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  1. yup, plus I recall the owner of Sunderland (Ellis Short ?) getting ripped off by a succession of duff managers signing shite players for years and years that they survived, think they always outspent their income even when a PL regular as were 'pushing on'
  2. this is surprising once you get past the top 2
  3. pleased for Wenger that he's landed a plum gig at FIFA - the last few years of management seemed to haunt him and I really didn't want to see him go thru that again at a big club like Bayern (maybe he was using those links to smoke out this offer). this will let him fly round the world in luxury hopefully doing some good for football, a game he does seem to love, whilst sitting on the halfway line in the posh seats without having the aggro that comes from picking an actual team. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/nov/13/arsene-wenger-fifa-football-development-global
  4. exactly, geographically Plymouth is far closer to them than Liverpool so they should be wearing green.
  5. looks like a step nearer it coming back, but no network signed to it yet https://www.vulture.com/2019/11/kelsey-grammer-says-frasier-reboot-will-happen-in-2020.html feel a bit conflicted about it as still regularly catch the odd episode on C4 in the mornings, and they are mostly excellent (if a bit dated) - the idea of an older Frasier in a new location having moved on is appealing (I was surprised for example how effective the scenes in latter Rocky movies were when he was in his restaurant and aware of his place in the world of the films) but I suspect Kelsey Grammars ego won't allow for that, and it'll be a letch fest of old man Frasier being irresistible to young girls and still a big success.
  6. Formatting won't be easiest to read but this is a great article from the Athletic today where Oliver Kay went to watch the weekends game in Sadio Mane's hometown - I have read of the work Mane does back home but this really brings it into perspective, and shows what a decent bloke he must be.
  7. Gotters

    Apple Arcade

    agreed, they were hideous and I didn't finish first level with them before deleting it.
  8. new gizmo for this to make the sous vide and slow cooking better to use, a blade cover. should probably have been included in the first place but its not super expensive. https://cookidoo.co.uk/foundation/en-GB/pages/blade-cover
  9. I've got a Gaggia self refrigerating ice cream maker, makes amazing smooth ice cream but never seemed worth the hassle of using it much as you have to make the base custard, leave it chill, then takes a good 20-30m to get a nice soft set ice cream. I love ice cream too, just seemed more bother than it was worth. seems to create a lot of steps and washing up and consequently the machine got relegated to the spare room unused kitchen gizmo graveyard.
  10. penalty arguments aside there isn't a lot of doubt that at the moment Liverpool are the best team in the league, does look like City have run out of a bit of something after the efforts of back to back titles, and Liverpool are playing with the hunger and experience of a team now hunting down their first. surprised to see that even saying that the xG for yesterdays game was very close, as I thought Liverpool had the best of it by some margin. think my only hope now for the season is that the FA do the right thing with the VAR debacle and declare the whole season null and void and don't hand out the title this year.
  11. we finished season 2 and I thought it was big step backwards, season 1 started out with the reluctant more intelligence based Ryan, in season 2 he now seems to be a generic gun toting 80s movie good guy. it's all quite watchable and the locations usually look good, but seems to have had all the 'smart's stripped from it and is now just a big budget but lazily generically scripted action show. shame as I thought it was aiming for something a bit better at the outset in series 1.
  12. How is VAR not giving that as a pen, its pish. Arm out, unnatural position, handball.
  13. Gotters


    5 at the back, 2 holders and still gave up 19 shots. That’s pretty damning of either a lack of coherent system being deployed, lack of effort/buy in from players or a bit of both. Leicester on the other hand looked hungry and well drilled in their respective system, the teams were miles apart.
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