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  1. On the pile of shame with the rest of the unpainted ones?
  2. Finally finished something! So at this rate my shadespire warband should be done by 2023?
  3. I am entering into a new era of focused and productive painting. I know have a permanent set up. Although in reality I suspect it just means I’ll start more projects to not finish!
  4. I’ve been back painting for the last 4 years. I’ve not finished as many as you! I have got a huge pile of plastic though. Thats what’s it’s about innit?
  5. MrEm

    Pokemon Go

    It keeps bring up an error message when I try to add you. Can you add me ? 3753 26093380 ta!
  6. MrEm

    Pokemon Go

    That was me, I’ll send it again. It’s appreciated, need it to finish a research.
  7. I’m dying to see him with his top knot. It’s magnificent in my mind!
  8. It has reminded though of another project I started and still haven’t finished. Life was simpler when I was 12 and had no cash. I painted every mini I owned, no pile of shame back then!
  9. It looks like it should pin if you have got a drill bit small enough. I did it to a stormcast mini and it was fine.
  10. Looks like it will be a good project. Where is it from? Is it a third party job?
  11. I’ve bought it too. I don’t need it but £2.99? How could I not?
  12. More work done in my shadespire warband. I’ve been experiencing lots of negative feelings about my painting abilities recently. I can’t wet blend or lots of other advanced techniques that I read about. Combined with seeing all the amazing work on Instagram I’ve been putting off doing any actual painting. But I’ve had a moment of clarity. I’m painting them to play with, not to try and win a golden demon. A bit of dry brushing and washes is fine for tabletop, and that’s were I am with my skill level right now. So onwards and upwards.
  13. Actually painting something , this is progress. I may even play shadespire after having it for about two years.
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