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    Not feeling the Pact Planalto yet - it seems very 'thin' and despite ordering the coarse grind for the clever dripper as recommended it clogs on the brew every time (I'm not convinced they've got the grind right, it looks quite small), I'm doing the standard Hoffman ratios of 250ml to 15g of coffee so not piling loads in.
  2. Ramen from scratch - I loved it my other half didnt care for the slurpy messiness of eating it. Inspired by this video which really builds a lot of bonus flavour into this dish and rings the neck out of all your ingredients
  3. I think the time is coming when the critical mass of old git gamers is achieved such that titles will need to target the grey pound there will either be a game or modes within titles that make all the fonts really big, remove too much track detail so you can see where the course is going, slow everything down a bit to make it less confusing, let you not faff about with inventories or crafting shit and just let you play the game. I think the FIFA 2 button 'dad' mode is at the forefront of this
  4. Wenger will forever be one of the greatest managers of all time, his only real mistake was not noticing his own declining abilities and the clubs position in the game, this forced the owners hands into sacking him, at that level you can't go on like Dario Gradi at Crewe forever (I'm not referring to any of the unpleasant stuff coming to light there) - he could have gone on his own terms at several points before then but was so wrapped up in being the only person who could save the club that he hung on far too long. Not sure sacking Wenger has put us where we are now, he was heading
  5. I think we are in the LVG phase of replacing our club legend manager, so if we follow those parallels at Utd I'm expecting Paul Merson or Emmanuel Frimpong to get the job in a year or so.
  6. He always strikes me as in a permanent state that is best compared to David Brent/Michael Scott when Chris Finch/Todd Packham are present.
  7. I've got a Primo XL and it's been fantastic for years, does everything. I have the very small Kamado Joe as a side BBQ to fire up quickly if we just want to do 4 burgers or a couple of steaks for dinner.
  8. Still never seen the word 'backspin' on a short swipe shot, always says 'middle', but have seen the ball backspin now on shorter approaches for some characters. Its a great phone golf game
  9. another week another limited edition version of a classic they are OK but lack any sort of flavour punch or zing, the pineapple bit tastes like a 6 month old pineapple cube you found in your bedroom as a kid at the bottom of a toybox but decided it was still alright to eat.
  10. a good take on the Ole quote
  11. Jose may be losing relevancy as an elite trophy winning coach as his tactical approach is a thing of the past, he hasn't lost the ability to mask a conversation about bad results or team setup with post match distractions though. He's just had to up the ante a bit for it to still work.
  12. Gotters


    He’d been total shite til then, and it was sheffield utd who are awful, and he cost £50m and £200k a week in wages. His first season has probably been worse then Pepe’s first.
  13. I know I'm not paid £15m a year but you'd think if you spend all week every week telling the press your defenders are shit then a gameplan that relies on sitting back and letting said ropey defenders actually defend all the time seems somewhat flawed. Unless of course you've had enough and fancy another payoff.
  14. I hope Son is ok and passed the concussion protocols before continuing.
  15. Gotters


    I’m using the method James Hoffman highlighted as his preferred method for the clever dripper and its been a revelation Only used Union House blend so far but I can’t drink a nespresso pod now and my morning tea tastes like shite too - the coffee is just so flavour packed and clean - closest I’ve ever got to the taste being as good as the smell. Got some posher grounds coming with the Pact recommended above and a couple of brews from Spiller & Tait. Looked at Square Mile but seems they’re whole bean only
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