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  1. Gotters

    Food Prepping

    It’s actually really good - I added some extra veg (slices of cauliflower in there too) and made up a curry powder myself to give a bit of extra zing. For a quite low rent dish it really delivers, but I found eating it confusing as the whole curry with mash/sausage thing, despite working perfectly, wasn’t something my head was expecting to like so much.
  2. Gotters


    That was a surprisingly competent and professional away performance last night - Napoli always looked capable of undoing us in both legs but never managed to actually do so, for all their good build up they only had 2 or 3 shots on target last night. For a team lacking in cojones with a ropey defence this is a decent run
  3. Gotters

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Boxboy demo levels triggered an insta buy from me - it's only £8.99. Took me a few mins to suss the last couple of levels in the demo as its one of those games with a very simple mechanic that you need to think a bit creatively with
  4. Gotters

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Boxboy demo is up on the store - never played one of these before so good to have a chance to try before you buy - trailers look good.
  5. Gotters

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    George doesn't like Askren - this will be a fun build up to their fight
  6. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I find away goals a more unsatisfactory way to settle a game than pens - I think it'll be gone in a couple of years as its just a concept from a bygone age, teams score far more frequently away now and travel round europe in 1st class luxury, to choose that as the method to decide a game like last night sits badly for me.
  7. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The football lawmakers agree with you and next season if the ref sees that hits the hand/arm, regardless of intent, that goal won't stand. I wonder what the rest of Europe makes of that match - it was crazy exciting with flashes of attacking brilliance, but the defending was mostly dire (spurs got 3 goals from xG of 0.8 in second leg) from both sides. Mendy looked pretty poor and Laporte had a shocker (almost Mustafi bad).
  8. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    This is an angle in slow mo where you see the ball path move as it goes off his arm onto his hip, there was one they showed on the night on tv where you see the skin/muscle on his arms ripple after the ball impact too - the ref wasn't given either of those. For what its worth I believe its a goal, wasn't deliberate so under current laws should stand.
  9. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The ball 100% hits Llorente in the arm, you can see his arm move - I believe the interpretation was as it wasn’t deliberate so the goal stands (assuming the ref could see properly on a small screen in the stadium with the bad angle they gave him). The law has been changed for next season so that intent doesn’t matter, you can’t score off a handball deliberate or not. Pep is really beginning to look like CL flop bearing in mind its the prize both Bayern & City want, he's never got thru a quarter other than at Barca.
  10. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I love seeing what Ajax are doing at the moment, its not just over achieving against the biggest richest clubs in Europe, but doing so by playing really decent football - that result last night flattered Juve. Football thinking is so short term with millions wasted shifting the same set of players round - just shows what a club can do when built from the ground up in such a way. Be interesting to see how they do against Spurs/City as both present a quite different problem - but having gone away to Juve, Real & Bayern this season, and not losing, they'll be quite capable of getting something.
  11. I thought the dragon ride was like Dueling Dragons roller coaster we went on years ago back in Florida - couple of new signs up front and a lick of paint here and there and they've got a great series 8 GoT themed roller coaster for a few hundred bucks there. I really enjoyed first ep for the most part, the expected pieces being moved around and you have to setup the fireworks, its not enough to just launch straight into explosions or wars. Really don't get the acclaim for Maisie Williams, she's an awful actress and seems to be trying too hard and doing stage acting all the time - I find her scenes really jarring.
  12. PS4 back compatible, will accept physical media (not download only). Not much mention of it at E3, which implies a Q4 next year launch at earliest to me.
  13. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    They werent all on same date but that sounds about right. Horrible win last night, and no looking at stats like shots/possession/xG will convince me is what anything but skin of the teeth stuff.
  14. Gotters

    Clash Royale

    Clan is rllmuk and set to invite only - just let us know your in game name here and apply to join back in, we'll accept in game. Yeah, there is a ton of free gold, gems and cards too for everybody after todays update.
  15. Gotters

    Clash Royale

    Big new quarterly update out today with one very notable feature that may be of interest to lapsed players. 1v1 ladder is now far less stressful as they've put in place a floor, meaning you can't drop back out of arena once you've got into it - you may go on a losing run but your trophies stop dropping at a certain point (like 4k fro legendary arena) - this was to unblock the 4k log jam and make 1v1 a bit more fun and less stressful. Spots available in the clan if people want to come back and rejoin.

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