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  1. Not necessarily the best way to do it, but you can play it in your browser on archive.org
  2. robotattack

    Superhot VR

    Aye, it's DLC for the original. Which is still worth playing, but the VR is a better experience.
  3. Did ST Review have a better circulation than their ST titles? Even then, if the competition was eliminated you would think some of the readership would end up at one of their ST mags. (I have no idea how many ST magazines were around at that time.)
  4. Newsfield went bankrupt and it was sold to Europress (it mentions Europress publishing it on that site ).
  5. Hello Neighbor has been announced as joining the service this month as part of a new Indie initiative. That will no doubt fill you with joy.
  6. Okay. It just says Coming Soon on Steam.
  7. This seems to have flown under the radar, but it's out on Apple Arcade now. It's supposed to be coming out on other formats, but there doesn't seem to be any firm details about the releases date(s) for those.
  8. I'm not dissuading you from buying the Collection, but you're not going to be able to run it on your NES.
  9. The ROM for the NES version of Pac-Man Championship Edition that appeared on the recently released Namco Museum Archives has been extracted and is "out there". It works on original hardware and MiSTer.
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