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  1. I think it's not necessarily dumb but small minded and not well advised. If you've come from a normal working class background and are offered that much money you need the smart negotiator and lawyer to take a step back from it all and be your buffer, not your brother going 'fucking ell Arry they've gone to £200k and Dan says don't worry about a move in the future he'll do right by you'
  2. I think Kane's agent is his brother which isn't always a great idea when dealing with the likes of Levy - no way Raiola or that ilk would sign such a long contract with no buy out clause - he was sold a dream with Poch & the new stadium at the time but even so 6y was a long deal and his wages were 'only' doubled to £200k a week. Longer term though Levy becomes counter productive to the club as of course nobody wants a pushover but nobody will trust a word he says after Berbatov, Eriksen, Walker and now Kane all calming he's gone back on his word to them.
  3. I'm still very much just at the noodling about virtual sightseeing stage with about 5-6h of flight time clocked, my gaming time is limited so the temptation is strong to just do a flight somewhere interesting. My other half requested a flyover of Cape Town as she'd never been, it's huge and sprawls for miles. Then did a sunset flyover of London again which I just can't resist. Earlier in the day did a flight just by eye out from the City to Heathrow then turned round using the M25 as my visual aid to get a bead and head for Wembley Stadium. What I can't resist though is a bit of cheap scenery content that improves the game overall, buying an airport scenery pack that claims to improve all airports and ground crew vehicles correctly modelled for regions !
  4. I think the story needs to expand out further so in the same way the second train popped up out of nowhere they'll introduce a group of survivors who've lived in the mountains for years and dragged Melanie back to safety. All total guesswork but with the temps as portrayed she can't have set up camp in a tent with a few sticks for months.
  5. looks like a duff table as higher up the page in the season table has a much higher count of 103 from elsewhere
  6. a quick google reveals this treasure trove https://www.myfootballfacts.com/premier-league/all-time-premier-league/premier-league-penalty-statistics/
  7. better article, some of what Riley is saying sounds good ....... https://www.espn.co.uk/football/english-premier-league/story/4444546/premier-league-var-revamp-to-cut-soft-penaltiessave-20-offside-goals "The principles we established are: the referee should look for contact and establish clear contact, then ask if that contact has a consequence, and then has the player used that contact to try and win a foul or win a penalty," Riley added. "It's not sufficient to say 'yes there's contact.'
  8. I've felt for a while the game needs a wider reclassification of what fouls actually are, and the bar for pens should be far higher. All over the pitch the game is now broken up by teams winning uncontroversial (because of where they are given) free kicks that let them regain their shape, reset, have a breather and it was so refreshing at the Euro's to see refs waving play on when the CM special of slowing down anywhere in the middle third facing your own goal and collapsing in a heap at the first sign of a touch from an opponent. I'd also like to see defenders not automatically given FKs whilst shielding a near stationary ball. I'm not after the old days of Maradona needing cortisone to play as he'd been scythed down thru the ankles so many times but the balance has gone too far the other way at present and its used tactically far too much to break up play if on the defensive or start a fresh attack.
  9. would seem that way, with Roy bought back in as an anger or aggression coach because they can't have him on the sidelines doing a skit each week swearing at girls or on tv or with his yoga ladies.
  10. VAR guidance being amended next season to not see another record number of pens given and toenails given as offside - sounds subjective and I expect early in the season it to cause more whining as people still holler about stonewallers and the ever popular 'but there was contact' I like the consultation with clubs leading to them saying that they only want to see 'proper fouls' given - there are such double standards with players, management and fans about what this means in practice. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/02/var-set-to-end-premier-league-players-buying-a-penalty-next-season
  11. ooh good, a techy interview with DF about this
  12. plus FFP is sort of suspended at the moment, City have fended off UEFA and are doing the same to the PL investigations around money. they'll spend £250m on Kane & Grealish and some mystery middle eastern company will become the official underpant partner of the club for £100m sponsorship a year nicely filling in what is needed to balance the accounts when amortisation of fees and wages is looked at. there's never been a better time to do a loadsamoney and wave your wad round with euro football finances stretched so thinly.
  13. Easy answer to this question for me - I had no interest at all in Just Cause 2, not a scrap, didn't think it was my sort of game at all. They put out a demo and I didn't instantly bond with it as it was a bit fiddly and had a learning curve to getting to grips with the grapple, weapons, traversal but it slowly revealed its sandbox charm and by the time the game out I was day 1 in and clocked well over 100h on it. The 3rd and 4th installments have been bought in the hope of recapturing that magic but in reality they didn't get close.
  14. Doesn't seem a thing Kane would do but who knows. It's a bit of a dick move and never sits well when players do it.
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