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  1. robotattack

    Here They Lie - PSVR Horror walking sim

    PlayStation Plus games are available this coming Tuesday.
  2. They've made the account private. If you were already following you should still be able to see their tweets. If you're blocked it will tell you you're blocked.
  3. robotattack

    PS+ August 2018 - Mafia 3 & Dad by Daylight

    I'd say it was a good selection if I didn't already own all the PS4 games (even the fricking Knowledge is Power which I was hoping someone would play with me over Christmas).
  4. robotattack


    Serial Filler
  5. Exactly. "There will be further updates" is incredibly vague and not worth getting excited about until it's elaborated on what that actually means. It hasn't stopped it being used for clickbait of course.
  6. robotattack

    The Bookies

  7. robotattack

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah, I didn't realise that. Fair enough.
  8. robotattack

    Nintendo Switch

    I did mention that. It's the same as the one on Argos. Amazon and Funstock have got the SNES-like 8bitdo controller for sale. Alternatively you can get the NES styled (but SNES layout) one free with a Retro Gamer subscription. https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/8BITDO/#print
  9. robotattack

    Nintendo Switch

    £16.97 on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01A6GCN70 I don't think it works with the Switch though (Wii/SNES Mini connector for the wireless adapter)
  10. robotattack

    Neo Geo Mini

    I'll put up with the awkwardness to save money.
  11. robotattack

    Neo Geo Mini

    The NES Mini was/is £49.99. SNES Mini is £69.99. £89.99 for a unit with a screen built in seems like good value to a Nobby No Mates like me.
  12. robotattack

    Game Gear Appreciation Thread

    He's suggested $200 when people have asked if he's selling, but he wants to keep the bulk of them.

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