker has had goalscoring chances totalling to 0.43 xG in 540 minutes of Premier League action this season. To put that in to perspective, Gareth Bale posted the exact same xG total in his 18 minute appearance for Spurs against West Ham United on his return to the Premier League. In the 2019/20 Premier League, Aubameyang averaged 0.38 xG per 90 – just under his total figure in five league games this season. The Gunners will have to find a way to provide service to him if they want him to replicate his 22 goal-tally in each of the last two Premier League campaigns.
  12. Honourable mention surely for the press round the No Mans Sky chap did in the run up months to the game Ever more ludicrous questions of the type 'so I can fart in a balloon and sell it to my friends for space gibbons' were met with a sly grin and a 'yup' Despite the fact it was all a bit shit and you couldn't fly within 50ft of the blurry planet surface, and there was no game. Understand they spent ages supporting it post release but it was one of the biggest lie fests undertaken since Rise of the Robots.
  13. btw - if anybody didn't see the Maradonna in Mexico series on Netflix its well worth a watch, he's batshit.
  14. even in training the cunt still couldn't resist trying to put one in with his hand.
  15. Yeah, sports games are hard to do well when simulating or taking on an established sport - having to come up with something new and compelling then making it fun is a lot of effort, and the audience is more likely to be interested at the £10-15 end of the market. It's why things like Rocket League work, its not inventing a new game, just mashing together brilliantly arcade flying cars and simplified hockey/football
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